PVC Leggings, Converse and Roll Neck Knit

PVC leggings: ASOS - roll neck knit sweater: New Look - sneakers: Converse

I told you I was crushing hard on these PVC ASOS leggings that are marked down to just about 11€, and I allowed myself a bit of craziness for that price. I used to own a pair of PVC trousers when I was about 16-17 (aka the wild yearz) and I loved every bit of their uncomfortable, sweaty, squeaky glory. Unfortunately I grew out of my trousers as they were already bordering on too small when I got them, and then I started on the birth control pill (told you it was the wild yearz) and bam, I suddenly got an ass so the trousers went out the window. But now I have a replacement! I'm not going to say there's a lot of place for my badunkadunk in these, but they stretch and PVC is supposed to be skin tight. 
I think the leggings look super awesome in a very casual outfit like the one I'm wearing here. I've been wearing this sweater alllll the time btw, I'm really into the turtle neck look for some reason after hating it for years.

SO, quick life update: I had a course in web design today which was pretty cool, and later this week I'll start conducting surveys in schools for my PhD which I'm both excited and anxious about. I even bought one of those fancy trolley backpacks to wheel my batch of surveys around town so I feel super duper professional. Wish me luck!

Would you ever wear PVC leggings? Or are you well out of your wild years?


  1. Yesssss to this outfit. I love the red Converse with pink lips, I would be scared to do that but it's awesome.
    Good luck on your surveys! That's awesome =]


  2. thank you! and the converse are a pink leaning burgundy so that makes it easier :)

  3. I like it a lot!;)))))
    Also, your lipstick looks gorgeous! Would you mind telling me which one is that?
    One more thing, your blog is very interesting, i really enjoy it!:)))

  4. Not a fan of PVC, leather lover for life!
    And good luck!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  5. thank you! the lipstick is Bourjois Paris colorsensational in 902 Fuchsia Flash, it's the brightest lipstick I've ever owned and I love it to bits.

  6. les jambières te vont bien, tu es bien habillée

  7. I like the sweater, it looks like it's been through a lot of loving.

  8. Thanks a lot Annebeth! Will def have a look at this lipstick!
    It does suit you very much!
    Best wishes from Holland!

  9. thank you! I want it in brazen berry as well :D

  10. Haha! Right! We always need more lipsticks!:))))

  11. Pvc forevah! Ik zou ze ook nog durven bestellen :)


  12. Oh! those leggings are haunting me! Already promised myself I won’t give in, because I don’t know if I’d dare to use them… but they DO look great and you seem so happy in them :-) I’d probably just look at my legs all the time and then feel silly :-D But are they comfortable really? How does the material feel to touch?

  13. Prachtige look! Echt een zalig effect met die broek. Luuuuuv!

  14. I'm sorry I'm only seeing this comment now! you're probably not interested anymore, but I'd say the material feels like pvc (very smooth) an comfort-wise, they are not stretchy enough to stay on my butt :-D Like, by moving around they are pulled down, which is a bit annoying! but they look so cool :(