Midi dress and cowboy boots

 denim jacket: c/o Jack and Jones - midi dress: c/o Shein - cowboy boots: Stradivarius - basket: Dille & Kamille - sunglasses: c/o Shein
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Hi babes! It's been a while, but not as long a while as it has been at times. I absolutely want to keep this habit of blogging more regularly going. And not just more regularly but also content that takes a little more effort to put together. Put more of myself into this blog rather than easy outfit posts. And what better opportunity to underline this intention than with an easy outfit post? Ha!

Another one of my resolutions is to not be as hard on myself, so if I don't end up always following through with my intention to be a better blogger: tant pis. Not a big deal. Life is full of challenges and sometimes we meet them, at other times we shy away. Sometimes we have the strength to take everything on, sometimes we don't. And that's just life, not a reason to feel bad about ourselves. One of the biggest lessons I've learned at the ripe old age of 31.

I don't have much to say about the outfit other than that it was mostly inspired by really really wanting to wear my spring/summer dresses but it still being too cold. So I'm wearing my trusty nude tights underneath and layered with this menswear denim jacket. Crossing my fingers and toes for more bare leg weather! I wasn't built for this Belgian climate, man. Oh, and I absolutely love this dress with its delicate buttons and flowy hemline. Makes me want to go on a holiday. Not that I didn't want to go on a holiday before, ha!


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