Sweater Girl and Ombre Tips

Today I met up with my internship boss and some colleagues for my first ever brainstorm session slash professional meeting. It really is amazing to sit together with intelligent, inspiring people and work towards a mutual goal, i.e. a great result. If anything, my years at uni have taught me to have a real pride in what I do. Maybe it's just the fact that I have grown up, but I really enjoy delivering a good end result after laboring over it intensively.

I got this sweater at T2 at one of their previous sales and I just couldn't wait for the temperatures to drop enough for me to wear it with my vintage skirts! A proper (albeit modernized) sweater girl silhouette, coming right up :-)

sweater, skirt: T2 vintage
satchel, loafers: Zara
headband: H&M
ring: Alex Monroe

I have lightened my ends some more and blended in the ombre effect more to prepare for my pink ends! And if you want my advice: just do your ombre at home, it's easy as heck. Just divide your hair into sections, backcomb every section to have the color blend in with your natural color and mess about with the bleach!

I put a thick layer on some random ends first, after a few minutes I added some more around it and towards the end (I left the mix on for about 25-30 minutes) I kept slapping on more towards the roots, really randomly and messily. And it looks rad. Good tutorial here, but I did it by making eight ponytails in my hair and back combing + bleaching each one, and I didn't backcomb as much as in that vid, nor did I use foil.

And finally, a reminder for those who didn't read my blog yesterday: 

River Island is having another student night, and all you students are invited! This time there will be even more gift vouchers to win (one every 15 minutes rather than 2 every hour), a best outfit of the night will be picked (winner gets 250 euro worth of vouchers) and of course the entire collection will be available at 20% off! SO! Print out those flyers, bring your student ID and come on over to River Island on the 28th of september from 18:30 until 21:30! 
Extra treat: there will be free beauty advise from Kiehl's professionals!

Here's the facebook page, register if you're going to visit! :-) I'll be there, please say hi and we'll have loads of fun!


  1. You look lovely! I love your loafer, your bag & those amazing sunglasses!!!

  2. That sweater looks so comfy! And I want to steal those shoes ;)
    Your hair is looking awesome!

  3. Leuke trui, wat zouden we doen zonder T2 vintage in ons leven? :D

    en ik kom nr de River Island student night!

  4. yeay! we'll have fun! :D ik heb al een mosterdkleurige skinny op de verlanglijst staan :)

  5. Wat een leuke foto's! Ik vind je schoentjes zó leuk


  6. Ik heb ook ombre in mijn haar, het is heel natuurlijk maar binnekort ga ik het feller laten doen :D
    heel leuke foto's btw!

  7. Leuke combinatie! Ik zou de rok en trui ook onmiddellijk willen! Echt super!

  8. This sweater is so perfect with the plaid skirt!! And the leopard print shoes go perfectly. Such a wonderful look, I love the way you make school girl outfits chic

  9. Absolutely loving this look! Who knew a sweater could look so cute ... good luck with your internship.
    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  10. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I am totally in love with your gorgeous plaid skirt! Plus, that sweater top is totally darling, as is your satchel. Cute outfit indeed!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  11. Your fall outfits have all been SO perfect! Seriously. I love the colors in this outfit, and those leopard loafers are fantastic.

  12. Ooo you look beautiful!!! I LOVE those shades! Beautiful skirt and loafers! I like how you matched your headband with your top! This is definitely my absolute favourite outfit of yours!

    x Aliya

  13. het vintage bloesje ziet er zo lekker warm en zacht uit!
    Damn, die tas heb ik nodig!

  14. Ahhh that sweater is so very gorgeous! i love the colour and you styled it perfectly xx

  15. A-dorable sweater :) Love it with the leopard loafers

  16. Your style is so wonderful Annebeth, I am totally in love with your adorbale sweater! xx

  17. What? Seriously? You are such a pretty little pinup here. I love the orange sweater and the glasses frames. You rule.

  18. You really have your own style. I can really easily recognize you if you were standing in a crowd of people, Annebeth. Have a happy weekend. :)