Make Up Routine

A slightly different post today: inspired by gorgeous Claudia of the beautiful Molto Fashion blog, I thought I'd put together a proper post on my make up basics! Sadly, my pictures aren't as pretty as hers and my stuff is a bit worn down and dirty (haha), but I'm too lazy to take new pics SO this is what you get! 


When I get out of the shower, I start with a daily moisturizer, preferably with a spf against aging or sun damage. I'm thinking about using a proper sunscreen mixed with my moisturiser, but I haven't found one that isn't too rich for my skin. Sunscreen is so sticky most of the time, so suggestions or tips are very welcome. I also use an anti-wrinkle eye cream because I have deep set eyes, very thin skin and an expressive face, and it's better to be safe than sorry! I generally use the cheapest good stuff I can find in my local drugstore, often Nivea.


My proper make up routine starts with my foundation. As I discussed in an earlier post, I have recently switched from Maybelline Matte Mousse to a richer foundation because my skin was too dry and flaky. I fell for the light texture and dewy finish of Maybelline Satin Liquid foundation, but the lightest shade I could find was still a teensy bit too dark for my skintone. I ended up buying Nivea's lightest shade (too light for me, strangely appears darker in my pics) and now I just take a drop of both and mix them on the back of my hand before applying. I apply my foundation with my fingers, in a dabbing motion. I find this gives the most natural finish and smoothes out my pores the best. I finish off by brushing on a bit of transparent mineral powder from Hema.


Now, it's time for my eyebrows. I only started filling in my eyebrows a few months ago, since my own eyebrows are very light while my haircolor is quite dark. I like the fact that darker eyebrows bring out your classic beauty in a retro way, and it totally frames your features. I use a mix of two eyeshadows: a grey one and a brown one, but I'm in the market for a good eyebrow pencil. After filling my brows in with the eyeshadow, I use an old mascara brush to blend it in by simply combing my eyebrows. Just to show the difference: lower photo is before I started filling in my brows, upper photo is after. Much more put together, no? I look so grown up!


 Now, I usually use either some kohlpencil or some eyeliner in the upper corner of my eye. When I go for kohl, I keep the look soft, when I use liner I go for proper winged eyeliner. In the upper picture of my eyebrows you can see what I usually do with kohl (a smudged line), and this is what I do with eyeliner. After pencil or liner, I use mascara. My weapon of choice is Maybelline (yep, one of my fave brands) Volum' Express. I've been using it for about 6 years now and it is my favorite mascara, never came across one that I liked better. Natural yet glam.


God, I really go for a full face of make up, don't I? I basically always use lipstick. My "neutral" is this fun pink, also from Hema. If I use it lightly you barely see it, if I really slap it on it looks brighter. Here you see me wearing it lightly, but I also love my reds and oranges. My best tip: try stuff on, it always looks heaps different if it's on your skin than when you look at the tube.


Finishing off with a spritz of my perfume. I'm a huge fan of having a signature scent. Mine used to be Lolita Lempicka, but a few years ago I switched to Viktor & Rolf's flowerbomb. Sweet yet light, not too complex but still sophisticated and it basically smells like sweet flowers and cookies: love!

ANNNNND done! Now, this entire thing takes me like 5 minutes at the max. I find that wearing make up makes me feel very professional, I just really like the control it gives. When you wear make up, you have total control over the way you present yourself to the world. That's what I like about fashion: you choose the image you present to people and you limit their ways of misinterpreting who you are. Confessions of a control freak.

Now: questions? Remarks? Tips? Just put it down in the comment section! Hope you liked my post :-)

PS: just gave my blog lay out a make over. Clean, no?


  1. Ik vind zo'n dingen altijd erg leuk om te lezen! En qua zonnecrème heb ik in dit postje twee tips: :) Liefs! x

  2. Ik heb ook spulletjes van nivea (foundation, poeder, nagellak, mascara,...) maar ik heb onlangs gelezen dat niveau haar make-uplijn in België zou gaan stopzetten.. Slechte verkoopscijfers ofzo :s
    Vind het erg jammer, ben erg tevreden over de kwaliteit !
    Ik vind je lipstick trouwens ook tof. Je staat echt met veel kleuren! Zelf ben ik allergisch aan lipsstick behalve die van Chanel, dus veel uitproberen zit er niet in... way to expensive :D Ik draag het ook niet zo vaak omwille van die allergie, dus het blijft telkens weer wennen als ik mezelf ermee zie :D

    Kortom, leuke post !


  3. wat jammer! ja ik gebruik altijd supergoedkope producten, anders zou ik ook niet zo snel experimenteren :-D Dankjewel!

  4. great post! i love finding out what people a definitely a make up girl and posts like this introduce me to knew products and techniques. oh and my signature scent is flowerbomb too! i wear it all the time..such a pain having to replace it though, its a bit pricey!
    About the pink tips? I just got a can of pink coloured hairspray and sprayed it on sections of my blonde ends work doesn't really like "unique" hair colours so i wanted something that could be washed out on the same day. Try using semi permanent dye first if you're unsure...I think you'd really rock it!

