Wishlist: boho and layering for late summer

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OK guys so let me talk about my latest style obsessions, both of which are totally not a new thing but stuff I have loved forever and have a newfound crush on after my holiday at the Côte d'Azur. I rounded up some of my fav pieces on Shein to demonstrate the aesthetic I'm falling for.

First: relaxed, breazy, romantic/bohemian inspired pieces that will work just as well during those last days of high summer as during early transitional weather, especially if you pair them with some layers (think leather jacket and chelsea boots). Basically every stylish French woman I saw on the streets or on the beach was wearing something along these lines, which made me realize that while I already have a sizable collection of perfect boho dresses, you can never have quite enough. I'm particularly enamored with this baby blue tasselled frock, and this white embroidered ankle length dress. Pair with a straw bag, flats, naturally textured hair and a tan (or some bronzer), and you've got that gorgeous, timelessly feminine French babe vibe. Obviously, I live for this look, as I demonstrated in this outfitpost.

Second: dungaree/jumper/jumpsuit type pieces for layering. I spotted a girl in Grasse looking so effortlessly fab wearing Birkenstocks, a white tank top and that adorable lemon printed H&M trend playsuit, and my love for dungaree type situations was instantly rekindled. To the point where I ordered one of the last pieces online via a friend in the UK, two sizes too big (but on sale!), because even my boyfriend had noticed the girl and said "her outfit is so you". I mean, it was meant to be. Whether you go for a more relaxed/cute look like this raw hem romper, or a more polished look such as this denim overall dress (ugh so sexy), just imagine the fun you'll have layering these with everything from frilly blouses, basic tees and bikinis to rainbow striped cashmere sweaters

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