Feminism: real bikini bodies

Let's do a flashback, shall we?  Let this adorable picture do the talking: my baby sis and me, goofing around in a swimsuit (me) and  pajamas + a swimsuit + our older brother's psychedelic swim trunks + socks (my sis). Yeah, my sister has always been the more creative dresser between the two of us. My haircut was better, tho. I came across this picture while sorting through old stuff, and this shot stood out to me because it shows how close we were. Some things never change.

Flash forward  some 18 years later, and we're still adorable, we're still super close, and my sis still dresses like a CRAZYPERSON. But, like, a sexy crazy person. Check us out being fab as fuck in our swimwear, rocking our real girl, no photoshop, no exercise, no diet bodies like it's nobody's business (because your body really is nobody's business).

body diversity: real bikini bodies
on Naomi: swimsuit: Forever21 - sunglasses: C&A 
on me: bikini c/o Banana Moon - shorts: Bershka -sandals: c/o Teva - sunglasses: c/o Polette

bershka shorts, daniel wellington watch, friendship bracelet
body diversity: real bikini bodies
Rose gold Teva sandals
body diversity: real bikini bodies

It may sound superficial as hell, but I ove it when my sis and I take some pics in our swimwear. You can find more of our swimsuit shenanigans here, here and here - we always have fun, and it shows in the pictures. Nothing flatters your swimsuit-clad-bod more than a real smile on your face. And in the end, what are pools and beaches all about? Impressing the other pool/beach-attendees, or having fun and feeling like a careless kid again?

It's not always easy to be careless when you're walking around barely covered by some bits of spandex, though. I'm not going to tell you that it is. It's normal to be a bit self-conscious about how your body looks without all those safe layers of clothing. But I've found that my confidence gets boosted immensely by looking at regular women in swimsuits. I wish more real, regular girls posted unedited bikini pics! That's what I try to contribute to whenever I share bikini pictures: a more honest impression of what bodies can look like. It's a small contribution, but I feel like it's an important one nonetheless. No carefully posed, static shots of models, just women like you and me. Because we all have jiggle, or discolouration, or stretch marks or bloated stomachs because we can't stop raiding the bread basket or whatever. That's what a normal human body looks like, and it's still beautiful and sexy and strong.

OK I'm not strong, I basically have human noodle arms and I frequently ask my 12 year old stepson to open jars for me, but it's a figure of speech, okey. I really liked this article featuring regular women replicating Victoria's Secret swimsuit ads, so go check it out. I also have some examples of real bodies in bikinis on my pinterest, if you're interested. Whatever helps you achieve the body confidence needed to have fun at the beach this summer! Also, remember that those people around you are all self conscious to a certain extent, and probably more worried about how they look than about that muffin top of yours.

Of course, it is nice when you feel like your swimsuit makes you look hot. I won't deny that. I had the chance to pick out a swimsuit at Banana Moon, and I went back and forth between a few options but I'm glad I picked this one. The skirted bottom is adorable, and I love the vibrant floral. Banana Moon just launched a brand spanking new webshop, bikini-shop.be, and you can find my bikini top and bottom by clickety clickin' through.

PS: shooting against the light is a lot more flattering on a sunny day, take my word for it if you ever feel like taking bikini pics. Just compare the pics above with this one, which I'm adding for the sake of total honesty:

I mean I still look good, but the soft, backlit shots just soften the edges and bumps a bit, you see? Knowing a few tricks with regards to lighting and posing will keep you from cringing when you look back at the pictures you took on holiday. I know I always want my holiday snapshots to be just as rosy tinted and perfect as my memories, so keep that in mind when you take pictures to commemorate those golden days in the sun. It's not like some people just magically look good in pictures while others don't, it's about knowing your angles and how to work a camera.


body diversity: real bikini bodies


  1. You both look incredible! Really enjoyed this post, everybody should feel comfortable in swimwear, i for one wish i did. You can see how close you and your sister are in these photos too! Good tip about shooting against the light on a sunny day if in swimwear, maybe i'll try and use that and see if i feel more comfortable!

    Courtney | http://courtzmelv.com

  2. Superfijn om dit te lezen. Volgende week bikinishoppen!

  3. Fantastische post, heel leuk om te lezen. En bedankt voor de tip over backlighting, weer iets bijgeleerd :)

  4. Charlotte CooremanJuly 12, 2015 at 9:47 PM

    Jullie zien er prachtig uit. Echt chic dat jullie het lef hebben om zo te poseren, ik zou het nooit durven.. Daarvoor ben ik gewoon té onzeker.

  5. Hey Charlotte, ik weet zeker dat daar helemaal geen reden voor is :-) je moet maar eens naar een zwembad gaan, of naar de zee, en echt rondkijken naar de diversiteit aan lichamen die je daar ziet lopen. En allemaal perfect in orde, niks om ons voor te schamen!