Outfit: Silk cheongsam top, skater skirt and graffiti

outfit: mustard silk cheongsam top, skater skirt, motor boots

outfit: mustard silk cheongsam top, skater skirt
outfit: mustard silk cheongsam top, skater skirt, leather satchel
mustard silk cheongsam top, loose curls
outfit: mustard silk cheongsam top, diamanti per tutti rings, daniel wellington watch, dior sunwashed nail polish
outfit: mustard silk cheongsam top, skater skirt, motor boots
skater skirt, motor boots, graffiti backdrop
outfit: mustard silk cheongsam top, skater skirt, motor boots
silk cheongsam top: vintage via Think Twice - skirt: Pimkie - motor boots: Avance Shoes - handbag: & Other Stories - watch: c/o Daniel Wellington - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti - nail polish: Dior Tie Dye in Sunwashed
pics by Nathalie

Nathalie and I snapped these pics like, two months ago, but for some reason I never got around to posting them to my blog, even though I actually really like the outfit and the pictures. Not all of them are perfectly in focus, but the way the styling works with the backdrop makes up for it, if you ask me. I feel like I could be in some back alley in New York, and the outfit makes me feel like some spunky character from an early 2000s teen series. Love it. And this top is something else, man. I felt so lucky when I stumbled upon it in the monthly Think Twice sales and managed to take it home with me for just 3€. 100% silk, a unique colour, a perfect fit: triple whammy! I've always been partial to the cheongsam style, but what do you expect from someone whose formative years took place in the early 2000s? I can swear I remember Cameron Diaz wearing a red cheongsam style top to some event, or maybe even in one of her movie roles. Pair this top with some low slung cargo pants, platform flip flops, baby blue or pink eyeshadow and butterfly hair clips, and you're basically back in 2000. I'd love to find a dress length version of this. Then again, I probably wouldn't wear anything else anymore if I did.

Sometimes I feel like most of our adult style choices are about reclaiming those awkward teen years, reliving the looks you aspired to back then but just couldn't quite rock. I would have been the coolest kid in my high school with this outfit, hair and make up, man. Where's my time machine? Let's just ignore that it would take my classmates all of four seconds before realizing I'm the same weirdo I was back then, but with better hair. Life goalz.

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  1. oooeh echt een leuke combinatie! en die nagellak maakt het wel helemaal af ze