Heads Up: Asics Discounted at Maasmechelen Village

 People, you know I love my sneakers. I really, really, REALLY do. I mean, according to me you just need three pairs of shoes: sandals for sweaty weather, ankle boots for winter and sneakers for sneakin' aka ALWAYS. Just to illustrate to you where I stand. I'm standing right here, in my sneakers.

I really want all of you to find your perfect pair of sneakers. For me, it's all about Nike because the brand just does it for me: every aesthetic choice they make, I'm nodding my head to. But you might be an Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Feiyue or Asics kind of girl, you know? And because I like sharing tips and info, I'm sharing a quick bit about the Asics discount going on at Maasmechelen Village right now. The official sales might be over, but MM Village never sleeps! So right now, on top of the regular outlet prices, you're getting 20% off on your second item when you shop discounted Asics items. The offer stands until the 31st of August. 

Of course, Asics might not be your thing, but Maasmechelen Village is a really good communicator yo. Just add this website to your bookmarks to keep an eye on offers, pickin' and choosin' the ones that fit your style and budget. I mean isn't it the WORST when you plan a shopping trip, making the trek all the way to the stores and then finding out you like NOTHING and the discounts suck? Yeah, with websites like these, that won't happen anymore. Yeay!

Good luck hunting.

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