Review: Bourjois Paris 1 Second Nail Polish

Aaaah I have had an amazing weekend, in short: picking up a discounted pink couch cover at IKEA, browsing and buying some new cd's (we ended up with a weird mix of Santigold, Roy Orbison and Muse albums, among others) and a sunny night at Couleur Café in Brussels to see Die Antwoord with my lover and Sabina (this is us being super excited)! The weather even came through for us, I have zero complaints. If you're anxious for some more info, have a look at my instagram (@stylingdutchman) because I instavideo'd the shit out of that fucker. 

But more about Die Antwoord later. 

I picked up two shades of new nail polish last Friday because, after months of being quite "meh" about nail polish, I suddenly felt the need for a perfect, bright turqoise varnish for this summer. I browsed allll the brands in our local mall, and ended up finally finding my perfect match with this Bourjois Paris 1 Second Nail Polish in Turqoise Block (nr. 22).

 It is perfect because of these reasons.

  1. The colour, so bright and perfectly between blue and green. In some lights it's more green, while at other times it looks almost perfectly sky blue.
  2. The texture, thick and opaque in one swipe yet not goopy
  3. The gloss, because the gel consistency mimics a super glossy gel manicure
  4. The brush, which really deserves all the praise it can get. The Bourjois Paris 1 Second Nail Polish comes with a 1 second claim which refers to the actual act of painting each nail. The brush is wide and thin, sort of like a fan, and by controlling how hard you press the brush down on your nail, you can paint basically each nail PERFECTLY with one stroke. This is probably the first time that my right hand didn't have excess nail polish stains on each side of my nails. Seriously the best brush I've ever used.

The wear isn't half bad either (understatement): I've painted my nails Saturday morning and since then have cleaned our kitchen and mopped both the kitchen and the living room, and I have one tiny chip on one of my nails. Not even noticeable. I definitely see this lasting me through the week if I put another top coat on it one of these days. So yeah, go get it! 

I immediately picked up a second shade, Meli Melon (nr. 25) because it looked like the perfect pale peach. Again, I've googled pictures and it looks different depending on the light ranging from more orange to more pink, but the pictures in this blogpost are very accurate if you ask me. 

Peach is a great shade to rock through the week when you don't want any chips or wear to be too noticeable, since peach is very close to actual nail colour anyway. I've been trying to wear my nail polish as long as possible because frequent remover-action really is too harsh on your nails. I got mine at Kruidvat for about 8,95€ I think, and I do think it's worth its price if I compare to my experiences with good, but cheaper brands like Catrice.

I have a bajillion posts lined up for you guys since I've been gathering content without the time to post anything, so watch this space! 

What did you do this weekend? And srsly how beautiful is that turquoise?


  1. Heb die ook al gebruikt en vind die wel goed, droogt snel :)

  2. Ik heb dit weekend geen bal interessants gedaan. Ik heb wél voor het allereerst mijn nagels gelakt, jaja, een hele ervaring. Khad wel een lak kunnen gebruiken die zo snel droogt... dan had het misschien niet in mijn haar gehangen en had ik misschien geen 3 pogingen moeten ondernemen x) x

  3. I LOVE this colour! Reminds me of the limited edition Dior polish! Gorgeous!

  4. waaaat had je nog nooit je nagels gelakt? Hoe kan dat! :D

  5. Geen zin in, en ik gaf mijn geld liever uit aan een ijsje of n warme chocomelk met extra veel slagroom (afhankelijk van het seizoen) ? I know, #notarealstyleblogger

  6. de eerste keer dat ik mijn nagels lakte was ik nog een kind denk ik! toen kocht ik dat ook nog niet zelf :D

  7. In dat geval waren mijn nagels ooit ook al wel gelakt, maar vorige week in italië zag ik dat ze bij Kiko een actie hadden (4 voor €7.5!) dus heb ik dat toch maar eens even uitgetest! ;)

  8. Love this nail art! It's so summery! Perfect for summer!

  9. Your blog is fab! I love these nail polishes, need to buy some more colours! I've just done a review on my blog, you can read it here.

    Monica xx

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