I knew I owed you guys some pretty pictures of my new pink hair incorporated in an outfit, so I grabbed my camera and tripod and obviously forgot my remote, but I was too lazy to walk back home when I thought of it so I just managed with the good ol' timer function. I walked to this alleyway I had noticed had beautiful afternoon light and here are the pictures! I set out to prove I could still rock my sweet vintage style even with my punky pink hair and I think I succeeded: I just look a bit more quirky. Quirky is good! 

I played around with the leaves (I think I grabbed some dogpoo in the process, so much for idyllic frolicking) and enjoyed the loveliness of autumn.

See that incredibly sexy and stylish skincolored bandage around my right wrist? Yeah, that's for my arthritis. I think the medication I got was magical because the improvement today is insane. The horrible pain is almost gone, but I'm going to keep wearing the bandage for a few days for extra support. Eh, it matched my outfit anyway!

BTW GUYS! River Island is having another student night TOMORROW, and all you students are invited! This time there will be even more gift vouchers to win (one every 15 minutes rather than 2 every hour), a best outfit of the night will be picked (winner gets 250 euro worth of vouchers) and of course the entire collection will be available at 20% off! SO! Print out those flyers, bring your student ID and come on over to River Island tomorrow, 28th of september from 18:30 until 21:30! 
Extra treat: there will be free beauty advise from Kiehl's professionals!

Here's the facebook page, register if you're going to visit! :-) I'll be there, please say hi and we'll have loads of fun!

 dress: T2 vintage
sunglasses: H&M
shoes: Kimchi & Blue (Urban Outfitters)
belt: Pimkie


  1. Awww Beth, wat zielig! Vind je het niet een beetje erg dat pap altijd zei dat je gewoon niet zoveel moest computeren, blijkt dat je arthritis hebt. Hoe heette die kwakzalver ookalweer, die je moest masseren? Iets met visser in z'n naam. Anywayz, Yay voor pilletjes! En ik ben serieus aan het nadenken of ik morgen ook niet zou komen! Is het leuk?

  2. The hair is really pretty, a fun change.

  3. such a gorgeous backdrop, you look like you are having a blast

  4. oh my that first pic is absolutely divine! okay, you get my second bloglovin like too! that simple dress does not look simple at all! love the waist line and that cute little belt!

  5. the hair looks adorable!! and i love your polka dotty dress :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. Wouw je haar is echt zo leuk nu! Die kleur past echt bij je! Je hebt ook zo'n leuke stijl van kleren! River Island, ik zou er zo graag naartoe gaan, maar dat is nogal lang om de bus zitten :(

  7. There's nothing like a new hairdo to make every piece of clothing you own new again. I feel like cutting my hair mitigates my shopping addiction a little bit. So I say hooray for pink! I love the punky-vintage vibe for sure.

  8. You def managed to pull off vintage with pink hair, something I always wonder about with diff hair colors! Pretty dress & lovely sunnies as well. Love that it actually is fall somewhere, so pretty. Totally sucks about your arthritis but glad the med's helping.

  9. Oh, I love your outfits even more with the new hair color! It does bring an extra quirkiness :) Really digging the autumn atmosphere in the pictures (although I do NOT look forward to winter, contrary to almost every other fashion lover), hadn't really noticed autumn yet around here..

  10. You look absolutely adorable in that retro dress!