You are part of a league of morons

Just watched Burn After Reading yesterday, not expecting a lot, and I loved it. I had heard other people saying that it was a let down and that, while it did deliver a few good moments, they weren't fully convinced. I thought it was intelligently written, I loved that it had a message (people never being honest with each other, functioning as spooks in their own lives, always having a hidden agenda) and every character was just right. I recommend it if you want to watch a light movie that is still intelligent and a bit dark!
I especially loved Brad Pitt's performance: I've never been a big fan of his but I like his more humoristic performances. And John Malkovich ruled, ofcourse.

I've been studying Verbal and Non Verbal Communication today, and I took a break to take my outfit pictures:

top: h&m
skirt: pimkie
tights: h&m
shoes: sac d'anvers
flower pin: h&m
lipstick: hema
rings: alex monroe and six

my cats really don't like having their picture taken:

awww cute lil kitty cat

Currently on my to watch list:
Every Studio Ghibli movie I haven't seen yet.


Also: how do you guys feel about Alexander McQueen's business being continued without him? I'm against it: they should just give another young designer a chance instead of continuing this house of McQueen which was obviously HIS thing, not just a label. But he once said in an interview that he'd want his name and label to live on after his death, so I guess that it's what he would've wanted...


  1. Oo! Totoro! So cute.
    I found you on chictopia and I have now added you to my blogroll.

  2. yeay, thanks so much sweetie! :)

  3. Very cute! Love the white tights! Glad to read your blog, always loved your posts on Chictopia!

  4. I'll be makindg a skirt and stripes outfit tomorrow... and I guess this looks like a good idea :) by the way, i think the same about your young designer idea... Well he would like to live forever but i don't really like the idea that someone is gonna make great money on him... anyways...

  5. I love verbal and nonverbal communication! Your photos here are so adorable and communicating pure cute! (and a few other nice things!) Lovely! I don't really have an opinion about the designer. Hmmm. Nope. Shrug.

  6. haha Kristina, I love that you just DON'T have an opinion, so cute :D
    thanks tieka and seval! I love all you guys so much and I read all your blogs so it feels kind of like an honor that you guys are commenting on mine! :) you make my day!