Television 2.0: Rex en Rio Review na 4 maanden

Today's post about a Flemish digital television on demand formula by Telenet is only relevant to my Belgian readers, so I'll be continuing in Dutch, sorry!

Nu ik mijn eerste vier maanden met de nieuwe Telenet formule Rex en Rio heb gespendeerd, dacht ik dat het wellicht interessant zou zijn om mijn indrukken tot nu toe met jullie te delen. Mijn eerste review kan je hier lezen.

Op vlak van de opmerkingen die ik eerder had is er weinig veranderd: het voornaamste minpunt is nog steeds het feit dat de prijs voor ons Prime pakket omhoog is gegaan. Waar wij eerder een Prime Film + Sporting Telenet abonnement hadden voor 35,60€, betaal je voor Rio + Sporting Telenet 51,60€. Dat vind ik een zeer sterke prijsstijging die niet volledig goed gemaakt wordt door de voordelen die daar tegenover worden gesteld door Rio.

Het flauwe is dat de prijsstijging eigenlijk eerder komt door Sporting Telenet. Ik bedoel maar, 26,95€ per maand om een paar VOETBALMATCHES te kunnen zien? Dan vind ik 24,95€/maand voor Rio eigenlijk wel een schappelijke prijs, als ik even terugdenk aan hoeveel ik er de laatste periode gebruik van heb gemaakt. Idealiter wordt de combo-optie dus gewoon weer voordeliger, zoals eerder het geval was.

Like ugh Sporting Telenet GTFO

De voornaamste voordelen van Rio zijn vooral het gemak, en het aanbod. Ik ben persoonlijk niet echt ervaren in de courante praktijk van het (illegaal) downloaden van series, en algemeen spreekt dat idee me ook niet zo aan: het is meer gedoe om te moeten zoeken naar de juiste versie - liefst met ondertitels voor mijn vriend - en ik kijk duizend keer liever naar mijn fancy ass 49inch televisiescherm dan naar mijn prullig klein laptopscherm. Dat trouwens heel slecht geluid heeft.

Om even een scenario te schetsen dat de laatste maanden een aantal keer is voorgekomen: ik lees ergens online een verwijzing naar een sterke serie die me meteen aanspreekt. Ik denk "hey, zou die al op Rex en Rio staan?" en yes, daar heb je 'em. Zo heb ik onder andere Top of the Lake (Nieuw-Zeelandse, feministische, Twin Peaks achtige detectieve serie met Peggy van Mad Men: mega aanrader) en Vikings (sfeervolle, historical/fantasy dramareeks met Lagertha aka een van de coolste chicks op tv OOIT) ge-binge-watched. Absoluut heerlijk als je na een lange dag werken gewoon in de zetel wil ploffen en nul extra effort wilt maken.

Lagertha heeft ook echt fantastische kapsels. Move over Daenerys.

In short: ik zie ons in de toekomst eerder Sporting Telenet opzeggen dan Rio. Wat mijn vriend daarvan denkt moet je hem maar vragen.

Pineapple Dress and Sam Edelman Pop Up Shop

outfit pineapple print dress
yellow kipling city bagwhite zign sandalsoutfit pineapple print dress
outfit pineapple print dress

dress: Yumi via - sandals: Zign via Zalando - blazer: Object - purse: Kipling City bag in Sulfur

pictures by the uber talented Maya

A beautiful 23°C day in april was the perfect occasion to break out this beautiful pineapple printed dress again. I dressed it up a bit with the cream coloured blazer, but since I work in a casual office I could luckily stick with my favourite new shoes, these Zign sandals. I am so glad I invested in a pair of comfortable sandals, makes me feel like a proper grown up. And these are SO worth the money.

