Being Dutch, and Bench Security Parka

bench security tara iv cheap monday skinnies neon beanie
bench security tara iv neon beanie
bench security tara iv cheap monday skinnies neon beanie
bench security tara iv cheap monday skinnies neon beanie
bench security tara iv cheap monday skinnies neon beanie
 cheap monday skinnies chelsea boots

Tara IV Parka: c/o Bench - jeans: Cheap Monday - boots: Kell via Zalando - duffel bag: GM Z - sweater: Vero Moda

You wouldn't believe how many people do not understand my blog name. I mean, not like they don't understand the words, but most people just take the words in without paying any mind to what it signifies. And when I tell them I am actually Dutch, people are always super surprised. Because I can speak Flemish (Belgian Dutch) without a Dutch accent, and because Dutch roots aren't as obvious as, let's say, Spanish roots. 

Even though I am 100% Dutch (I don't even have double nationality), I often feel somewhere halfway between Belgium and Holland. I don't feel Belgian, but when I'm in Holland, I don't feel completely like other Dutch people either. One thing I do have in common with my Dutch bitches (apart from a love for leverworst, cheese and peanutbutter) is an affinity for utilitarian style. It's something Dutch women often get made fun of, but I'll always pick flat shoes over stilettos, a pony tail over curls and hairspray, and bags with straps over clutches. I love clothes as much as the next person (well, probably more), but I'll never lose practicality out of sight. Ain't nobody got time for that. Us Dutch women are totally related to viking shieldmaidens, yo. We want our daily style to work during a possible zombie apocalypse.

Case in point: this awesome Tara IV Parka gifted to me by Bench. It has deep pockets everywhere (I HATE shallow pockets in womenswear), zip-open reflective elements to increase visibility during the dark hours, an arctic fleece lining, and the hood is curved around the face so your peripheral vision won't be obstructed by excess fabric, while it still keeps your neck toasty warm. Perfect for your winter commute to work, AND quite stylish.

Bet you didn't know THAT's where I was going when you started reading this post, RIGHT?

Return to Midi Skirts

outfit midi skirt patent chelsea boots white purseoutfit midi skirt patent white purse
pieces necklace
quilted midi skirt patent chelsea boots white purse
red lipstick statement necklace
outfit midi skirt patent chelsea boots white purse
white purse emmy wieleman
outfit midi skirt patent chelsea boots white purse

sweater, full midi skirt: Forever21 - purse: Emmy Wieleman via Colette - patent boots: Zara - necklace: c/o Pieces
Remember the old days, when the super feminine/cute/vintage thing was going strong, when everyone was rocking peter pan collars, tasseled loafers and bird printed, empire waisted dresses??? That was also the time when midi skirts suddenly popped op again after being way outta style for like, at least two or three seasons. I blame all of it on Mad Men, by the way. Well, blame is a strong word, I enjoyed myself quite a bit during those halcyon days of twee.

But then everyone grew up/moved on/was enticed to spend their money on new trends, and I sort of rediscovered the fact that my legs are way too good to cover them up with midi skirts all the time.

HOWEVER, I'm like almost 30 now (in three years) and doesn't that mean I should be getting into respectable style? NO, but it does mean that I now have more cash, and I like spending that cash, and one thing I spent that cash on is this midi skirt. I think a nice, thick, black midi skirt can be a great wardrobe staple for the colder months if you like a feminine, elegant look from time to time. This skirt is perfect for the office, and I love the way it falls. Too many affordable skirts are flimsy and crappy, and this one is not. Find it here, btw, but it's only available in grey right now. WINNER

White, Navy and Leather Jacket

leather jacket zara beanie white purse
leather jacket zara beanie white purse sam edelman boots
diamanti per tutti circle ring white purse
beanie outfit
leather jacket zara beanie white purse sam edelman boots
leather jacket zara beanie white purse sam edelman boots
leather jacket zara beanie white purse

leather jacket: Zara - pencil skirt, scarf: H&M - beanie: Ebay - purse: Emmy Wieleman via Colette - boots: Sam Edelman - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

You know what sucks about getting a new laptop? Getting the screen calibrated to show colours the way you want it to. Especially if you have to edit pictures. I've been struggling with getting pictures to look the way I want them to since I got my new laptop, because every single damn computer shows the pictures differently, which makes it very difficult for me to find a balance that works everywhere. Especially since fall has hit Belgium, because fall equals grey skeys, rainy days and unflattering light if it's not sunny. :( Do these pictures look OK to you?

