Maxi Dress Sunset

dress, sandals: H&M - friendship bracelets: Etsy, DIY (tutorial here) - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

I wish I could take my outfit pictures in the sunset every time, the golden light just seems to make even the most boring outfits pretty. And I definitely need that, now that the summer heat and my current appreciation of simplicity push me towards increasingly less complicated style. But I can tell ya, not having to try so hard is super refreshing.

I've had this dress for years and years now, and I still like pulling it out when the temperatures rise. The thin cotton is the only thing I can tolerate on my skin during a heatwave. Sometimes I do think I'd fare well as a naturist. But that would render this style blog pretty fucking boring. There's only so many ways one can wear their pubic hair, you know.

Do you wear maxi dresses? And more importantly: would you like to be naked 24/7 during summer heatwaves?


  1. LOL at "There's only so much ways one can wear their pubic hair" :D Leuke jurk ik ben ook bekeerd tot maxi jurken, zoooo leuk om te dragen in de zomer!

  2. thanks voor de reminder dat ik die much nog moest veranderen naar many :D

  3. Haha zalige post! Ik liep de afgelopen week op mijn kot zoveel mogelijk naakt rond... tot er opeens een kerel op het dak van de buren zat. Sindsdien probeer ik er toch iets zedelijker bij te lopen haha.

  4. haha had ik nog niet eens op gelet :D

  5. Annebeth I can see why you always pull out this maxi... it's beautiful - such a lovely colour and print!! Plus these are lovely pictures in the low sun :) I have more maxi skirts than dresses, and yes I've been wanting to go naturist in the heat the UK has been having!!!!

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    Catherine x
    Not Dressed As Lamb

  6. hahahaha ik heb da al gehad met mijn buren, monokini in de tuin en ineens stond de buurman op z'n dak :D AWKWARD

  7. Haha, ge zijt te grappig!
    Mooie jurk ook!

  8. Aww, such an amazing look, hun ^__^

    Many kisses,


  9. yes I do wear maxi dresses. I LOVE IT! Deze vind ik goed staan bij u! Beetje hippiefeeling. Oh en naaktlopen is ook fijn!

  10. Eerste keer dat ik op je blog ben. Super leuk! Mooie ogen heb je.

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  11. Staat je SUPER, Annebeth! Je straalt, zo'n 'glow' dat je hebt :-)