I wore this outfit for work, and then afterwards to visit the launch of Sam Edelman's pop up shop at Monar in Antwerp. I attended a launch event and took the opportunity to browse beautiful shoes, have a drink (after office drinks are and socialize with my blog buddies whom I hadn't seen in AGES. Sam Edelman first caught my eye when he designed those mega trendy studded loafers a few years ago, and I never really forgot about the brand. Sure enough, the SS14 collection is just as lovely as you'd imagine, halfway between elegant and edgy. I would wear all of these in a heartbeat! Especially those nude pumps, perfect heel height.

Like what you see? You can go check out the pop up store at the Everdijstraat 35 - 2000 Antwerp in a beautiful old building, definitely worth checking out.

PS this is me and le boyf at the event being our usual ridiculous selves. I was totally getting my wink on that evening. SUCH AN ORIGINAL POSE. We also totally look as if we've dressed for totally different seasons, but my boyfriend complained about sweating his ass off so I was right. Again.

With Kim and Afrodite

As you can see I've been very busy during my blog absence. What have you been up to this past weekend?

Shearling Biker Coat, Cable Knit, Nike Air Vortex

outfit shearling biker coat nike
outfit shearling biker coat nike
outfit shearling biker coat nikeoutfit shearling biker coat nike
outfit shearling biker coat nike

Shearling biker coat: Oasap - skinnies: G-star - cable knit sweater: New Look - sneakers: Nike Air Vortex

Since the weather has been so ridiculously gorgeous for April, I guess I might as well hurry up and post the last bits of winter outfits that are collecting dust in my laptop folders. I had postponed this outfit because frankly, I look exhausted and as if I'm coming down with a cold. A freezing wind was blowing when we shot these, and you can totally tell. But I still think this glorious coat deserves a final feature before being put away for the rest of the year. And this sort of casual outfit is very much exactly what I default to whenever I feel like the outside world is just too much to deal with in the morning. A warm, comfortable barrier between me and any kind of annoyance.

PS! Just as a reminder: I'm cleaning out my closet and selling a bunch of beautiful items: lots of shoes from Converse, Dr. Martens, Steve Madden, Zara among others, dresses, tops, light sweaters and maybe some accessories as well! Not via an online webshop, but in real life, next Saturday (26th of april), in Antwerp. You can check out the details (and press "attend") here. Shoes will be size 38 or 39, garments will be anywhere from size EU34 to EU38 and everything will be very cheap and hardly worn. Come over!

7 Questions with Diamanti Per Tutti: Leen

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing a chat with you that I had with Leen, the lady behind LenaLena est là and the little hat bible Chapeau. When I got an email from my former boss Stéphanie to ask whether I would be willing to participate in a round of short interviews, from one blogging Diamanti Per Tutti lover to the next (and you know I am), I was like "HELL YEAH GIRL and also can I interview Leen again plz?" 

Leen is an all around awesome person. You see, we actually met when I was writing my master's dissertation on Lady Gaga, she was one of the respondents I interviewed. I met so many amazing people when I was writing my thesis and I could never forget Leen, her spark and her honesty. Also, her marvellous style. I remember walking up to meet her before the interview for my thesis, and she was standing just outside our university's library in a ray of sunshine wearing a yellow maxi skirt and a vibrant headscarf. What's even more special is that she wore those items without seeming like she made an effort to dress up. You can imagine what an impression she made on me. Hopefully the same impression she will make on you when you see the pictures I snapped for our interview.

Radiant, right? Now, sadly, the interview was supposed to be short and snappy - one or two sentences per answer for every question. So our talk was short, but sweet. Read on to learn a little bit about Leen, but for more you can obviously click through to her blog!


What gives you confidence?

It might seem superficial but my clothes give me confidence. I’m quite shy around new people so my clothes are a way of communicating without having to talk.
Is there anything you'd tell your younger self if you could go back in time?

I’d say: TAKE UP BALLET! Because there’s no such thing as a clumsy ballerina.
Life motto?

I love and believe in this French saying: il faut parfois reculer pour mieux sauter (sometimes you have to take a few steps back to jump higher/further).
What would you hope to achieve in life?

