White Crochet Dress, Gold Geox Wedges

white crochet dress somedays lovin straw hat
white crochet dress somedays lovin geox wedges
white crochet dress somedays lovin
white dress straw box bag
straw hat
white crochet dress somedays lovin geox wedges

white dress with crochet detail: c/o Somedays Lovin via Sojeans - gold wedges: Geox - hat: H&M - box bag: Zara

Last outfit post before leaving for France! I can't wait to take ALL the pictures and eat ALL the things and visit ALL the places. The outfit is definitely something I'd wear on our trip. Comfortable but elegant wedge sandals for an evening on the town, a crisp white dress that airs out my back and the hat to keep my cranium from cooking. Seriously, having almost black hair is no fun when the sun is beaming down. I need to protect my head from the worst heat.

I did well during the sales and steered clear of impulse buys, by the way. I bought three dresses (two from Zara, one from &Other Stories), which was the number one item on my to-buy list, and the above pair of Geox wedges. I already spotted them in the first week of the sales, but I didn't close the deal because they were still 70€ (coming from 100€) and that's kind of a lot for summer shoes in my book. However, I couldn't forget about their perfect fit over the next few weeks, and I just knew I'd wear them all the time since they're basically the more comfortable version of my favourite pair of Wonders heels, which are my go-to fancy shoes. So even though they didn't get marked down any further, I still ended up buying them last week.

My boyfriend was looking super stylish on this particular day, so I couldn't help but snap a pic of his and photoshop a shot of the two of us together like last time. POSTMODERN HYPERREALITY.

couple outfit white summer hawaiian shirt

Don't mind my boyfriend's angry face, that's just his regular visage. Always on the lookout for something to go awry. His shirt was another sales buy at Zara, the perfect classy version of a Hawaiian shirt! I love the open collar and the way it fits him just right.

I'll try to blog during my holiday, but don't be disappointed if I don't!


  1. Wat zijn jullie een stijlvol duo!

  2. So elegant, I like the simple white dress


  3. Leuke outfit! Ik hen ook wedges van Geox.. zaaaalige schoentjes! :)

  4. I hope you have lots of fun on your trip! Can't wait to see all the photos when you come back. And I love this outfit, that dress is so pretty and perfect for summer time. The shoes look cute, too, glad they were a good buy!

  5. Looking cute! Geniet van de vakantie :)

  6. Perfecte vakantie outfit! Jullie zien er alletwee zo stylish uit! Geniet van je reis, en als ik jou was zou ik het bloggen en internet maar even achterwege laten, heb ik de voorbije 2 weken ook gedaan en is echt een verademing! (alhoewel ik nu alweer als een zotte instagram en facebook zit te checken dus zoveel invloed heeft het niet gehad :D)

    btw welk programma gebruik jij om 2 foto's samen te photoshoppen?

  7. Ik vind het wel heel leuk om kleine stukjes vakantie te delen eigenlijk, maar ik weet niet of ik ga bloggen :-D

    Ik gebruik altijd gimp, voor alles! het makkelijkste is om dan een "basis" afbeelding te kiezen waar je het canvas van vergroot (ik neem dan bijv 1 outfitfoto, waarbij ik de breedte van het canvas verdubbel), en dan de tweede ook te openen en met "bewerken" te copy-pasten in het bestand van de "basis" afbeelding die ook nog altijd open staat. Dan sleep je et voila!

  8. Dat kleedje van &otherstories met de open rug is to die for!

  9. Echt wel zalige vakantie outfits allebei!
    Naomi, x