By The Field

I still have a few pictures left from before I dyed my hair so don't worry, my hair didn't suddenly go blond again! 

I asked my boyfriend to take pictures yesterday before dyeing my hair because the weather was SO lovely and our little town was looking irresistibly photogenic, so we took a little stroll to find a spot where he wouldn't feel too watched. He's not a exhibitionist like me. Anyway, we ended up by the soccerfield within short walking distance from my doorstep, on a gentle slope to the side of the field. Gorgeous light and a lovely place to sit and read or enjoy a picnic. Perfect for my retro outfit, I felt like a 50's schoolgirl cheering on her athletic boyfriend! My guy used to play badminton on a high level before suffering an injury to his heels so I can totally relate.

You see the light is still warm and golden, but softer and not as sharp as during summer. Yes, a beautiful fall-afternoon is incredibly photogenic. Can't wait for the leaves to drop, I'm really into fall this year.

I'm keeping it short and sweet today because typing hurts: I have arthritis in my right wrist (a joint inflammation) which really sucks bad and hurts like hell. Hope it improves soon. Thank god my schoolyear hasn't really started yet and my internship is practically over, I couldn't write or type long texts now at all.

blouse: T2 vintage
skirt: Forever21
espadrilles: River Island
sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
headband: H&M
bag: Pimkie


  1. Love those beaut shoes.

    C x

  2. Cute outfit! Love the top. I sympathize for the arthritis, I have the same problem too... in my hands, hips, back and knees. Fall really is such a wonderful time to take photos though, I must agree.

  3. Lovely summer look!

  4. Oei! Hopelijk is je pols snel beter :( love those sunnies!

  5. Loving your shoes, babe!
    And LOVINGGGGG the new hair!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  6. Very 50's inspired outfit, just lovely! I love your sunnies!

    Stories and Sequins

  7. This retro look is sooo good, perfect for a picnic! I love that checkered top a lot, it's such a great colour. Your poor wrist, that sucks, hopefully it starts to feel better!

  8. You have great sense of style ! I loved this post and also the other post with the dyed hair, it looks lovely on you =)I am following your blog with google friend connect cause I like it very much, I'd be delighted if you would want to follow my blog too :)

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  9. cute top
    pretty outfit

  10. Such a cute outfit! I am obsessed with those shoes! The lighting is beautiful as well!


  11. your photos are always so dreamy hun. loving that top

  12. You outfit is so very lovely. I saw that skirt at F21 and contemplated buying it. With the checkered blouse, it's a winning combination. xx

  13. Such a lovely outfit - perfect for the unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying lately x

  14. Ooh zo'n mooie rok! Forever21 wil ik ook eens gaan bekijken in de solden, toen we naar We Will Rock You gingen zijn er erlangs gelopen en alles zag er zo kleurrijk en gorgeous uit! En ik ben ook blij met het lekkere weertjah.

  15. You look incredibly pretty in these pictures! I just love that yellow top and the shape of your skirt. Beautiful lighting too.