The only thing I want is to one day be a healthy, happy and eccentric grandmother.
What was the last time you cried of happiness?

I cry so easily it’s embarassing. The last time was when my grandfather was looking so lovingly at his first great grandchild Marie.
Have you had a life defining experience?

When I realised how powerful our thoughts are. I really believe that thinking positive creates a good life.
Favourite Spice Girl + why ;-)

GERI! She’s the reason I dyed my hair ginger at age fourteen.



Leen is wearing the Geometrics bracelet

We're drawing a circle of interviews starting with Nathalie interviewing Patricia interviewing me interviewing Leen interviewing Ruth. Check out the other blogs to read the other interview, including mine for Patricia.

Silk Blouse, Velvet Trousers, Nike Roshe Runs

outfit nike roshe run
outfit nike roshe runoutfit nike roshe run
outfit nike roshe run

Blouse: H&M - velvet trousers, necklace: Oasap - sneakers: Nike Roshe Runs

The particular silhouette of trousers I'm wearing today has been my most recent obsession. I know, it's sort of like an unholy combination of grandpa trousers and harem pants, and I wouldn't roll my eyes at you for finding these ugly and unflattering as hell, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Apparently, my heart wants highwaisted peg leg trousers. The next step after the jogging pants trend, in a way! But these are way more work-appropriate. Also, this velvet is softer than a baby's bottom.

So, after a blissfully long Easter weekend we're dropping back down to earth, off to work we go. Long weekends have two important upsides: the weekend is longer, and the following work week is shorter. Yeay!

By the way, just a tip: viscose is a great fabric for light peg leg trousers such as the ones I'm wearing here. I have a pair in viscose which I wear, like, every other day during the week. Fabric is SO important when it comes to having a garment fit just right.

Peace out!

Blazer, Boyfriend Jeans, Puma Sneakers

outfit boyfriend jeans puma suede
outfit boyfriend jeans puma suedeoutfit boyfriend jeans puma suede
outfit boyfriend jeans puma suede
outfit boyfriend jeans puma suede
outfit boyfriend jeans puma suede

blazer: Mango - top: ASOS - boyfriend jeans: DIY - Puma trainers: c/o - necklace: Selected

Again, these jeans. Told you I wear them all the time! I just can't deal with tights or tight pants anymore these days, my legs yearn for air and freedom. And they look so cool with these skater-style suede Pumas! Since the bottom half of this outfit is ultra casual, I pulled the look a bit more together with the white blazer which is actually part of a pantsuit which I've had for years just in case I'd need a suit. I have a ridiculous fixation on dressing just right depending on the occasion. I'm an annoying perfectionist in general, so I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm prepared for some possible scenario that might happen somewhere in the near or distant future.

See my fake mandala tattoo? That's sort of the placement I'd get with my real tattoo, just below my shoulder so it just peeks out from sleeveless tops. This one rubbed off after a night of sleep sadly, since I really like how it looked.

My night at The Voice as super fun, by the way! It's a unique experience to be present for the recording of a live tv-show. Btw I did NOT get a moment in the spotlight, I was left well alone the entire time. I was absolutely relieved if I'm perfectly honest. As much as I am perfectly fine with having my picture taken, in the end I'm way too much of a control freak to enjoy being filmed by anyone and not having the final cut.

BY THE WAY! I'm cleaning out my closet and selling a bunch of beautiful items: lots of shoes from Converse, Dr. Martens, Steve Madden, Zara among others, dresses, tops, light sweaters and maybe some accessories as well! Not via an online webshop, but in real life, next Saturday (26th of april), in Antwerp. You can check out the details (and press "attend") here. Shoes will be size 38 or 39, garments will be anywhere from size EU34 to EU38 and everything will be very cheap and hardly worn. Come over!

