I want to break your heart and give you mine

My friend came over and we went to the hairsalon! She cut her hair short for the very first time and at first she wasn't too sure she liked it (kind of in shock, + the fact that your hair always looks a bit wonky if you've just returned from the hairdresser's), but I texted her just now and it's growing on her (no pun intended :D). She looked amazing if you ask me and I can't wait to see a picture of her now she's styled it in her own way :) Next monday her, my boyfriend and me are going to watch Avatar. I'm not that excited about the movie since I'm not at all into the whole videogame look of it (cgi makes movies lose their soul if you ask me), but I've never seen a 3D movie and my boyfriend really wants to see it, so I'll give it a chance. Have you seen it? Did you like it? I think the story's going to be so friggin corny :-D

I sound all happy but my day was crap, for the biggest part: I travelled to antwerp to meet up with fellow students for the presentation I'm giving next week, but none of them were very work-minded so nothing got done. Then we went to a class that was supposed to last an hour and a half, but after 15 minutes we were told the class was over. So I'd come all the way to Antwerp for virtually nothing. And then my train was delayed so I had to run to get my bus, and then my bus didn't ride all the way to my stop so I had to call my boyfriend's dad to pick me up and drive me the rest of the way home. Sigh. I have a headache now.

dress: h&m
boots: sacha
ring: h&m men's dpt


  1. The Perfect ring for the day you had by the sounds of it! :)

    I am with you on Avatar, I am not that fussed but I would love to see A Single Man! Have you seen that?

    Cute dress, I think it would work too with the white tights! :D

  2. First of all I see a chance and I'mma take it, exactly like heroes do: "zit niet zo te zuchten!"

    okay and maybe I can cheer you up cuz here are some pictures of my new hair then (allthough you saw it just yesterday :p)


    the last ones are from these morning right when I landed from a night with Sandman, but I figure that was probably needless to say :D i'm still thinking about maybe a darker of brown like the colour of a worn out autumn tree. but that's all so temporary and that won't do it for me, I want some stability and peace damned! Oh no I notice I go rhyming again :d

    when I come home from where-ever I went that day (good or bad places), I really like to read a little about yours on your blog (or chictopia, or msn). i myself had fun today, my school boyfriends (I mean, male friends) liked my new hair too and Joaquin (the one who remendid you of skaterboys) said that you can really see if a woman is beautiful if you see her without hair! I guess that's his way of saying he'd like to humpa humpa with me! lol
    the 3 of us didn't pay any attention to what the teacher was saying, as usual and joked the whole time, but I don't feel bad about missing it as long as I have a good day! You have to live a little more from day to day, laughing instead of working shouldn't ruin your whole day! But on your traffic adventure, I gotta admit, poor you :(

    A friend of mine said he saw Avatar and really thought it was amazing.. You know me my taste is arty (sometimes a bit deviant) stuff and Avatar probably won't do it :D but I'm also into big budget movies with totally ridiculous plots just for the sake of fun, so I think we'll have fun monday!

    and on the outfit, which is great of course;
    who ever feels his life's a mess can find structure in the cubism of this dress :d

    byebye x

  3. I actually kind of liked my day but I felt like it was too much trouble for what I got in return, lol
    And I love love love your hair, especially on the two pictures with the bed-hair :D