DIY Maxi Slit

dress, jacket, belt: H&M - flatforms: Forever21 - brooch: Topshop

So, I'm totally 100% obsessed with  maxi skirts. Not the boho kind but the sleeker version. I've had this dress in my closet for ages, but it dragged on the floor so I could never really wear it anywhere out the house. I cut off a few inches and added a slit (simply by cutting one, since it's the kind of jersey fabric that doesn't fray - yeay!) et voila, new favorite dress! Super easy to get one of these yourself btw, H&M always has these in their basics section for like 20€ max. SLITS ARE SO SEXY

Guess that this is my new uniform now: denim jacket, some bright accessories and a maxi skirt. Do you like it?

ALSO, how do you feel about my new banner? MORE PINK IS ALWAYS GOOD NO?


  1. Loving both you new banner and this outfit :) Yay you!

  2. I really love that denim jacket. And your new header is fabulous! I really like all of the different headers you've had lately! They're beautiful.

  3. thank you! I like changing it up :D

  4. Great job on the banner, love the nails, and the belt...It looks so great knotted like that!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  5. ik vond je vorige banner mooier :) en ik vind maxi skirts ook mooi, hoewel ik ze moeilijk blijf vinden om te dragen soms..