Red, Polkadots, Brogues and MATTENTAARTEN

coat, headband, tights: H&M - dress: Zara - cardigan, brogues: Think Twice vintage

Guysssss please go by yesterday's post to leave your opinion! The more opinions/questions I get, the better my post this weekend will be. You'll be helping me write an article!

I don't have too much to tell you guys today, other than that my ends having this colormix of lilac, brow and pink is making me very happy.

Ending with foodporn in the form of my latest obsession: MATTENTAARTEN! :-D A true flemish traditional and SO FRACKING GOOD! A bit of almond flavor, puff pastry, not too sweet: perfection.

I wish I had some mattentaart right now :( cryz

Winter Colorblocking

coat: H&M - sweater, shirt: Zara - pants: River Island - boots: ASOS

A cold and dreary morning, an early exam and getting ready while it's still pitch black dark outside -> this hyperbright outfit. I usually prefer more harmonious colorcombos but well ya know ugh this is an outfit I'LL WEAR WHAT I FEEL LIKE WEARING GOSH (high five if you get the Napoleon Dynamite reference!)

I just had my last exam today, so now it's time to unwind a bit and prepare for my dissertation. Exciting times! On one hand I can't wait to lose myself in the writing and researching, but on the other hand I'm nervous. I really want to create something awesome you know, contribute something to the world... What if I get stuck? I'll totally get stuck. WILL I GET STUCK?

PS: guys I have a question I'd like to ask all of you. I've noticed a lot of people recoiling when I mention my feminism, and I was wondering why that is. So all of my readers, please leave a comment, tweet/mail me or contact me via tumblr answering the following question:

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why (not)?

Please be as thorough as possible, that way I can adress some of the misunderstandings that seem to be floating around. I'll address this in detail this weekend after I've gathered some response!

Not Washing My Hair. Also, Rust and Blue

dress: gift from Harriet, ASOS - sweater: ASOS - tights, headband: H&M - shoes: New Look - coat: Think Twice vintage

So, as you can probably see I have not been washing my hair much recently. Not like I'm making a statement about shampoo moguls and the environment (except for the fact that I totally am), but I HATE washing my hair and I'm anxious for it to stay presentable for longer than 2 days. I'm training it not to get greasy as soon is what I'm saying. Kim says I'm a weirdo for hating washing it but it's so much WORK you know? Shampooing, rinsing, shampooing, rinsing, conditioning, rinsing, combing, waiting for it to dry, GOD just typing this shit makes me tired. 

I have no idea why I'm making such a fuss about it either, it's not like I'm that lazy in general! I just can't be bothered with my hair, even though I want it to look epic at all times. Maybe I'm not being fair to my hair, asking it to do all the work while I'm too lazy to wash it from time to time. Sorry hair.

No but seriously, we women get the short end of the stick ALL OF THE TIME. My boyfriend only really needs to wash his hair like once a week at the most because his hair is short and neat and doesn't need to do all these bouncy things our hair has to do. Also, he doesn't need to wear make up in order not to be considered frumpy or sad or have people ask you whether he's not feeling well. I mean I like doing my make up but I don't like feeling as if I don't have a choice! If I don't wear make up I look super sloppy, blotchy and tired so I really can't skip a day just like that, especially in wintertime. Lesigh, #firstworldproblems

Last exam tomorrow, w00t! Wish me luck! DO IT

Grungy Floral Comfort

cardigan: Zara - dress: Think Twice vintage - belt: old - tights, socks, hat: H&M - boots: ASOS

Aaaah yes another studying outfit with layers, comfort and a bit of juvenile grunge attitude. No scrap that, I think it's way more juvenile to think that dressing subculture-y is confined to certain age brackets than actually dressing like a punk in your fifties. FREEDOM!

I've just been watching Easy A (yeah, I'm way behind on things) and it is awesome as FUCK. Totally up there with Mean Girls and Ten Things I Hate About You in the heavens of feminist inspired awesome teenage girlflicks, and lord knows I love those. I would totally put Legally Blonde up there too btw, totally underrated and all positive and anti superficiality/girl hate! If you have any more recommendations in the genre, let me know. I ADORE a good movie with a  feminist inspired storyline or strong female characters. Also, Emma Stone is SO the type of girl who'd be my friend. I have this list of make believe girlfriends:

Debra Morgan (Dexter)
Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
Lady Gaga 
Tavi Gevinson
Kirsten Dunst
and other awesome women I'm forgetting right now but believe you me, we would have awesome times together. Ah, virtual soulmates! Give me awesome imaginary ladyfriends over hot male celebs to swoon over anyday.

Enjoy your weekend dolls!

New Peter Pan Blouse = I DIE

blouse: Oasap - skirt: Think Twice vintage

 This blouse is definitely the best top I have added to my wardrobe in AGES. I'm really particular when it comes to tops as they never seem to fit quite the way I'd like them to: for some reason my broader upper half makes tops look rather square or bulky on me. Also, I either like my tops to be long-ish and loose fitting to go with shorts, short skirts or skinnies/leggings, or short and elegant to be worn with my retro dresses and longer skirts. So yeah, I'm really picky! But this blouse I got to pick out over at Oasap is everything I want and more, the more being that adorable double peter pan collar with the crochet detail. SWOON!

