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My pink hair makes me feel like a teenager again. Combine my newfound street-credibility with the current heatwave that pushes my style in the nice 'n easy zone and what do you get? Yep, me acting and dressing like the late 90s - early 00s teen I once was! Now, ten years ago my hair was short and bright red and I wore plaid, chains, safetypins, denim, boots and band t-shirts. I still really appreciate that kind of look, but it's a bit extreme for me and I don't think I have the stuff to make this look work anymore! Aside from that, heatwaves and punk-skate style don't really mix well, lemme tell ya. So I settled on laid back surfer style: very nineties and very cool and casual. And surfers are basically the summer version of skaters, right? 

Essential piece: A BACKPACK, the number one on the list of teenage equipment, and coincidentally one of my River Island Student Night purchases. I got it at the RI men's department and I'm sure it will make the perfect schoolbag for my upcoming semester at Uni! Also important: relaxed denim, a re-imagined version of these sandals, a loose fitting top and messy, unwashed hair.

And what is a surfer look without the bikini, right? This tribal print bikini is perfect for my nineties vision. Can't you just see Sandra Bullock wear it in a 90s movie about a twenty something student getting tricked into smuggling drugs? RIGHT?

All I need now are those handmade friendship bracelet and loads of jelly bands on both my wrists. I even had a necklace with a weed-leaf pendant yo. Not that I smoked pot, but it was more about the ATTITUDE, maaaaan.
Oh, and a choker! Chokers were SO hip when I was a young teen. Now, tell me you were a hip youngster in the late nineties and you didn't have one of these?

Yep, I was one of the hip kids. This was after growing out and fading out my short red hair, but the denim vest was uber cool, trust me. My t-shirt had a surfboard print and the choker had a crucifix and shit. I was boss.

top: Pimkie
shorts: vintage Levis via T2
sandals: H&M
backpack: River Island
sunglasses: Claire's

Chocolate Palace with Camille

On a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, I met up with my bestie Camille. She has started studying abroad in London since this school year, basically living the dream. But to follow that dream she had to leave us behind in sad old Belgium. Luckily she will come over to visit us losers once in a while, and when I got a text message informing me she was in Antwerp again and wanted to meet up, of course I jumped on the very next train! We talked about growing old, rice milk, chocolate, housemates and our bright futures but most of all we enjoyed each other's company. With real friends you don't need to look for subjects to talk about, just being around each other is satisfying enough.

We sat down for tea and some bites at the Café Impérial, a beautiful café on the Meir in Antwerp. The building used to be one of the Royal Family's palaces. Napoleon once spent the night here! It is used as a chocolate museum + factory these days and you can actually see the professionals make chocolate if that tickles your fancy. I would recommend dropping by just for the smell: the air inside is saturated with a rich chocolate scent, berry nice.

I'll keep my outfit pictures for tomorrow's post as today will be very picture heavy as is. Enjoy!

aaaah she so pretty <3 I love how turtlenecks make people look like floating heads :-D

Nom, very tasty. Some people next to us had ordered the lunch formula and they got adorable little triangular sandwiches, neatly arranged on plates. Just remembering our experience makes me want to organize a little tea party of my own with sandwiches and cookies and cakes. Anyone up for it? :-D

The chocolate palace was opulent and gorgeous. AND there was a chocolate frog prince!

This little guy was found crawling around in another chocolate sculpture, some grass with flowers. At first I thought the ladybug was fake as well, but then it started moving around! So funny it had actually found some fake grass and flowers to sit in. I tried to carry it outside but it didn't want to leave, it flew right off of my hand. High on chocolate I suppose!

Tip if you want someone to take your picture but you have a fancy camera and you don't want someone to run off with it: ask a WOMAN or a part of a COUPLE. Couples and women are trustworthy.

After a bit of tears we said our goodbyes, assured we will meet again soon. We're both at a crossroads in our lives, preparing our grown up futures and taking courageous strides in the right direction. We don't know exactly where we'll end up just yet, but we know we're on the right path.

