Hawaiian Floral Dress, Lucite Heels and Heritage

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white purse emmy wieleman hawaiian print dress
brunette loose curls hairdo
hawaiian print retro dress pointy toe pumps
zinda shoes lucite heels
trenchcoat zinda shoes lucite heels hawaiian print

Man, if you get as much rain as we have been getting the past week or so, it can get quite challenging to find any opportunity to take outfit pictures. We actually drove all the way to our local train station (like, FIVE MINUTES you guyz) to take pictures underneath the bicycle storage facility thingy since that was basically the only dry spot in my entire town. I felt a bit ridiculous asking my boyfriend to drive me somewhere dry for outfit pictures, but I've been taking very little pictures the past few months anyway. I don't feel like I ask too much of him when I do. Sometimes I wonder how long this blog thing will last for me, but right now I'm just enjoying it for what it is: something light and fun and pretty I enjoy creating that I can take a break from whenever I want. I would definitely miss my blog if I stopped, so you don't have to worry about that happening anytime soon.

I look so ladylike today! I've probably said this at least twenty times in one way or another on this blog, but summertime -> feminine style for me. It's like the summer brings out my inner Mediterranean babe. I mean, I'm officially Dutch and all, but my great-grandfather was unknown and family legend says he was the Jewish doctor my great-grandmother worked for as a maid, so I supposedly have some Mediterranean blood in my lineage somewhere. Which you definitely see if you look at me and my siblings.

ANYWAY, long story short: yeay dresses and heels!

Do you have any family secrets you'd like to spill? :-D


  1. Dit jurkje is ZO mooi en het staat je geweldig. Topoutfitje, en ook gewoon helemaal mijn ding. En dit weer is vervelend he? Maar onze lieven steunen onze blogs duidelijk: de mijne ging gisteren zelfs in de miezerregen staan voor foto's, haha! xo

  2. Super mooie jurk! Staat jou prachtig!

    Kisses Ellen

  3. Supermooi kleedje! Was het nu maar even mooi weer om zo'n zomerse dingen te dragen :( en handig dat je lief nog foto's neemt (af en toe toch ;)), ik moet altijd mijn zus (die meestal "ECHT geen zin" heeft) of mijn moeder ("van zo'n outfit neem ik geen foto's ze, doe eens iets deftigs aan") vragen, fun times! :D

  4. Je ziet er idd very ladylike uit :) ik heb een beetje hetzelfde gevoel over mijn blog, maar ik zou er momenteel ook echt nog niet mee willen stoppen <3

  5. haha die opmerking van uw ma klinkt bekend :D "das toch niet speciaal, moet ik dat nu fotograferen", HUMPF

  6. wow echt een mooie, classy look

  7. ooh ben verliefd op je schoenen xx



  8. Wauw, super outfit! Staat je heel goed!!!

  9. This dress is so super pretty on you! I love the summery colors and how perfectly it fits you. That trench coat is wonderful paired with it. I know what you mean about doing ridiculous things for blog pictures though. I had a plastic bag around my camera to take pictures while it was snowing one time. It's fun though!

  10. Damn, gurl! Looking swell <3
    Volgens mij krijgen veel bloggers de 'blogging blues', ik toch zeker.