Superbe Beanie, Geometric Tights

Fluffy sweater: Forever21 - sweater dress, geometric tights: H&M - ankle boots: Dream in Green - #lasuperbe beanie: c/o Enes

Uhmmm the outfit was comfy and kinda cool and I love my beanie that I got from Enes (who btw have a new webshop, go check it out!) because who doesn't want #lasuperbe spelled out on their forehead? I SURE DO

Also, I felt like using some filters so I headed over to picmonkey and added the cinerama filter because I think it really worked with the pictures.
Urghhh I got no time for any words except this, too much work on my plate! Check back later :-D


  1. Awesome tights! I've got deadlines to beat but here I am, blog walking. #killmenow

  2. Printed tights are awesome, but they never seem to be that warm... Unlike the fleece lined tights I just got at Primark, heck yeah!