Festival Style in Minkpink, Levi's and Converse

minkpink crop top levi's cutoffs converse kimono
minkpink crop top kimono
levi's cutoffs kimonominkpink crop top levi's cutoffs  kimono
levi's cutoffs converse kimono
orange floral kimono white converseminkpink crop top levi's cutoffs converse kimono

kimono: Oasap, similar here - crop top: c/o Minkpink via Sojeans (marked down to 15€) - shorts: vintage Levi's - sneakers: Converse - necklace: Lobogato

Time for another summer outfit before we've forgotten what summer even looks like! Yep, still rainy days and 17-19°C tops. These pictures were obviously taken on a happier day. In fact, I remember being eager to take off my kimono since every form of fabric made me break out a sweat. But the kimono did look very cool with the outfit, right? Very Almost Famous. Whch reminds me: isn't it funny that we refer to a 2000 movie about the '70s rather than the original reality itself? That's your existential question of the day, yo.

I'm typing this from my NEW LAPTOP which I'm really superduper happy with. My old laptop lasted me through my Uni days, but it really was at the end of its life span for about all of 2013 and 2014. Simply using Gimp to lighten up the pictures for my blog took ages since every step had to load for like a minute, and that doesn't exactly make you feel like you can truly rely on your laptop anymore. And like I always say, nothing causes stress like public transport, needing to use the bathroom while away from familiar places, and unreliable computers. My new laptop has a lovely, large, 17.3 inch screen, which is so much better for online reading, picture editing and blogging.

Talking about picture editing, I posted about instagram photoshopping over on my facebook page earlier, and you should really read this awesome post by Siel on the same subject: famous fashion bloggers buying followers and using photoshop to slim themselves down multiple sizes. Completely mindblowing. I might do a post about it myself one of these days, since I really think the fakeness bubble should be popped.

Woah, I had no idea this post would end up having an actual theme (reality/illusion). I guess my brain is more structured than I sometimes think it is.

PS: I've been thinking of starting a weekly feature of rounding up some links worth reading? I usually think those sorts of posts are super clickbait-y when I see them on other websites, but I read so many interesting things online that I'd love to share with you guys. What do you think?

As a tester, here is a post I loved about feminism and Marvel superhero movies.


  1. This outfit makes me wanna cry, 'cause it's both pretty and so unreachable at this moment!
    Do share the reads :)

  2. I definitely agree with you about quitting with the photoshop! I mean, magazines, it makes sense: they're the fashion fantasies of our dreams, and they're made to be perfect. Nobody thinks those pictures are all natural, ha! But Instagram? Ridiculous. The furthest I'll go is to choose flattering angles. Beyond that, who cares. It's me. I'm not perfect, and that's okay because it makes me unique. (and desirable to my husband. So there's that.)

    ANYWAY. I love your outfit, and the lighting in these pictures! Gorgeous. That kimono is beautiful. Oasap has some of the best kimonos and cardigans ever.


  3. prachtige outfit! en ja, sharen die handel!

  4. Hartjes voor kimono's, nog meer hartjes voor zomer en zon!

  5. haha, ja I guess dat ik op dat vlak verwend ben want ik heb ook nog een mini laptop (gebruikte ik voor les notities, onmisbaar als je zo rommelig schrijft als ik) en een gewone 15inch'er van het werk die ik ook gewoon mee kan nemen als ik wil. Voor echt thuis in de zetel en bloggen etc vind ik zo'n grote dus pure luxe :D

  6. Oh, die kimono! Mooi kettinkje ook. En ook: zomer, waer bestu bleven?

  7. Hot mama! Oh en ik zie nu pas je nieuwe header foto, perrrrfect ;)
    Naomi, x