Casual Chic in Selected Femme and Ismy Watch

top: H&M - trousers: c/o Selected Femme - bracelet: Efteling gift shop - sandals (sandalen): Naughty Monkey (similar from Holster here) - watch: c/o Ismy

This outfit is sort of what princess Jasmine would wear if she were a modern woman, wouldn't you agree? Casual chic is pretty much the most enviable sort of look in my opinion. Like, you are comfortable and relaxed and shiz, but you could still crash a party and not feel like everyone thinks you're a slob, you know? Aka my life goal. Even though I don't really go to many parties. Metallics and bling are great for that sort of thing, in case you wanted some tips. Just throw on bling and/or metallics and you're good to go. Makes people think you have an interesting life (or too much time on your hands, WHICHEVER).

Also, if you want to try loose fitting trousers but they are out of your comfort zone, try a cropped version like these from Selected Femme (one of my new favourites!). Easier to pair with footwear, for one, and by showing a bit of ankle you make the silhouette lighter and more elegant. I'm a huge fan of ever so slightly cropped trousers in general. Very Hepburn.

Btw, today I am introducing the latest addition to my watch-family! This minimalist black beauty is from Ismy, an Italian brand that also has a store in Antwerp at the Steenhouwersvest. The brand is environmentally conscious and uses building materials that can be recycled. The coolest thing is that Ismy works with 7 types of clocks that can be pulled from their casing+band and put into another wristband altogether. By buying one watch, you are buying what basically is a sea of possibilities! Mine is the black band with the black clock from the fashion line in a size XS (which is about 15-16cm - yes I have tiny wrists). When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see there were tiny flecks of glitter in the wristband. Like a starry night!

Minimalist, creative, affordable and environmentally conscious: that's the type of brand I can endorse.

This is the actual store in Antwerp. They have all kinds of cute, vibrant accessories (bracelets, purses, sunglasses) at very affordable prices, perfect if you're looking to buy a gift for someone. Check out their website to have a gander at their entire repertoire.

Do you know Ismy? Do you like what you see? And are you as into being lazy but looking like you're not as I am?


  1. ♥ cropped trousers indeed
    en ik kende die horloges al, maar ben er nu serieus zelf één aan't overwegen

  2. Ziet er echt een comfy outfit uit! :) En de horloges zijn echt wel leuk, zelf ben ik altijd al een swatch fan :)

  3. Zalige broek! (Ik heb een gelijkaardig model aan met een printje, goedgekeurd dus ;) )

  4. Ik kan me de laatste keer dat ik een horloge droeg niet herinneren, ook al lijkt het mij heel handig, niet altijd naar je gsm moeten vissen voor het uur te weten :D Die broek ziet er zalig comfy uit!
    Naomi, x

  5. Hmm I just might have to check out those watches

  6. ik draag bijna altijd een horloge! als je er eenmaal mee begint is het zo onpraktisch om je gsm telkes te moeten zoeken

  7. You look so chic and comfy- I'm obsessed with this baby blue color on you!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. So in love with this one, the colors! It all looks very expensive.
    Love the watches too!