Mais Il Est Où Le Soleil? Snood Giveaway!

At last I can tell y'all about my cool co-op with Belgian brand Mais il est où le soleil? (meaning: but where's the sun? very fitting for typical Belgian weather, I can guarantee you)! I was contacted by their PR person to come over to the store to check out MIEOLS' new F/W 2011 collection and style an outfit to take home with me, squee! But be sure to read on, as there's something in it for you too... ;-)

Kim, Afrodite, Mieke and me were welcomed with fresh OJ and pastry, after which we got a store-tour led by one of the designers behind the brand explaining the concept behind the new Ba-rock-mantique collection.

 I was totally won over by the concept of layering pieces to create original silhouettes complimenting your very own style and taste. We didn't need a lot of encouraging to start playing around with the pieces ourselves, so into the dressing rooms we went!

The very first piece I put on was love at first sight: a fuschia velvet dress with a bow print and an asymmetrical hem. Very glam rock/David Bowie meets Shakespeare! :-D I added one of the collection's iconic tutu dresses underneath for layering and finished the look off with these suspender-biker shorts: perfect to go along with all of my over knee socks! I'll be wearing these allll the time, I'm sure.

As proved by the four bloggers creating four very distinctive looks, there's absolutely something for all kinds of different women at MIEOLS! One piece we all ended up with was this lovely handknitted multicolor and multiyarn snood, another iconic piece in the new collection. Because of the different colors it goes with loads of outfits, and the big snood shape allows every owner to drape it in their very own way: perfect to go along with this interactive collection! Check out the full collection with all the different layering pieces here.

socks: H&M
loafers: River Island

Sadly, this next part about winning this beautiful snood is only relevant to my Belgian readers, so I'm switching to the Belgian explanation here. Sorry guys!

Ben je fan van "Mais il est où le Soleil?" Om de lancering van de nieuwe wintercollectie 2011 te vieren, biedt het Belgische merk je de kans om deze gekleurde sjaal, een van de centrale stukken uit de nieuwe collectie, te winnen!

Hoe deelnemen? Heel eenvoudig: je moet een code van 10 cijfers in de juiste volgorde samenstellen. Deze code stemt overeen met een telefoonnummer.

Drie andere bloggers nemen deel aan deze actie: en Elke blogger bezit een deel van de code. Stel de code samen en stuur je volledige gegevens (naam, voornaam, adres, e-mail)* naar dit nummer. Als je bij de eerste 10 bent, maak je kans om deze prachtige sjaal te winnen. Je zult persoonlijk per e-mail op de hoogte worden gebracht.

Dit is het derde deel van de code: 29.

Maak snel kennis met de volledige collectie op

*verplichte vermeldingen
De deelname is beperkt tot één verstuurd bericht per persoon
Wedstrijdreglement: (rubriek 'Surprise')

Hope I did a good job being a MIEOLS ambassador, the brand really won me over :-)

EDIT: giveaway is closed! thanks for participating!


  1. this is so you! a little bit too theatrical for me! love the combination of the scarf and the gorgeous dress! the fabrics are so different but it looks smashing together!

  2. Wow! Ik ben verrast door je outfit, supermooi! Had graag meegedaan, lijkt me een heerlijke sjaal :) Maar ja... ik ben van over de grens. In ieder geval ga ik zeker de collectie bekijken!

  3. I love the outfit you picked out! Such perfection!
    Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!

  4. je kan vast smssen vanuit nederland ook, hoor! ik had het eerder over amerika enzo :)

  5. This looks like oh so much fun! I am in love with that outfit you picked, so gorgeous. The fabric looks fantastic!!

  6. Lovely photos! I used to own a pair of jeans from this brand and they were the best jeans ever! I didn't know they're Belgian and i was always wondering what the name means (I hardly speak French haha), so thanks for the enlightenment ;)

  7. haha that's so cool! yes, the quality does seem amazing!

  8. OMG, what a cool dress! I want ♥

  9. Nawww I wish I could enter! The snood is too cute. And the dress you are wearing is amazing! xx

  10. I love the velvet piece! The way you layered it is almost like a modern queen, lucky that you got that tour!

    La Petite Marmoset

  11. Wuaw, superleuke outfit heb je daar gemaakt, en die sjaal ziet er prachtig uit!