New In: High Heels

So! Quick round up of some shoes that have wandered into my wardrobe over the past month. I know I've been pimping these holographic platform boots all over the place (1 2 3), but they really are super awesome so I'm just showing them the praise they deserve. They go with everything because they are literally every colour, like a rainbow! THANK YOU BOOHOO 10/10

Second pair: the gold ASOS wedges. I got them for 35€ in the sales because I love platforms (party appropriate height without the pain!) and everything that's shiny, buuuuut I'm sort of almost regretting my purchase because the straps that go over my toes are a bit tight and chafe my skin. I did purchase some moleskin padding to protect my toes which I think will eliminate the problem altogether, but it made me curse online shopping again. It's impossibly expensive to send anything back to ASOS from Belgium so you're pretty much stuck with what you get. In short, they are totally fab and the heel is very comfortable, but I'm a bit miffed about the fit: 6/10.

Third pair: black leather T-strap peeptoes from Wonders. As they are now, the toe-opening is a bit tight but they are real leather so they'll stretch to fit my feet to perfection. I always wish I could wear a pair of classic pumps all the time because it looks so incredibly chic, but I have skinny heels and the back of my feet always slips out while walking, so I always have to go with straps. Straps make pumps a bit more retro, but a pair as basic as these goes great with all kinds of outfits. 9/10.

I've been veering towards heeled footwear lately. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a creature of comfort, but heels just make me feel so professional. I get a total confidence boost out of wearing heels, like I'm just a bit more mature and accomplished than I really am. As long as I don't have to walk too much during the day, I'm riding that high.

Which are your favourites? Have you picked up any shoes during the sales this month? PS HAPPY WEEKEND!

Fluffy Sweater, Sequined Leggings

Fluffy sweater: Forever21 - sequined leggings, holographic platform boots: c/o Boohoo - necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti

Sequined pants, am I right? I'm probably not the only one who has been pinning images like the ones below, dreaming of a life where wearing sequined pants is totally NBD.

Sources clockwise from top left: Barefootblonde // Pinterest // The Man Repeller // How to Chic

I tried to make the leggings as wearable as possible and I think I succeeded pretty much. If it would have been a little less cold, I'd have styled them with Converse and bare ankles which would also have been a totally cool look, don't you think? I'm totally going to wear these to work some day. A life where sequined pants are NBD? YES WE CAN!

PRO TIP: you love the fancy look of sequined trousers, but the only sequined bottom that's in your price range is leggings? Wear them OVER another pair of leggings: the flimsy fabric of the sequined leggings will appear less clingy, thicker, heavier and thus more expensive and more like trousers. Which is what I was doing here, by the way. Added bonus is that you'll stay warm if you layer leggings! Because yes, winter seems to finally have reached Belgium. Boo. Also, the second pair of leggings shields your legs from the itchy scratchy feeling of sequins which you're bound to experience. PS the leggings are also available in gold and black, AND marked down right now.

Sequined leggings or pants: something you'd wear?

Shearling Biker Coat, Nike Air Vortex

coat: Oasap marked down to just 35€!! - sneakers: Nike Air Vortex - skirt: ASOS - cable knit sweater: New Look

Outfit! Casual but still a bit girly. Navy + white has been one of my favourite colour combinations since forever. I feel like this outfit is pretty close to my earlier, more retro/girly style if you ignore the coat and the sneakers. SEE I haven't changed that much!

I have literally zero other things to say today. Sorry. I'm going to watch the last season of Dexter. I already know how it ends and I'm super pissed about the death of a certain major character that was basically the best thing about the entire series.

Anyway, let me know if you like the outfit!

Neoprene Sweater, Jewel Print Pencil Skirt, Holographic Boots and Consumerism

Jewel print pencil skirt, neoprene sweatshirt: ASOS - necklace: Selected - boots: Boohoo - fishnet tights: H&M

Pictures + lady lumps: my momma

I seriously love these boots. Where have you been all my life, boots?? They made me realize (again) that platform ankle boots are pretty much the ultimate shoes. Also, they made me add these River Island boots to my favourites. I've never been into the open buckled boots trend, but my sister bought them last week and I tried them on too and they are super duper comfortable AND pretty. Ima nab that shit the minute they get discounted because I don't feel like I could justify spending 60€ on ankle boots considering the fact that I already have approximately 10 pairs of ankle boots I wear regularly. At some point, you have to set yourself some boundaries, you know?

I sound lighthearted but I'm getting to that point again where I'm put off by how much shit I own. It's an eternal balancing act to be a lover of style, fashion and beautiful items yet not losing yourself in your own desire to always look for more, better, ultimate. The ultimate boyfriend jeans, the ultimate cable knit, the ultimate pair of ankle boots. After all, fashion is inherently about always making you want to buy more, changing the fit of what the "ultimate" item should look like ever so subtly from one season to the next. That's why your classic basic pieces from five years ago look so dated when you try them on now. 

