Navy Biker Coat

shearling biker coat: c/o OASAP - jeans, t-shirt: H&M - boots: Sacha - ring, necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti

Yes, I know what you're thinking: 'Annebeth, how many coats does one person NEED?'. And yes, you are right. I didn't need this coat. But that doesn't mean I'm not kind of completely in love with it. YEAY for being a blogger and getting stuff for free! Because I sure as heck wouldn't own a bajillion coats like I do now if I weren't a blogger. So as a quick reminder (even though yeah, you can think for yourself): you don't need to buy all the things just because bloggers are wearing them. But you can if you want to!

Biker coats are kind of having a moment right now, and this faux shearling version ticks all the boxes: cool as FUCK, slightly oversized, and featuring all the right detail that makes this baby look a bunch more expensive than its 69,90$ pricetag (51.80€) might lead you to believe. SO affordable but very warm and heavy all the same: you're not getting a flimsy piece of crap if you get this baby. If you've been looking for the perfect new coat you can get the one I'm wearing right here. The white fluff does shed a bit around the edges, but nothing dramatic. 

I'm kind of dreading the new work week. I've had a very satisfying but busy weekend (hosting a Halloween party,  taking an impromptu trip to the beach and a blitz Antwerp shopping excursion to fix a last minute emergency) so I kind of feel like I need a break right now. I guess the short days are getting to me, seems like there are so few hours in a day to get everything done.

Good luck tomorrow! And how are we feeling about biker coats?


  1. Ziet er supercomfy en warm uit, I like :)

  2. Ik wil ook meer weekend! :( Mooie jas, is de kwaliteit ook echt goed? Hij ziet er alvast mooi uit!

  3. Wauw!! Ziet er idd een pak duurder uit dan €50... En in België heb je nooit jassen genoeg!! En, ik mag nie klagen over mijn weekends want ik heb tot het eind van het jaar dankzij een hoop overgebleven vakantiedagen elke vrijdag vrij <3

  4. ik vind van wel! hij is er wel maar in 1 maat dus kweenie of ie voor u te oversized is. Het enige "probleem" dat ik kan detecteren is dat er wat pluis afkomt aan de randen omdat het raw edges zijn, maar dat stopt wel.

  5. I am very much in love with anything that involves shearling, so cosy and perfect for winter! But unfortunately not part of my closet yet (sadface)

  6. Heerlijke jas! Je ring is ook erg mooi btw!