70percentpure x Diamanti Per Tutti

You might know I interned for Stéphanie Duval back in my third year at uni. It was a summer I'll always remember as disappointing weather-wise, but incredibly stimulating work-wise. Since then, Steph and me have bonded over our shared popular cultural interests and stayed in touch thanks to our addiction to social media. And here we are, two and a half years later. Me graduated and working on a PhD, her married to the love of her life and killing it in the career department (what else is new). I think she's the absolute awesomest, in case you hadn't noticed.

Stéphanie's latest conquest? Designing a completely gorgeous jewelry collection for another shared love of ours: Diamanti Per Tutti. The brand that designed the one piece I wear every single day, this ring my boyfriend bought me for my 26th birthday (and our almost 10th anniversary which we celebrate this spring). You've probably noticed it before, but here is a picture as a reminder.

I've been wearing my circle of life ring every day, and it's become a piece of me to the extent that I miss it when it's not on my left ring finger. But less about me! Here are my favourite pieces from the 70percentpure collection.

The pieces are equal parts fanciful and minimalist, hipster geometry as well as timeless play of lines depending on how you look at it. Just look at these amazing pics of Stéphanie getting her babe on if you're not convinced yet.

NG that styling, so perf. And now that I see that last pic, I'm also head over heels with the Himmeli necklace

I can't wait to see what this boss-lady (inside joke) will come up with next: she's a dreamer, a thinker ánd a do-er so I'm pretty sure this won't be her crowning moment of awesome just yet.

Do you have any girl crushes slash idols? And what is your favourite piece of the 70percentpure collection?


  1. Ik heb ook een kleine girl crush op Stéphanie! Ik ben haar ooit tegengekomen maar ik durfde niets gaan zeggen, ik was helemaal mijn kluts kwijt! Oeps ;) Echt een heel inspirerend persoon :)

  2. Gorgeous, I love all the pieces!

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  3. Prachtige stuks én foto's, ik snap de adoratie compleet :)
    Naomi, x

  4. Echt een prachtige collectie! Ik zou elk item willen ;)

  5. Mooie collectie! Ze heeft echt iets 'apart' ontworpen zonder haar eigen, minimalistische stijl te verwaarlozen. De mooiste collaboratie die DPT al aan is gegaan, eerlijk gezegd. En amai, Stephanie en jij zouden wel zusjes kunnen zijn! Da's uiteraard een compliment in beide richtingen :-)

  6. Ik wil zo graag het hartje. Ik draag normaal geen hartjes ofzo maar dit is gewoon geweldig! Ik vind Stephanie echt ook geweldig..

  7. Ik ben ook echt grote fan! Heb de geometrics armband cadeau gekregen voor nieuwjaar :D en Stephanie is echt zo'n grote inspiratie op carrière vlak :D