Black Fluffy Sweater and Motor Vest

sweater, skinny jeans: H&M - motorcycle vest: Forever21 - patent chelsea boots: Zara - watch: Zadig&Voltaire

Yep, that's my stomach you see there in the first pic. I don't know about you, but as a child of the late 90s/early 00s I feel like the whole bare tummy look has been gone LONG ENOUGH. And when I wear a cropped sweater, it just seems like we're somewhat closer to warmer weather even though our short period of spring bliss has come and gone by now. We're back to 13°C, not nearly warm enough for bare legs (boo). I could JUST about manage the tiny sliver of stomach though.

BTW exciting news!! If you watch the Flemish version of The Voice, you'll probably spot me on your TV tomorrow. Now don't get too excited, I'm not competing, but I was asked to occupy the "tweet seat" for the night because of my social media presence. I will probably be asked something at some point, so cross your fingers I don't say something really stupid/get crippled by nerves. I love the show, and I'm taking my sis with me so I'm sure we'll have a great night even if I do make a complete fool of myself. Besides, I'm going to spend some time getting ready, wearing a perfectly thought out outfit with fancy hair and make up so at least I'll go down in style.

Do you have any Friday night plans?

Spring Wishlist

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing some wishlist material with you. The garments are all from The reason why I've used so much stuff from that website is because I've noticed that after a few years of many Asian webshops being ridiculously overpriced (like, 60$ for a flimsy polyester dress), stores like Sheinside and Oasap are finally reworking their policy by selling stuff for what it's actually worth. None of these garments cost more than 24€/34$ and most of it is 18€/24$. Also, because those stores have SO MUCH TO OFFER. It can be quite daunting to sort through all of the pages of clothes and still keep a bit of an overview on the items that are actually worth it. So I've done the work for you!

I had some fun with the outfits, because I sort of want to stop wearing so much black once the weather gets warmer. Bring on the florals and the pinks yo! And seriously, that grumpy cat sweatshirt is basically perfect in every way. In general, Asian webshops are perfect for finding statement/trendy items, but I wouldn't recommend them for basics. Simply because 99% of their offering has some kind of print or fancy detail. And also because your basics should fit you to perfection, so I wouldn't recommend buying basics online.

Anyway, without further ado, some fun Spring outfits.

1. blue shirt
2. floral sweatshirt
3. grumpy cat sweatshirt
4. cropped palm print blouse
5. floral miniskirt
6. peplum hem neoprene skirt
7. denim circle skirt
8. maxi skirt with slit
9. white cut-out brogues
10. black kitten heels
12. Nike Air Max
13. leather sandals

Which of these outfits is your favourite? I'd seriously wear all of them. The first and second for work, the third for some 80's babysitter's club style chilling, and the last for a day off or a casual date night. Also, shipping-wise I've only had positive experiences with Sheinside. Oasap is usually OK, but my last order from them hasn't been shipped yet even though I ordered a few weeks ago, so I can't say that I'm 100% positive about them. DO check the provided measurements very carefully before ordering though, because Asian sizes can be tiny.

Have you ever ordered from an Asian webshop? Any experiences to share?

Orange and Leopard Slip Ons

outfit COS dress leopard slip ons
outfit COS dress leopard slip ons
outfit COS dress leopard slip ons
outfit COS dress leopard slip onsoutfit COS dress leopard slip ons

dress: COS - slip ons: H&M - watch: Zadig&Voltaire - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti - necklace: Selected

Outfit time! Again, the slip ons (see me wearing them in other outfits here and here), and my favourite tomato orange COS dress. Two statement pieces that make each other better by being worn together. 

Year in year out, I keep returning to comfortable flats with skirts and dresses as one of my favourite looks. What can I say, I'm just not a heels kind of girl. They look awesome, but I will never understand how people manage wearing them an entire day while going about their business, commuting to work, running up stairs etc etc. 

