Textured Skinny, Tinsel Bomber

bomber, blouse: c/o Boohoo.com - skinnies: c/o Lee via Sojeans.be - wide ring, slingback kitten heels: H&M - circle ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

I'm feeling better tonight, I got a lot of work done and I'm cuddling with my favourite little kitty so the moods are up. 

When I saw the tinsel bomber and the textured Lee skinnies, I knew they were meant to be worn together. I absolutely love how all of these pieces seem very simple and basic from a distance, but if you look close all the details paint a very rich picture that totally elevates this outfit. I always think solid colour pieces show how much you paid for them whereas garments that are textured, subtly printed or have some speckle going on can look a lot more expensive. Those details can disguise imperfections or cheap fabric choices. So if you ever want the most bang for your buck, go for texture or subtle prints that add depth to a piece.

That little nugget of advice is on the house, but you'll pay for the next round! :-D Do you have any secrets to share as to what makes a garment or an outfit more fancy?


  1. Totes agree of everything! Love the look and the mist!


  2. Ironing! An evidence, but sometimes...
    And replacing cheap lookin buttons (like too much golden ones), or belts that come with dress/pants, often crappy and made in shiny plastic.

    Love the jeans, seem to fit perfectly!

  3. Great tips!! And thanks stretch is my bff

  4. So cool that you noticed, it was that one supermisty day :D

  5. In my experience: Wear a pair of chic earrings (for example with gold) and BAM, instant chic outfit. :)

  6. Sinds ik uw blog volg, heb ik echt veel kleren gekocht. Nu ben ik aan het verlangen naar die bomber. Damn you Annabeth and your perfect outfits!

  7. sorry!! Hou altijd in gedachten dat genoeg geld hebben om te eten en te leven en op uw werk/opleiding te raken belangrijker is dan er fancy uitzien, en you're good! :D en bedankt voor het lezen <3

  8. Zeer mooi advies. Ik ga Boohoo.com nu afsluiten :p

  9. Wat een supermooi jasje! Ik vind je oufits echt geweldig leuk.
    Die knalroze oogschaduw staat je trouwens beeldig! Als ik dat zou opdoen lijk ik net ziek :-D
    X Sara