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I'll Die Living Just As Free As My Hair

My pink hair asks for some special styling choices. I mean, it's not like it has to go with everything, but I do feel like my pink hair has more of an impact if I give it room to breathe in an outfit. I love how it looks with blue so I went with blue in different prints to play up the quirkiness of my hairz.

Oh, and the weather is ridiculously gorgeous and I love it so I'm milkin' this summer for as long as it lasts. Our actual summer was horrible so we are ENTITLED to some sun! I actually went out grocery shopping in sandals, denim shorts and a tank top and it was so warmmmmm, makes me feel so content!

I feel like a careless teenager again with my pink hair. Seriously, everyone should experiment more, it makes you feel so young and free! I've had enough, this is my prayer, that I'll die living just as free as my hair! WEIRD HAIR FOR EVERYONE!

top: New Look (altered)
skirt: T2 vintage
espadrilles: New Look
sunnies: H&M

PS: to the girl who came up to talk to me at River Island tonight and told me she loved my blog: I love you too! <3 :-D


I knew I owed you guys some pretty pictures of my new pink hair incorporated in an outfit, so I grabbed my camera and tripod and obviously forgot my remote, but I was too lazy to walk back home when I thought of it so I just managed with the good ol' timer function. I walked to this alleyway I had noticed had beautiful afternoon light and here are the pictures! I set out to prove I could still rock my sweet vintage style even with my punky pink hair and I think I succeeded: I just look a bit more quirky. Quirky is good! 

I played around with the leaves (I think I grabbed some dogpoo in the process, so much for idyllic frolicking) and enjoyed the loveliness of autumn.

See that incredibly sexy and stylish skincolored bandage around my right wrist? Yeah, that's for my arthritis. I think the medication I got was magical because the improvement today is insane. The horrible pain is almost gone, but I'm going to keep wearing the bandage for a few days for extra support. Eh, it matched my outfit anyway!

BTW GUYS! River Island is having another student night TOMORROW, and all you students are invited! This time there will be even more gift vouchers to win (one every 15 minutes rather than 2 every hour), a best outfit of the night will be picked (winner gets 250 euro worth of vouchers) and of course the entire collection will be available at 20% off! SO! Print out those flyers, bring your student ID and come on over to River Island tomorrow, 28th of september from 18:30 until 21:30! 
Extra treat: there will be free beauty advise from Kiehl's professionals!

Here's the facebook page, register if you're going to visit! :-) I'll be there, please say hi and we'll have loads of fun!

 dress: T2 vintage
sunglasses: H&M
shoes: Kimchi & Blue (Urban Outfitters)
belt: Pimkie

By The Field

I still have a few pictures left from before I dyed my hair so don't worry, my hair didn't suddenly go blond again! 

I asked my boyfriend to take pictures yesterday before dyeing my hair because the weather was SO lovely and our little town was looking irresistibly photogenic, so we took a little stroll to find a spot where he wouldn't feel too watched. He's not a exhibitionist like me. Anyway, we ended up by the soccerfield within short walking distance from my doorstep, on a gentle slope to the side of the field. Gorgeous light and a lovely place to sit and read or enjoy a picnic. Perfect for my retro outfit, I felt like a 50's schoolgirl cheering on her athletic boyfriend! My guy used to play badminton on a high level before suffering an injury to his heels so I can totally relate.

You see the light is still warm and golden, but softer and not as sharp as during summer. Yes, a beautiful fall-afternoon is incredibly photogenic. Can't wait for the leaves to drop, I'm really into fall this year.

I'm keeping it short and sweet today because typing hurts: I have arthritis in my right wrist (a joint inflammation) which really sucks bad and hurts like hell. Hope it improves soon. Thank god my schoolyear hasn't really started yet and my internship is practically over, I couldn't write or type long texts now at all.

blouse: T2 vintage
skirt: Forever21
espadrilles: River Island
sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
headband: H&M
bag: Pimkie