Witch Themed Halloween Party 2013 at Casa Styling Dutchman

This might come as a surprise (HA!) but I have a bit of a Martha Stewart/Bree Vandekamp deep inside of me. I like organizing things (bossing people around), I like hosting parties and I like making gorgeous food.


Two days ago me and some of my dearest friends enjoyed the AFFAIR OF THE YEAR: my second annual Halloween party. Now, last year was a blast, but I daresay this year surpassed our previous efforts. Big shout out to Eline, her guy Ruud and my boyfriend for being huge amazing helps without whom our party wouldn't have been half as awesome. Maybe just 1/8th. If even.

Without further ado: the pictures. Read on for some really awesome decorations, goofy people and a vegetarian Halloween menu!

First up: THE DECOR

Black cats, paper garlands, pumpkins, tea lights, cobwebs, more pumpkins, LED lights, brooms, an orange table runner and one big huge spider web. I don't think I spent more than 40 or 50€ on all of it, so I was super impressed with how much bang I got for my buck!

PS the cat is real and not for sale

THE GUESTS: some of the most awesome people I know (and don't see nearly enough). Major thanks to everyone for making the effort of dressing up! Even the dudes participated, but my guy took off his costume because that robe made him sweat his ass off.

But his good looks were still ☆҉‿❥ magical ♥☆҉‿❥


an assortment of candy
pomegranate bloody hand punch
vegetarian pumpkin-goats cheese-ricotta-spinach lasagna garnished with pine nuts
pumpkin pie topped off with vanilla cream

See you next time, babes! Thanks for making the night truly unforgettable.

Ruud/Harry Potter, Eline, Camille, Sabina, Me, Aurélie, Brenda and the number one man in my life.

Did you do anything for Halloween?


  1. Geweldig gewoon! De versieringen, het menu,... Chapeau!

  2. Oh ik kan me hier echt helemaal in vinden! :D Het is inderdaad geweldig om themafeestjes te organiseren! Ik heb er ook eentje gegeven met halloween, maar helaas lag het pas van 's middags vast dus heb ik minder kunnen doen dan ik wilde. Daar zal binnenkort nog wel een blogbericht van verschijnen. :) Anyway, good job! Het ziet er echt cool uit! Vooral die snoepkom, yummie!

  3. Can I come next year pretty pleeease? :D
    Naomi, x

  4. Waauw, ziet er supergoed uit! Ik deed dit jaar ook een (klein) feestje, ik heb het wel enkel op snoep en cakejes gehouden. Wel eng snoep en enge cakejes, booya! Misschien dat ik volgend jaar wel wat groter ga, maar ik vrees dat ik mijn innerlijke Bree dan nog wat ga moeten aanmoedigen (ze is zo goed als onbestaande nu en ik heb twee linkerhanden als het aankomt op koken). Maar jij deed het (obviously) helemaal geweldig!

  5. Het was zalig en veel te lekker! BAM <3