I brought the beanie out again. And I'm matching my purse to my shoes, vintage lady style. Btw sorry for dropping by so erratically, but work has been crazy busy (I have a deadline for two papers on november 3rd). Also, I've been trying to cook something healthy and fresh every night after work, AND we have netflix now (go watch Penny Dreadful and Orange is the New Black NOW ok). Which means that I spend less time online in my free hours, and that very little time is left for blogging. I'm not abandoning you though, don't worry!
PS You have one more day to enter my Lobogato giveaway, so go check it out! :)

Turtle Neck, Skater Skirt, Tall Boots

knee high vintage boots skater skirt
denim skater skirt zadig&voltaire watch cross body bag
outfit knee high vintage boots skater skirt
turtle neck denim skater skirt cross body bag
turtle neck knee high vintage boots skater skirt
knee high vintage boots skater skirt

oversized cardigan: Zara - sleeveless turtle neck: Ebay - skater skirt: ASOS - cross body bag: H&M - knee high boots: Vintage
pictures by Charlotte

You know what clothing item gets way too little credit these days? The sleeveless turtle neck. I remember seeing these in my early teens, rocked by the Ally McBeals, Buffy-the-vampire-slayers and Halliwell sisters of my television world. The sleeveless turtle neck has this perfect balance of sexy meets prim-and-proper, with all of its boob-enhancing qualities, and I guess that always appealed to me. The whole idea of looking like you mean business, but also having great boobs. I'm truly a child of third wave feminism, obviously.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a sleeveless turtle neck these days? SO HARD. I ended up finding this particular rendition of the silhouette on Ebay, and it turned out exactly like what I wanted. I like how it properly covers the armpits, keeping armpit-fat in check. I mean, no armpit-fat-shame, but I personally prefer this particular look without armpit-fat because with all of that covered, I feel like your clothes look more tailored, and less like they're just a smidge too small.

I love this top, I've had it since last winter but I don't think I've featured it on the blog before. It looks especially cute with the short skater skirt and my knee high vintage boots. Very 70s-kicky-Charlie's-Angels-esque. Big fan of this outfit. Hope you like it too!

Lobogato Giveaway


As you might know, I've developed a bit of a love affair with the Belgian jewelry label Lobogato ever since Veerle and Katrijn kindly gifted my a necklace of one of their previous collections. I've worn the V-necklace TO DEATH, and then I added the quartz necklace to my jewelry repertoire, which I loved even more than the V-necklace. I remember asking Veerle and Katrijn whether they'd be offering silver jewelry sometime in the future, since I prefer silver to gold, and lo and behold! Their new collection aired, and it's got silver pieces!

lobogato jewelry

Source, clockwise starting from top left: 1//2//3//4//5//6

I think those tooth earrings are the perfect mix of elegant and creepy. I love how Katrijn and Veerle keep returning to a mix of soft and hard, geometrics and nature, delicate and bold. It's really their signature style. And super affordable to boot.

ANYWAY! I've picked out two favourite pieces from the new collection (the hexagon necklace in both the long and short version)

Annnnd now it's your turn! Let me know what your favourite Lobogato piece is by comment, tweet, instagram or mail, and be sure to leave me a way to contact you in case you're the winner. You have until next week, 27/09/2014, 10pm to enter.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Thanks for participating :)

Wanted: Small Cross Body Bags

It has recently come to my attention that big purses are, like so two-thousand-and-late. I mean, we will always need big purses to haul our shit around in, obviously, but somehow I feel like the more you've got going on in your life (#workingadultproblems), the less complicated you want everything else to be. Simpler wardrobe, less cluttered living spaces, easy beauty routines and, yes, smaller purses. As much as I love my feminazi tote bag, sometimes it really bothers me when it takes me a minute or two to find something (or to ascertain whether an item is actually IN the bag or somewhere else entirely). Also, cookie crumbs, man. And look how cute small cross body bags can look as an accessory!

