Outfit: Wrap dress, Rockport pumps

Can someone explain to me why it is so hard to find a wrap dress these days? When and why has this classic, flattering silhouette fallen from grace? If this dress came in a number of different prints and colours, I'd be stocking up because nothing makes me feel more feminine and pretty than this dress. Such a good investment.

business casual outfit: wrap dress, rockport pumps

business casual outfit: wrap dress, polette sunglassesbusiness casual outfit: wrap dress
business casual outfit: wrap dress, daniel wellington watch
business casual outfit: wrap dress, rockport pumps
business casual outfit: wrap dress, rockport pumps
layered necklaces, mixing metals: silver peace sign, gold starfish
business casual outfit: wrap dress, rockport pumps
dress: King Louie via Zalando (still available in red, ignore the super ill fitting picture on the model) - sunglasses: c/o Polette - purse: & Other Stories - watch: c/o Daniel Wellington - rings, peace pendant necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti - starfish necklace: Forever21 - pumps: c/o Rockport

The real focus of this post is this pair of Rockport Total Motion mid pumps. These were sent over for my reviewing purposes, and since I've been sort of trying to branch out in the direction of workwear style, these were just perfect. High quality, versatile and, as it turns out, extremely comfortable thanks to the platform, the sturdy heel, and the supple leather. The most important part is the insole, though: it offers amazing arch support and is supremely cushioned, with shock absorption technology designed by ADIDAS. Did I just hear you gasp? YES, a pump-sneaker hybrid that mixes the best of both worlds: the comfort of the bouncy sneaker, with the leg elongating elegance of pumps. And at 89.90€, the price is very reasonable for the quality you get.

Now, these are not the trendiest pair of heels, and I'm not trying to tell you they are. These are also available with a pointy toe and a finer heel, which is a bit sexier than this pair, but I consciously went for the most comfortable option. Let me guarantee you one thing: sturdy heels are always more comfortable than stilettos, and rounded toeboxes are always more comfortable (and better for your foot health!) than pointy ones. So if you are shopping for a good pair of day to day pumps that won't murder your feet and back, go for something like what I'm showing here.
rockport total motion pumps
serious padding

I still feel the need for a disclaimer, though: even though I hoped this would not be the case, my narrow heeled, flat feet still haven't found a perfect fit. I guess this experience just seals the deal, though: some feet are simply not made to wear strapless pumps, and mine are one (two) of them. The problem is that, unless I use multiple insoles under the balls of my feet, my heels keep slipping out. And if I use insoles, my feet stay put but the front of the shoe becomes too cramped for my toes to be comfortable for longer stretches of time. I have this issue with any type of heel sans straps. Conclusion: these pumps aren't magical, but they're pretty close. If my feet were better at actually staying inside the shoe, I could wear these for hours without pain, so if you CAN wear pumps, these are absolutely worth checking out! Worlds apart from all other heels I've tried in the past, AND they come in half sizes. They're available online, and at Maniet stores.

And I will resign myself to limiting my heel-wearing to strappy shoes and slingbacks. A tough fate, but better than Stannis Baratheon's.

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