New In: High Heels

So! Quick round up of some shoes that have wandered into my wardrobe over the past month. I know I've been pimping these holographic platform boots all over the place (1 2 3), but they really are super awesome so I'm just showing them the praise they deserve. They go with everything because they are literally every colour, like a rainbow! THANK YOU BOOHOO 10/10

Second pair: the gold ASOS wedges. I got them for 35€ in the sales because I love platforms (party appropriate height without the pain!) and everything that's shiny, buuuuut I'm sort of almost regretting my purchase because the straps that go over my toes are a bit tight and chafe my skin. I did purchase some moleskin padding to protect my toes which I think will eliminate the problem altogether, but it made me curse online shopping again. It's impossibly expensive to send anything back to ASOS from Belgium so you're pretty much stuck with what you get. In short, they are totally fab and the heel is very comfortable, but I'm a bit miffed about the fit: 6/10.

Third pair: black leather T-strap peeptoes from Wonders. As they are now, the toe-opening is a bit tight but they are real leather so they'll stretch to fit my feet to perfection. I always wish I could wear a pair of classic pumps all the time because it looks so incredibly chic, but I have skinny heels and the back of my feet always slips out while walking, so I always have to go with straps. Straps make pumps a bit more retro, but a pair as basic as these goes great with all kinds of outfits. 9/10.

I've been veering towards heeled footwear lately. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a creature of comfort, but heels just make me feel so professional. I get a total confidence boost out of wearing heels, like I'm just a bit more mature and accomplished than I really am. As long as I don't have to walk too much during the day, I'm riding that high.

Which are your favourites? Have you picked up any shoes during the sales this month? PS HAPPY WEEKEND!


  1. Smalle hielen, ik heb hetzelfde probleem. Als geluk bij ongeluk zwellen mijn voeten vrij snel op als ik pumps draag dus dat zorgt wel voor een beetje houvast. Met nylon's aan moet ik meestal een zool innen schoenen leggen om ze iets af wat azn te kunnen houden :D

    Ik vind de zwarte het leukst, helemaal mijn ding!

    X Sara

  2. Mooie shoes! Die gouden sandaaltjes zijn bjoetiful!

  3. I just love your holographic boots! They're so so cool. Boohoo really has great shoes. Three of my favorite pairs of boots are from there - and they're all comfy too!

  4. Totally understand what you mean! ALs je hakken draagt voel je je automatisch eleganter, volwassener,… je loopt ook veel mooier! Ik ben vooral fan van de 3de, zo elegant en met zo een vintage feeling! LEUK!

  5. Oooh de boots zijn toch wel mijn favoriet hoor! Niiiiiice!

  6. I need me some Moleskin, stat! What een beauties heb je aan je collectie toegevoegd ;)
    Naomi, x

  7. I have the same problem with narrow heels, and always have to wear heels with some sort of strap or I can't keep them on!