small cross body bag

Source, clockwise starting from top left: ASOS - Collage Vintage via WhoWhatWear - Polienne - InezDaily

So! Because women's clothing remains totally failing in the pocket-department (shallow pockets if you're lucky, or NO POCKETS AT ALL), I've decided to start carrying a little bag. Something practical, simple, clean, holding the essentials for quick errands: wallet, phone, lipstick, sunglasses. That's it. I can't tell you enough how great it feels to NOT stress out because you have to rummage through your oversized purse, looking for your smartphone (I'm probably not the only one who constantly thinks they've lost their expensive-ass phone). I ended up buying this 9.99€ H&M cross body bag, because it is a total steal, because it's just large enough to hold everything I need, because it's white (which goes with everything) and because it's really, really pretty.

small cross body bag

Before I ended up buying this bag, I contemplated several other cute, affordable options. Here are some of the nice options I managed to find.

small cross body bags H&M mango asos

Source: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7

So! Which one do you like best? Would you ever give up your carry-all for a small cross body bag?

All Black with Lace and Roshe Runs

all black outfit lace hem skirt red lipstick
cat eye sunglasses red lipstick quartz necklace
all black outfit nike roshe run lace hem skirt red lipstick
lace hem skirt zadig and voltaire watch
all black outfit nike roshe run lace hem skirt red lipstick
black nike roshe run
red lips all black quartz lobogato necklace
all black outfit cat eye sunglasses lace hem skirt

coat: sheinside - knit top: H&M - lace hem skirt: Forever21 - cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - sneakers: Nike Roshe Run - quartz necklace: Lobogato- rings: Diamanti Per Tutti - watch: Zadig&Voltaire
pictures by Charlotte

All black (OK, the skirt is more like very dark grey), all awesome, is what I always say. Especially if you use the simple colour palette to throw a lot of different styles together, without all of it becoming chaotic. Quilted sleeves, lace skirt and Nike Roshe Runs: doesn't sound amazing in theory, but I think it looks pretty awesome. Like a streetwise, contemporary, stylized version of 90s mall goth. And dark red lipstick always looks best when paired with black, no? 

PS I sweated my ass off in this outfit because it suddenly got ridiculously warm and sunny. Also, a hobo tried to steal my bag and coat when I put them down for a minute while taking pictures a bit further. No judgment btw, I'd have done the same thing in his shoes.

White Chelsea Boots

sam edelman justin boots white red scarf skinnies
sam edelman justin boots white red scarf skinnies
sam edelman justin boots
sam edelman justin boots white red scarf skinnies
sam edelman justin boots white red scarf skinnies
sam edelman justin boots white red scarf skinnies
sam edelman justin boots white red scarf skinnies

coat: Pull&Bear - skinnies, scarf: H&M - sweater: Forever21 - ankle boots: c/o Sam Edelman
pictures by Charlotte

I don't know about you, but I have always had a soft spot for white ankle boots. Especially chelsea boots. They remind me of the kind of style you associate with London gangsters from movies: sort of tacky, but in a bad ass way, which is the best form of tacky (and the best form of bad ass). These particular boots were a gift by Sam Edelman, and this is definitely one of those instances where I'm very happy I started blogging all that time ago. I am IN LOVE with these boots, but they are definitely the kind of impractical (white fall/winter shoes, yo) that makes you think twice (or thrice) before spending your hard earned cash on them. I've worn them several times already, every time on a rainy day, and they are still completely immaculate. And so comfortable! Let me vouch for them, if you're still in doubt.

BTW my boyfriend has an irrational hate for white shoes, and he doesn't even mind these. If THAT doesn't show you how great they are, I don't know what will.

PS: first part of my Halloween costume arrived. I just hope my wig will get here in time as well, because it's pretttttty crucial. Any guesses as to who I am for Halloween? Tip: it's a book/tv-show character. And a totally fabulous bad ass. And no, I'm not Randy Thrandy aka dwarf racist party dad, but in some ways the character is kinda similar.