Whenever you see working women on television, most of them are wearing some rendition of a (skirt) suit with some 10cm high heels. Now tell me, do you actually know any working women who dress like that? I mean, there obviously are some out there, but the overwhelming majority of female colleagues at all of the different places I've worked at throughout my life simply wore flats. Get with it, TV! Women wear flats!

Now, these shoes are probably a bit too casual for a more conservative office, but I am fully convinced it is possible to find cute and professional flats to go with your dresses and skirts for any type of work environment. Here are some options I found for you.

clockwise starting top left: 22.46€ // 45.95€ // 49.16€ // 79.95€ // 89.95€ // 70.23€ 

I stuck with black because black is the perfect basic, but these would work just as well in a punchy colour or a neutral such as navy or tan. Now, go and prove to the world that a woman can look chique and sophisticated without wearing heels!

Tattoo Trouble

tattoo watercolor flower dotwork

Source: pinterest

So, I guess you have a clue what today's post is about. Ink. Tattoos. I've been thinking about getting a permanent drawing on my skin for quite some time now, but the past few months things have been getting more concrete. I have been googling artists, styles and inspirations regarding placement. Right now, I'm pretty sure I want a medium sized (like 10x15 cm) tattoo just below my shoulder, so it can peek out from sleeveless tops. With regards to the drawing, I want something pretty, aesthetically. Purely ornamental. Flowers, most likely. 

The only things I'm still in doubt about is the style, and the artist. Obviously those two are tied together. I know I don't like thick black lines or a retro tattoo style, and I don't like anything cartoonish, overly frilly or fanciful either. But how would you describe the style of the pictures I featured above? Minimalism? I know the colour effect is called watercolour, but I have no idea how to find an artist that would be able to create something in the style I like. Right now I'm leaning towards black and white, perhaps to add colour in the future.

Anyway, if anyone has any tattoo artists to recommend or tips for me to find one that would suit my needs: THANKS SO MUCH!

EDIT: I now know 100% what I want. I want this exact drawing. I'm open for a different flower, but apart from that I absolutely in love with the pointillist style and the small hint of colour. Now all I need is to find the right artist and book an appointment! Tips very much welcome!

tattoo inspiration lily dotwork

Grecian Grey with Turquoise Accents

outfit strappy sandals
outfit strappy sandals
outfit strappy sandals
outfit strappy sandals
outfit strappy sandals

Dress: Only 15€! c/o Sheinside - sandals, turquoise necklace: H&M - nailpolish: Bourjois 1 second

If there is one garment I will probably always and forever be drawn to, it is simple, comfortable dresses. I don't wear them as often as I used to, as I have discovered the charm of separates (OK and I have become a bit less lazy). I find that separates work better to express your style since you can create more looks with a couple of pieces than you might think. But for those days when it's warm enough for bare legs and you really don't care about impressing anyone, dresses are just perfect. Sometimes I don't care for showing off my legs or my waist, sometimes I just want to wear one simple piece and chillax. The dress I'm wearing here is still quite flattering, but lord knows I love me some sack dresses.

I know I've talked about my love for easy dressing ad nauseam before (sorry!) but it really is my main style philosophy, especially since starting to work full-time. As much as I used to enjoy putting together cute outfits on all of my free days in the past, these days I feel so very accomplished if I just grab one of my go-to pieces or combinations, glance in the mirror to ascertain I like my look, grab my lunch for the day and run out the door. Proper adult style. I see myself adding this dress to my repertoire, styling it with ballet flats, sandals, sneakers or heels depending on the occasion. 

I wore it with my braided sandals which I think are entering their fifth year of service now. Which is insane, since I paid 10€ for them at H&M. Whenever I wear these sandals with a dress, I feel a tiny bit like a Grecian goddess. The turquoie necklace seemed to fit that vibe nicely. Dresses with high necklines and plain fabric are perfect to wear with statement necklaces or pretty belts, a very nice blank canvas. And since this one only costs 15€, you're sure to get your money's worth out of it.

How would you have styled this dress?