Miele Catwalk: PROMDRESS

Darlings. I probably don't need to introduce the dress I am wearing today, but I will do so anyway, because dresses as lovely as this one deserve a proper intro. WELL, you probably all know about the ASOS salon collection: vintage inspired in feminine, elegant silhouettes at a higher price than ASOS' usual pieces. 

I had been fawning over this lovely flower adorned piece, but it was this floral promdress that took the cake for me. It sat in my saved items basket for about half a year, but I have a good head on my shoulders and I am not about to spend 200 euros on a promdress. HOWEVER, apparently this dress is just a bit too over the top for most people. The price kept dropping until it hit 100 euro. When in addition to that I received a 20% off gift coupon, I knew I had to get it. 80 euro for this silk creation? 

It comes with a corset and tulle petticoat and it blows my mind. Surprisingly wearable  thanks to the subdued yet vivid colors and sweet, timeless print, pretty sure I will be wearing this for years to come on every occasion that demands a promdress, haha! And, well, people who know me know that I think most occasions demand a promdress. Anyone have a wedding coming up they want to invite me to?

I wore this beauty to Miele Catwalk: an annual event where some of Belgium's finest designers do a glamorous show. I was invited as a blogger so I got to sit in the fancy press section with my boyfriend (I had a plus one! So cool) and I just about sweated my ass off in my pretty prom frock, but I had a lovely time and I saw some sweet fashion. Best thing? An older lady coming up to me to touch my dress, gushing over how she used to wear similar dresses when she was a young girl. She told me these dresses had to be as poofy as possible so they soaked them in starch, which ended up chafing the skin on her knees badly because the skirt was so hard. You never stop to think about THAT when you see lovely Betty Draper sashaying down the streets, now do ya?

Let me share some pics!

The beautiful Afrodite wearing one of her signature hats

Yeah, I switched shoes when I reached the venue because I had to walk some rough patches on the parking lot and these wedges are just more comfy. 
Of course when my guy takes pics, he always crops out some piece of me, in this case the crown of my head.

An ever dapper Gilles

nougat chocolates, so good!

Kim and her gorgeous long locks and lashes (and shiny purse!)

Looked like potpourri but was actually very yummy vegetable chips!

Stéphanie's baby blues and lovely ruffled dress. I dig how these pics have vivid hues of red and blue in them, very Dario Argento! :-D

Now, onto the show! I'll show my faves.

the gorgeous colors at Essentiel

Just in Case offered ladylike silhouettes emprinted with what seemed abstract landscape images. Because the models strutted out to the tunes of a country song, this collection slightly reminded me of a light version of Rodarte F/W2011: nice! Also, there in that green fuzzy sweater you can see our very own Paulien! She's a supastaaaaaar

Crowd fave was Lenny Leleu, without a doubt. The designer wasn't present at the event because she's showing at NYFW right now, and she absolutely shared her american dream with us: ballet dancers in edgy bathing suits strutting on pointes to the beats of 50 cent... It spoke of a mix of a sinfree sexuality, raging hormones, cheerleaders and a careless innocence. The dancing took the sexy swimming suits from being objectifying to celebrating these amazing, talented girls and their youth. Loved it.

the entire Sandrina Fasoli collection should get in my closet asap.

The show was closed by this gorgeous creation of Belgian living legend Edouard Vermeulen (Natan). Timeless elegance from the front, ethereal fairytale from the back: do want!

Hope you enjoyed the show :) more pics at Belmodo.tv!

dress: ASOS Salon
black peeptoes: Zara
purple leopard wedges: Bershka
headband: F21


  1. I am SO jealous right now. I have been dying for that dress. It's still way to expensive for me.. $150....I hope it goes down in price soon, b/c I want it, it's gorgeous! It looks absolutely amazing on you!!!

  2. oh my oh my! what an amazing dress and so so you! love love the fall colors, gorgeous with your skin tone and chocolate hair! love the fit, you know that dresses fit you perfectly, and it would not be the same without the petticoat! smashing with the heels BTW, i am not used seeing you wearing heels like that! in love! in love

  3. Hi Annebeth, know you from chictopia and I'm very happy to see how well you're doing! :-) you look fantastic in this dress!! and what a great deal too! xx

  4. wonderful post darlimg :)


  5. These pictures are amazing! Your dress definitely channels some Betty Draper. I can't believe girls would starch their dresses like that. Ouch!

  6. Love love love die jurk! Had hem ook op het oog, maar ik moet nooit naar trouwfeesten of proms en 100 euro was toch iets te duur ;) Staat je fantastisch!

  7. I seriously loved the dresses from the Asos Salon collection, soooooooooooo prettyyy and I want one NOW.

  8. Super mooi kleedje en echt leuke foto's!

    Love, A.

  9. Love your hair :)
    And the black heels are gorgeous!



  10. Kim is so right: not used to see you with such high heels but I love it! The dress was - as everyone has already noticed - GORGEOUS! Indeed, so you!!!! Haha, funny picture you took from me.. I'm talking about the Gilles part, haha!

  11. Wow...that dress is GORGEOUS!!!! :D :D
    And that event looks like so much fun! :)

  12. Prachtige jurk!

  13. it looks so gorgeous on you. and i love hearing about your saving techniques... im exactly the same way haha

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  14. haha yeah the full pic was worse but I cropped as best as I could! :D

  15. Hey that's Paulien! ! ! :P love your dress Annebeth, looking stunning :)

  16. How fun!!! I'm so envious. Love your dress!

  17. That dress is amazing! I swear my face is literally green with envy right now. And great pics! The last one is gorgeous!



  18. Wow to the dress and the fashion show! I love the tulle petticoat. I think I was born in the wrong century because I'm obsessed with any dress/skirt that comes with a petticoat. And there's nothing better than getting something you've been lusting after for so long at a bargain price!


  19. You are the queen of poofy retro!

    And haha, Albert would always cut off my feet... ; D

  20. That dress is AMAZING! OH my goodness. So gorgeous!

  21. Oh my goood this dress is ammmazing. How absolutely perfect! I love the print and I'm sure you will get a ton of use out of this piece for sure.
    Those collections are amazing, love the yellow tights, gives me ideas for this fall

  22. haha i was totally thinking this would be an awesome dress for a wedding. love the unexpected print for the style, its perrrrty

  23. Argh, girl! :p Dat kleedje staat ook bij mijn saved items, het ziet er echt uit om op te eten! Je staat er praaaachtig mee! <3

  24. leuk dat je erbij was! mooie schoenen had je aan!

  25. Oh I adore that ASOS dress! It's definitely on my wishlist! It looks beautiful on you!! x

  26. That's an amazing dress, it looks fantastic on you. And what a steal!

  27. You look STUNNING! The dress was well worth the wait because you look spectacular in it!


  28. Oh my, looks so fun! I love that Paulien was there! Your dress was amazing!

  29. Love love love your dress! The first shoes are the perfect addition in my eyes :) but I totally understand the switching, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :)

  30. You look wonderful in that dress! I love how full the skirt is. Lovely!

  31. You looked beautiful on this night/day in this amazing dress. I love it!!!