It's not like I want to be a preachy, holier than thou anti fashion crusader. After all, I've always been a big fan of pretty thing, of the sense of performance and becoming that comes with a perfect outfit. But at the same time, I don't want to lose sight of the simple fact that clothes are just that: clothes. Something we put on our naked bodies to shelter ourselves from the weather or to look appropriate for a certain occasion. And that balancing act is something I think every lover of style should keep in mind at all times lest they become a slave to consumerism.

Whew, that got heavy fast, didn't it? Sometimes my stream of consciousness is a bit hyperactive.

PS: I wore this outfit to a screening of the new VIJF tv series Scandal that is premiering tuesday the 28th. My first impression was lukewarm: I'm not a huge fan of the whole tv trend of pretty people talking really fast, spewing quips like a automatic rifle, solving cases at 80 miles/hour (think Bones, House M.D., Castle, etc), but I do think Olivia Pope's character is interesting. Because she's a bit of an anti-hero, but also since she's the first woman of colour lead (rather than supporting cast) of a high profile mainstream drama series in a long while.

So, do you ever feel torn between your love for fashion and the feeling that you're just throwing money out the window in exchange for things you don't actually need? What does a person really need anyway? Don't those little (or big) unnecessary things make life worth living? Thoughts please!

70percentpure x Diamanti Per Tutti

You might know I interned for Stéphanie Duval back in my third year at uni. It was a summer I'll always remember as disappointing weather-wise, but incredibly stimulating work-wise. Since then, Steph and me have bonded over our shared popular cultural interests and stayed in touch thanks to our addiction to social media. And here we are, two and a half years later. Me graduated and working on a PhD, her married to the love of her life and killing it in the career department (what else is new). I think she's the absolute awesomest, in case you hadn't noticed.

Stéphanie's latest conquest? Designing a completely gorgeous jewelry collection for another shared love of ours: Diamanti Per Tutti. The brand that designed the one piece I wear every single day, this ring my boyfriend bought me for my 26th birthday (and our almost 10th anniversary which we celebrate this spring). You've probably noticed it before, but here is a picture as a reminder.

I've been wearing my circle of life ring every day, and it's become a piece of me to the extent that I miss it when it's not on my left ring finger. But less about me! Here are my favourite pieces from the 70percentpure collection.

The pieces are equal parts fanciful and minimalist, hipster geometry as well as timeless play of lines depending on how you look at it. Just look at these amazing pics of Stéphanie getting her babe on if you're not convinced yet.

NG that styling, so perf. And now that I see that last pic, I'm also head over heels with the Himmeli necklace

I can't wait to see what this boss-lady (inside joke) will come up with next: she's a dreamer, a thinker ánd a do-er so I'm pretty sure this won't be her crowning moment of awesome just yet.

Do you have any girl crushes slash idols? And what is your favourite piece of the 70percentpure collection?

Pink Coat, Cheap Monday Skinnies, Holographic Boohoo Boots

First round of conducting surveys went well! It was kind of crazy being back in a high school, smelling those familiar canteen smells (salty, greasy), hearing the voices of kids echo through the tiled hallways, watching the young teens drag around enormous backpacks... It felt like no time had passed at all since I was a lanky 13 year old trying not to let anyone notice my awkwardness. Somewhere during the day, the idea dawned on me that teaching would be a totally awesome back-up plan if all of this researcher/academia stuff doesn't pan out.

ANYWAY, about the outfit! It's filled with some absolute steals (22€ Cheap Monday skinnies marked down from 55€, 28€ pink winter coat marked down from 47€) and some items that are just too amazing to pass up on (the holographic Boohoo platform boots).

I have been totally ridiculously spoiled when it comes to coats lately. First, I find a classic white winter coat, then I run into a gorgeous oversized, long grey coat and now here I am strutting my stuff in this pink baby that was marked down to just 28€!!! I ordered it three weeks ago so if you're quick, there will still be plenty of cold days to rock your new pink coat.

I was unsure about whether or not I needed a pink coat before because, yeah, they are fabulous and everyone looks amazing in them (case in point) but they aren't exactly a classic ya know. But the pink, man. The pink kept calling me. It is still my favourite colour after all, despite my recent propensity to dress in grey and black. So when I got an email from Dresslily asking me whether I'd be interested in reviewing their webshop, and I spotted this particular watermelon/coral/pink coat, I was like yeah OK this is the sartorial gods telling me I should just take the pink plunge (haha that sounds so gross). Mine is a size large, but a medium would have been fine as well.

