Outfit Plans for France

Uhm, so, I don't know if you've heard or anything, but I'M GOING TO FRANCE WITH MY BOO. For a week. No work, no stress, no cleaning or cooking, no rain, not a care in the world but him and I enjoying each other and the beautiful environment. I'm excited as FUCK, and I've been preparing myself mentally and sartorially for a while now. I mean yeah, I have more than enough clothes already, but having a big thing coming up like a wedding, a work event or a holiday can be quite inspiring. To me, thinking up outfits for future important occasions is like pre-drinking or getting ready with your girlfriends before a night out: almost more fun than the actual event.

ANYHOO, I found a lot of cute things on Sheinside last time I put together a wishlist, so I thought I'd check them out again. Here ya go!

sunflower dress floral midi skirt white converse

And just because I'm enjoying myself so much, this is where I'd wear these outfits.

sunflower dress bed and breakfast france

Airy cotton dresses in sunny prints are literally THE best thing to wear when you're chilling in a beautiful garden in the south of France. The colour blocked espadrille wedges were just too cute to pass up on.

floral skirt off shoulder blouse van gogh

Obviously I want to enjoy the romance of walking under a starlit sky holding hands with my boyfriend, on our way to a delicious dinner at some cute bistro. Off the shoulder tops and full skirts always remind me of French icon Brigitte Bardot, so this was a no brainer.

crop top denim shorts converse ardeche

When you go road trippin' in France to take in all the prettiness, comfort is my number one concern. Shorts are like, my favourite garment (if it were possible I would wear a sports bra and shorts every day of my life), and every single piece here is comfortable but the combination still looks very cute. Tourist chic!

Source of mood-setting pics: 1//2//3

I only have a week of work to go before we leave. I'M SO READY YO. Feeling inspired yet?


  1. I need that skirt in my life. Like, yesterday.

  2. Jaaaaa de tweede outfit is een dikke yessssh!

  3. I wouldn't say no to the sunflower dress, so pretty!

  4. And already on its way to me! God, I'm so weak, especially when it comes to cheap stuff + no shipping costs... Oops! :p

  5. The second one would make a killer look!! Enjoy, babez! Totes deserve it.

  6. oh hope it's nice in real life!

  7. That second look is fabulous but how long does it actually take to deliver to Blegium?


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  9. in my experience it takes two to three weeks max!

  10. Heel veel plezier op reis! Het toeval wil dat ik nét nog een Sheinside-koopje heb gedaan. Oeps!

  11. Oh zo leuk gedaan met die plaatsen! :)

    Naomi, x