NYE pt.2: The Party

I hope you forgive me for spreading the content over two different posts (outfit and actual party) but like I said, the post would just have been too long. And I had to both share my outfit (as this is a style blog) AND chronicle the silliness that went down on NYE because I want to remember the night for ever and ever. Without further ado, my NYE night in with friends.

First, my sister and Greet came over early to all prep together, which was fun like getting ready together always is. Talking, joking, curling each other's hair, sharing make up tips: it's like in the movies, but better.

End result: COWABUNGA

Then the rest of the guests arrived, and we moved over to the couch to enjoy some prosecco and appetizers (French cheeses, smoked fish and crackers, yummm). Also, couple photo op time!

And look at how handsome my boyfriend looks! I love that he loves dressing up as much as I do.

After some soup, it was time for our main course! Truffle stuffed turkey, potato gratin and brussels sprouts + celeriac with mushroom sauce. Yum.

After that, it was time for some fun and games aka GUITAR HERO TIME. Greet is amazing at that shit, she nails Knights of Cydonia on HARD. Not that good at it: Ruud, who is an actual real guitar player. HA HA

AND THEN IT WAS NEW YEAR: cue champagne, oliebollen, beignets, watching ABBA footage on tv, goofing out and lots of hugs and kisses!

YEAY! It was a grrrrreat party. What did you do for new year's eve? I hope oliebollen or other greasy snacks were involved. How hammered did you get? I only got medium hammered.


  1. Medium hammered, but I still felt awful the next day *sigh* I'm getting old! The party looks amazing, and the food absolutely delicious!

  2. Bedankt voor de fabulous avond betsy, (entkleedje)

  3. Superleuke foto's! Zag er een leuk feestje uit ;)

  4. I wore the same dress on NYE as your sister. ^^
    Btw. is there no Firework-Action on NYE in Belgium? Or do you guys just don't like it?

    Good Morning btw. :D I'm over and out with spamming for today ;)