I've got nothing but good words about Dresslily btw: some absolute steals to be found, among which a lot of items that are also sold on Ebay which might interest you Ebay-phobes (yeah, I know you're out there). You get a tracking code when you order so you don't have to worry about your package getting lost during the couple of weeks it takes for your items to journey the world, and you're dealing with a real webshop rather than an individual seller so that might feel more secure to you.

And you know you want the boots. Seriously, don't try to deny it. Btw they also have holographic gladiator sandals with a slightly lower heel. YES

I know it's hard, but you have to pick. Boots or coat, which tickles your fancy the most?

PS sorry for making this post so long. I do tend to ramble on.

PVC Leggings, Converse and Roll Neck Knit

PVC leggings: ASOS - roll neck knit sweater: New Look - sneakers: Converse

I told you I was crushing hard on these PVC ASOS leggings that are marked down to just about 11€, and I allowed myself a bit of craziness for that price. I used to own a pair of PVC trousers when I was about 16-17 (aka the wild yearz) and I loved every bit of their uncomfortable, sweaty, squeaky glory. Unfortunately I grew out of my trousers as they were already bordering on too small when I got them, and then I started on the birth control pill (told you it was the wild yearz) and bam, I suddenly got an ass so the trousers went out the window. But now I have a replacement! I'm not going to say there's a lot of place for my badunkadunk in these, but they stretch and PVC is supposed to be skin tight. 
I think the leggings look super awesome in a very casual outfit like the one I'm wearing here. I've been wearing this sweater alllll the time btw, I'm really into the turtle neck look for some reason after hating it for years.

SO, quick life update: I had a course in web design today which was pretty cool, and later this week I'll start conducting surveys in schools for my PhD which I'm both excited and anxious about. I even bought one of those fancy trolley backpacks to wheel my batch of surveys around town so I feel super duper professional. Wish me luck!

Would you ever wear PVC leggings? Or are you well out of your wild years?

Oversized Coat, Nike Air Max

coat: c/o Choies - sneakers: Nike Air Max - skinnies, fairisle sweater: H&M

I might seem like the girl who has every possible coat in the world, but I've been looking for an affordable, relaxed, long coat since forever. I used to want one to wear with my midi skirts and dresses during my vintage phase, as I'm obsessed with wearing the right hemline coat with the hemline of my skirts and dresses. I hate it when I'm wearing a thigh length coat with a knee length dress, makes me ridiculously self-conscious. But now I just love the long coat look with any kind of outfit. To me, the silhouette is very professional in an 80s yuppie kind of way, and the combination with a relaxed outfit like the one I'm wearing here feels fresh and trendy but very wearable. I'd recommend it to anyone! 

My coat is from Choies and is marked down to 65$/48€ right now. I wouldn't call it the warmest winter coat out there, it's more of a transitional coat for spring and fall. But with the ridiculously warm winter Belgium is having right now, that's actually just what I needed. I have zero negative remarks on the quality.

Here are some other options you might like.

Source, clockwise starting upper left: 1//2//3//4

It's still very hard to find long coats, but here are some more affordable alternatives to the ASOS outerwear in the above collage:

Which one is your fave? Or aren't you feeling long coats?

Selected Showrooms

You probably noticed that I have a thing for the brand Selected. I bought some of my own items over the last few months, but you might have also seen some gifted items pop up. Let me explain: after my earnest love for the brand and its aesthetic had reached their Belgian PR HQ, I was invited over to the showroom to check out what they'll be offering next. Pretty awesome, right??

I photographed some of the pieces that caught my eye. Some of it is current season, but items like the leopard dress and banana leaves print sweatshirt will hit the stores later this year so keep an eye on the webshop if you like what you see. ASOS sells a lot of their garments as well.

Some of these items came home with me! More specifically, the gorgeous red Gloria jacket in the last pic and the baroque printed skirt you can see in a close up next to the leather jacket. The Gloria blazer actually comes in new colours each season, it's a bit of a Selected trademark piece and if you try it on, you'll see why. The draping is super flattering and kicks the blazer up from a classic to a statement piece. And those coats. Gosh. I don't have anything to say about them except: yes, Selected does some pretty amazing classic, elegant coats.

Thing I love most about this brand is their ability to combine trendiness with an effortless chic feel, which translates perfectly to office wear. An eye for detail in the form of nice materials (something that's been getting more and more important to me) at a price point that's still affordable for a working woman early in her career. In short: I'm pretty sure my love for Selected was born 100% out of the brand being so compatible with me now that my style is maturing towards a more adult life. Not convinced yet? Just look at these pieces, some minimalist chic favourites of the winter 2013-14, spring 2014 and summer 2014 collections.

GOSH that marble print tote! I especially like how Selected's style is so understated, which makes the winter, spring and summer collections totally inter-stylable. Because actual people don't have the money or the space to have completely different wardrobes each season, you know. It's high time Selected opened a store in Belgium.

Do you have any go-to favourites when it comes to work appropriate, professional style?