Currently Craving: Selected

It's not often that I come across a brand that I fall for straight away. I remember doing a press event last year during the summer and being introduced to Selected, a brand by Bestseller (the company behind Vero Moda, Jack&Jones and Vila). I could only spend a few minutes admiring the items because I was in a hurry to go home, but the brand made an impression on me straight away. The aesthetic was very much up my street - stylish but not too trendy - and the prices were a bit higher than Vero Moda for example, but still affordable. Especially during the sales! I'd say Selected is to Vero Moda what COS is to H&M.

I re-discovered the brand a few weeks ago while browsing ASOS, where they have a lovely selection of Selected (lulz) pieces available. Selected has its own webshop as well, with a broader range of pieces and lower prices than ASOS, but ASOS has free shipping and photographs all of the items on models + a catwalk. My point: be sure to weigh out all the pros and cons between both webshops before placing an order!

Less talk more rock? Here ya go!

Source: ASOS

Most of these pieces are currently on sale. I picked up the bottom right pair of sweatpants a few weeks ago.

You like what you see?