Leather Jacket

top, sunglasses: H&M - shorts: Pimkie - jacket: Zara - watch: Swatch

So this really isn't an outfit. I wore the top and the shorts sans anything all day because it was SVELTERING hot, but I bought myself this leather jacket and I wanted to show you guys. My first, real, grown up leather jacket and I love it! Simple, flattering, edgy yet immaculately cut thus elegant. I love the asymmetrical zipper, I love the curved hem, I love the skinny sleeves, I love the slightly emphasized shoulders and I love how it doesn't have buttons and studs and zippers everywhere. The more details, the faster you get sick of an item.

A great, quality investment piece that I'll wear for years to come. AGREED?


On the hottest day EVER (OK no, just this year, up until now) aka yesterday, my fellow bloggers and me were invited to UPR's headquarters to be introduced to the latest and offerings of the brands represented by the agency (wow that was such a beautifully crafted sentence). We laughed, sweated our asses off, had fun and even had ourselves a quaint little barbequoi! Safe to say it was a lovely day, filled with lovely people. Lemme show you some of my favorite high points!

Some of the AMAZING shoes Sacha will be offering us come fall. The last pair has me crushin' hard.

Sabina's pretty feet

Sté's baby blues

The T-shirt I designed for Lavand. Like usual I started out with an idea and then I saw glitter and beads and ended up with something that looked like it had been eaten and then un-eaten again, if ya know what I mean. At least the scallop hem is cute? The winning design (aka not me) will actually be sold internationally, cool! I actually really love Lavand so I feel a bit sad about churning out such a crappy design :(

Stéphanie is a lot better at this.

L'Occitane launches a new fragrance each season, and the Verbena is the latest. The scent smells like a lovely citrusy sorbet with touches of lime. The verbena-citrus combination keeps this from smelling like a cleaning products, which is always a dificult feat for citrusy scents imo. My boyfriend LOVES soaps and would buy new ones every fuckin' day if I allowed it, so he'll probably pounce on that shiz.

Very yummy iced tea in cocktail glasses with lavender. I'm SO making this myself, iced tea is one of those things you always see in movies etcetera but I've never made it myself. So fancy! 

Gettin my make up did at Rituals. I got lots of orange-y powder on my face, which I thought looked WHACK at first, but strangely it totally inspired me to try something new beauty-wise. I'm not tanning this year and have been religiously using sun screen. I was planning on just embracing teh pale, but the bronzing powder used by the MU artists at the Rituals booth made me look all glowy and sunkissed and healthy - I might just have to buy me some bronzer now. Hey, if it's good enough for Snookie, it's good enough for me! I'll probably pair it with reds, golds and oranges in my eyeshadow, like demonstrated by the lovely Hannah.

Just look at Sabina! This picture makes the bronzer look a lot more pronounced than it was in real life, but still! So pretty, especially with the rest of her face kept natural, apart from a strong brow. Recreating this one!

Learning to create face charts at MAC! We got to play around with alllllll of the beautiful eyeshadows, lipsticks, powders etc etc. I could seriously do this all day. My look: pink eyeliner, blue eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid, dark eyeliner on the bottom lashline and an orange lip (bottom picture). FIERCE

The best snack on a sweaty day? FRESH FRUIT! The strawberries were di.vine. Seriously, I would get on my knees to worship them little red mofos anytime.

Time for BARBEQUOI!! These sausages were so goooood makes my mouth water all over.


Look at all my pretty ladies enjoying our evening together! It was a lovely day, THANK YOU UPR!

Pleather Skinnies

pants, purse: Pimkie - shirt: Primark - flats: Texto - sunglasses: H&M

I totally skinnified these pants myself with a sewing machine and shit. With shit I mean needles and thread and all that stuff, you know, proper sewing stuff. It was so legit! But all kidding aside, I'm super happy I rediscovered these old pants in my closet and managed to make them perfect. I actually bought them with the intent of having pleather skinnies, but they fit more like straight-legged-pants. 