Also, the combination of navy and white is the base of my entire wardrobe. I just add something in the warmer color group like pink, red, rust or orange et voila, an outfit! :-D 

Advertorial: ghd Blowdryer and Hairstuff

Guyz I was contacted by the pr team behind ghd to write something about their awesome new blowdryer, the ghd air. I enjoy it when brands are written in low case (so humble!) so I decided to oblige. Also, I sort of thought I broke my supercheap but cute (it's a pink red retro sort of deal) blowdryer when using it to dry a friend's dress we handwashed right before our NYE party but it started working again after a day and now I'm sort of scared to use it because that shit is unreliable and I don't want to burn my hair or die when my blowdryer causes shortcircuit (this is starting to become the never ending sentence) SO I'm on the lookout for a new hairdryer. 

I hardly ever use mine, for one because I suck at blowdrying technique, but mainly because my hair gets mega frizzy when I use it. I thought that was just what blowdryers do to your hair, but apparently fancy ass blowdryers don't? Any experiences with that? I'd love a blowdryer that does what it's supposed to do without rendering my hair a frizzy helmet-esque mess. I haven't tried the new ghd air out yet, but it promises all kinds of awesomeness in the anti-frizz field. Especially the cool shot button and the ionic technology that seems to be all the rage in hairstyling land seem to promise a difference. My crappy old blowdryer sure don't have no ions or cool shot button. I'm thinking a good hairdryer might be key in recreating beautiful hairstyles such as these faves of mine:

and the most perfect hair (wig) in the world:

Aka the RIGHT kind of helmet hair.

Now I have some questions for you.

1) do you have fancy hairtools you can't live without?
2) is it possible for blowdryers to leave you sans frizz?
3) what the hell is ionic technology and how does it work?
4) I already googled that shit and apparently ions break down the water molecules in your hair which makes it dry faster and lessens the damage/frizz. Hey, if Hairdresser on Fire says it, I'm believing!
5) how do I make my hair look like those pics?

Peter Pan Collar and Tartan Tights

dress: ASOS - tights: H&M - flats: New Look - headband: F21

A mini beehive and My Little Pony lilac pastel hair = looooove! I'm using my bumpit again. I'm still getting the hang of things, but this thing is absolutely perfect for those sixties hairdo lovers out there. And I love everything and anything sixties, as evidenced by my outfit! <3 

God I've been feeling so uninspired lately! It's those darned exams, just rehashing stuff you've already been studying for an entire semester isn't that stimulating intellectually. Don't worry, I'll get over myself soon. I've been speaking my way too politically correct mind over here, scroll through to the comment section and look for me! :-D Feel free to let me know how you feel about the subject, I'd love to hear your opinions :-)

Rained Out Yellow Beanie

skirt: Think Twice vintage - sweater: New Look - coat: Pimkie - scarf, beanie, tights: H&M - boots: Dr Martens - T-shirt: some alternative store selling band t's and badges and the like.

Thanks Paulien for taking my pictures! You know you've got it made when a hot model takes your outfit pictures instead of the other way around. Ok afterwards I took her pictures but that sort of ruins the IRONY of it all. Ok so a model taking your pictures probably isn't irony exactly but you know what I mean. STOP BEING SO DIFFICULT.

Difficult looks really strange typed in all Kanye-caps.

On topic (haha totally not on topic but I like changing topics by saying "on topic:"): my exam was HELLA easy and I aced it. Only one to go now, next week. I am determined to rock that one too! 

I'm leaving you with a picture of me and Paulz being all sadfaced because of the cold COLD rain that made taking pictures a less than perfect experience. I'm doing sad Goofy, she's doing sad Smeagol.

I really want her beanie. Moar beanies plz.

Silver Shoes

dress: Think Twice vintage - tights: H&M - pumps, belt: Pimkie - cardigan: F21

I used to have this huge thing for silver shoes. I think I still have at least ten pairs of silver shoes, but most of them were cheap crap so I don't really wear them anymore. WAY too uncomfortable. However, when getting ready  I saw these silver peep toes I once bought in the sales for 7 euro sticking out of a shoe box and I was like YEAH those would look awesome with my retro outfit. Silver gives this old couch-like color combo of rust, lilac and mustard a right kick up the proverbial buttocks.

See my hair? It's going a dirty lilac with chunks of pink, berry nice. Directions Neon Blue is a total recommendation! 

Now I'm off to relax a bit. I've got a popular culture exam in the morning and I'm fairly confident I will do well, but I'll still be anxious right up until I turn my paper and read all of the questions. You never know whether some evil twist of fate will cause the professor to question you on those tiny little details you failed to memorise. UGH