  5. It's really interesting to read your makeup routine! OHHH we use the same mascara! Yay!

    I am not a makeup person at all, although I know I probably should be :/. I just wear eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. I'm such a bore and should learn how to make myself look pretty!

    I DO have a signature scent though. Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue.

    I love the layout my dear! Simple, clean and cute. x

  6. Ok long comment alert! First off, yayyyy for the makeup post!! :D And also I need to try that Viktor and Rolf.. so many ppl are talking about it. Also, I have a sunscreen recommendation! Have you ever tried Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreen? It's what I use, and it does feel a teensy bit weird, but it feels muuuuch better than the usual SPF. It dries to feel more like a skin primer can feel, and there is a wide range of SPF levels, and it is UVA and UVB protection. Also, you have such gorgeous skin! Seriously, I always admire it- it's smooth, flawless, and peachy. And also, the new layout looks great! It draws a lot of attention to your photos. Thank you for the shout-out :D
    (Ok I tried to be brief-ish...)

  7. love it! and yes the eyebrows are pretty important

  8. Jaaaaaaaaaa ik heb dat ook gelezen over het stopzetten van Nivea's make-uplijn! Superjammer want ik gebruik echt massa's van hun producten :-(
    Vind je post echt leuk en easy to relate to, want vaak vind ik zo'n make-upposts echt intimiderend. Zo van: 'Djeezz ik snap de helft van de namen niet van de producten en hoe zie je nog het effect als je 12 producten op je gezicht doet.'. Maar in jouw make-uproutine kan ik me he-le-maal vinden! Leuk gedaan :)

  9. ik dacht eventjes dat ik op de verkeerde blog was beland :)
    awel, ik ben blij eens te zien dat je goedkopere producten gebruikt die je bij kruidvat en hema kan kopen. Je make-up ziet er altijd heel goed uit en had dus eerder merken uit de parfumeriewinkel verwacht. maar je hoeft dus geen honderden euro's uitgeven om er goed uit te zien ;)
    btw een goed wenkbrauwpotlood/brush heb ik vorige week gekocht bij yves rocher. is de eerste keer dat ik het gebruik, maar ben er weg van.

  10. leuke post!
    ook tof om te zien dat je lipstick van bij hema gebruikt!

  11. You messy girl! :P Hou van die roze lipstick!

    X Sarah

  12. Love what you did with ya brows, babe!
    And loving the new lay out, much better than the first one!

    x Krizia aka Snooki :D

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  13. Hm, I'm going to have hunt down this perfume and give it a sniff, it sounds like it smells amazing (hah). I always forget that not everybody wears eye shadow, but I would feel sooo naked without it. And yet on the other hand, I barely ever wear eyeliner. I've been trying to find a red lipstick I like, but every colour I try winds up look horribly garish. I'm just unused to my lips being any colour but their own it's taking me forever to get used to it haha.

  14. Hmm you've got me thinking, maybe I should also try the eyebrow filling thingy :)
    Like the new lay-out, clean is a good way to go (I've been thinking about updating my own, but haven't had the time yet :))

  15. Love the new layout, but methinks you needz a logo!

    Oh, and remind me to ask you to show me how you do that winged eyeliner :)

  16. Really like the new layout too and also agree it would be fun to have a logo. I prob won't put any of this to use since my makeup routine is oh so minimal these days, but I'm glad to hear you mix in some sunblock! I think your brows look great natural, def plenty dark, but I know what you mean, I used to color my (blond ones!) occasionally. I also used eye shadow, found that a pencil put too much color in one spot and gave me the crazy gangster eyebrows so stuck shadow and the little shadow brush they come with.

  17. Flower Bomb has been my all time favorite perfume for a few years now. It's amazing!


  18. Altijd leuk om te lezen, een make-up routine! P.s.: veel betere header ook! Dikke kus xx

  19. I can't just DESIGN one out of NOWHERE ya know :-D and I'll totally show you, easy!

  20. Ahh.. Flower Bomb is THE best scent! I wear it for nights out and - well - anytime I am feeling flush! Hmm.. eyeshadow for brows. I like it!

  21. For the sunscreen, I'd FULLY recommend Neutrogena's. It's beyond belief: I used to suffer everytime I had to put my sunscreen on precisely because of the feeling of it, and Neutrogena's so light you don't even remember it's there. Plus, it's got really high spf - I'm currently with a 55, my mom's with a 100. With a 55 I didn't get even a tan at Vegas. :D

  22. I'm definitely checking that out, loads of people have recommended it!

  23. Mijn dermatologe raadde me zonnecrème van Avène aan! Hij is niet supergoedkoop, maar hij houdt je huid echt mat en is niet vet!