Lemme tell you, having skinny legs really isn't all what it's cracked up to be. For one you hate your legs all through high school, but on the practical side boots never fit right and skinnies usually look like straight legged pants on you. Which sucks if you're going for the painted-on mega skinny look. These still don't look painted on, but skinny enough for the cigarette-trouser look. Very rock'n'roll, non? Wikipedia agrees with me.

 Apart from their short stint as pantaloons (best word ever) in the 1800's, skinnies have ALWAYS been rock'n'roll. Just like yours truly.

DIY Maxi Slit

dress, jacket, belt: H&M - flatforms: Forever21 - brooch: Topshop

So, I'm totally 100% obsessed with  maxi skirts. Not the boho kind but the sleeker version. I've had this dress in my closet for ages, but it dragged on the floor so I could never really wear it anywhere out the house. I cut off a few inches and added a slit (simply by cutting one, since it's the kind of jersey fabric that doesn't fray - yeay!) et voila, new favorite dress! Super easy to get one of these yourself btw, H&M always has these in their basics section for like 20€ max. SLITS ARE SO SEXY

Guess that this is my new uniform now: denim jacket, some bright accessories and a maxi skirt. Do you like it?

ALSO, how do you feel about my new banner? MORE PINK IS ALWAYS GOOD NO?

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunglasses)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99
If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be

Are the first few lines of one of the most awesome columns ever written. Baz Luhrmann obviously agreed, as he used the text as a lyric. The original was written by Mary Schmich, which is a fact not everyone is aware of. I am saying this because I was not aware, and I am obviously the authority on this subject.

This song moved me when I first heard it in '99 as a 12 year old, but the older I get the more the words resonate. Obviously. I love melancholy.

Anyway! What I wanted to say is that one might very well add "wear sunglasses" to the list of advice so earnestly written by Schmich. People will probably tell you that wearing good quality sunglasses will keep you from developing crow's feet early on but because I am a FEMINIST and I think beauty doesn't fade when crow's feet start to appear, you will hear no such thing from me. 

No, I would advise all of you to wear sunglasses, simply because they make you look fucking cool. It's a fact, probably even a scientific one. If you, like me, have a set of eyes that function as expressive mirrors of your soul, you probably don't mind covering them up once in a while when you don't want people to peer into your most intimate depths. And what is the definition of cool, apart from the absence of warmth? CORRECT, not showing emotion! Because you are way above that animalistic crap!

Now, I would not add "not showing emotion" to the list of advise I would give my younger self, but it IS pretty nice not to have to show them to people you don't want to, or at times when you just want to be left alone. And that's where a kick ass pair of sunglasses comes in.

I'm not about  to tell anyone what kind of sunglasses to wear or what shape of eyewear flatters your face, because you are gorgeous regardless (and if you're not: WHO CARES? Don't objectify yourself man). I AM going to tell you what sort of sunglasses float my boat. Because this is my blog, and it is expected of me. And it just so happens to be that my faaaaavourite shape of sunglasses is the cat eye. Because it strikes the right balance between edgy and retro-referential, and because you don't see it a lot on other people (I'M SO SPECIAL).

Ever since seeing Ms. Calivintage wearing tortoise versions of these, I've been ALL OVER Tom Ford's perfect cat eye sunnies.

The shape of these Ralph Laurens is a bit less exaggerated and thus more classic. I'll always be a sucker for that warm, flecked tortoise stuff.

And how ya like THESE Miu Miu apples? In case you hadn't noticed, these are GLITTERY. Aka my favorite texture in the whole cupcakeunicornpastelpink world. Not a true cat eye shape, but FEH to that, this is my blog and I want glitter!

All of these can be acquired via smartbuyglasses.be. If you want to get yourself  graduation present (Ray Bans are always nice) or feel like splurging, this is the place to go. Free shipping and lots of discounts. Also, the website features a 3D try on option so you can actually just browse and check out how the glasses might look on you! Freeloading 4-eva

Now, you're free to wear sunglasses.