Black and Navy, Biker Coat

coat: c/o Oasap - mesh longsleeve: Ebay - turtleneck dress: c/o - boots: Vintage - sweater: ASOS

Sorry for the picture OVERLOAD but Paulien and I snapped so many nice ones smack in the middle of usually crowded main shopping street the Meir (first time for everything!) that I had a hard time choosing. Additionally, I was basically wearing three outfits in one: outfit with coat, outfit without coat and outfit without sweater. Every combination was so nice I wanted to show you guys! I hope you didn't sprain your scrolling finger :-D

This turtle neck dress makes me feel mega sexy. Whenever I wear something so tight, I'm always like WOAH, boobs and ass, where did you come from! Perfect dress to boost your babe-liness. It's really thin though so I'd suggest wearing something underneath if you don't want people to see your underwear (or nipples). But it only costs 9€ so that's no biggie to me, I was planning on wearing it with my mesh shirt anyway. My boyfriend is a big fan of the combination, can't imagine why...

I've been wearing my hair in a french braid a lot lately. It's kind of totally uncool and completely unsexy in a practical, non-fussy librarian sort of way (I think) but it's the perfect modest and clean hairdo to make this outfit acceptable for work. Well, according to me it is at least!

PS: is navy + black the most beautiful color combo or what? Except maybe pink + pink.

Superbe Beanie, Geometric Tights

Fluffy sweater: Forever21 - sweater dress, geometric tights: H&M - ankle boots: Dream in Green - #lasuperbe beanie: c/o Enes

Uhmmm the outfit was comfy and kinda cool and I love my beanie that I got from Enes (who btw have a new webshop, go check it out!) because who doesn't want #lasuperbe spelled out on their forehead? I SURE DO

Also, I felt like using some filters so I headed over to picmonkey and added the cinerama filter because I think it really worked with the pictures.
Urghhh I got no time for any words except this, too much work on my plate! Check back later :-D

Mesh Longsleeve, Shaggy Faux Fur

shaggy faux fur coat: Lookbookstore - jeans: H&M - mesh long sleeve: ebay - sweatshirt, cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - tote bag: c/o JuliaJune

Hiya! I'm soooo not ready for the weekend to end but that's life, right? The good things never last. But there's always next weekend. And I really am a bit of a drama queen, since my job is actually completely awesome. But what can I say: the true loves of my life are my bed and good food, and those are sadly lacking in the workplace!

I've been wearing a lot of black and grey, in case you hadn't noticed. It's just so easy to wear neutrals that you can pull from your closet in the morning without having to put much thought into it. But on the other hand I'm still me, and I feel best when I think I look good (or at least acceptable!), so items like this mesh long sleeve I'm wearing make all the difference. Underneath crop tops, short sleeves or shift dresses: mesh is the key to succesh (lulz). But seriously, I'm way into mesh. I've got this dress on my wishlist as well but haven't spotted it in stores yet. A cheeky bit of mesh is a great way to make something like your arm seem that much more interesting! :-D I guess this is a continuation of last year's crush on loose knits and net tops. What can I say, I love to show my underwear!

Major thanks to Sabina for the pics, we had a blast shooting them comme usual. So, what is your stance on mesh?

Greys, Blacks and Transparency

sweater: H&M - dress: Selected - marked down to just 27,63€! - socks: New Look - boots: Dream in Green

So, this isn't exactly my most cheery outfit, but as you might have noticed I'm more into dark colours and neutrals these days. I'd say this outfit is like the winter version of this one featuring my gorgeous Grecian COS dress: anthracite grey, loose fitting, midi length and minimalist. Also, an outfit that doesn't really look as good in pictures as it does in real life but you'll have to take my word on that one!

I remember wearing my over the knee socks ALLLL the time when I was majorly into the retro schoolgirl look, but now I feel either too sexy or too cutesy when I pull them out. This transparent dress by Selected was just the kind of garment to help me incorporate knee socks into my current style again. I can't wait for warmer weather so I can wear the dress with nothing but some (heeled) sandals though, nothing beats a beautiful dress with bare legs and some elegant shoes (except obviously pizza).

ANYWAY, I need to go wash my hair now because I seriously don't think my hair has ever been as gross as it is now. For real.

So, the outfit: boring or not? :-D

Textured Skinny, Tinsel Bomber

bomber, blouse: c/o - skinnies: c/o Lee via - wide ring, slingback kitten heels: H&M - circle ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

I'm feeling better tonight, I got a lot of work done and I'm cuddling with my favourite little kitty so the moods are up. 

When I saw the tinsel bomber and the textured Lee skinnies, I knew they were meant to be worn together. I absolutely love how all of these pieces seem very simple and basic from a distance, but if you look close all the details paint a very rich picture that totally elevates this outfit. I always think solid colour pieces show how much you paid for them whereas garments that are textured, subtly printed or have some speckle going on can look a lot more expensive. Those details can disguise imperfections or cheap fabric choices. So if you ever want the most bang for your buck, go for texture or subtle prints that add depth to a piece.

That little nugget of advice is on the house, but you'll pay for the next round! :-D Do you have any secrets to share as to what makes a garment or an outfit more fancy?

Bomber, Beanie, Velvet and Sequins

bomber jacket: Pimkie - sequined sweater: c/o - velvet leggings, glitter boots, beanie: H&M

And another piece, the sequined sweater I mentioned yesterday. I noticed it matched my bomber jacket when heading out the door so I paired the two pieces. Which was probably for the best, since the sweater is cropped and I'm wearing velvet leggings as pants. I mean, I wouldn't want to OFFEND all those cry-babies out there who hate leggings worn as pants by showing them my legging-clad ass, you know. To which I say FEH because these velvet babies are way too fabulous to cover up with a dress or a tunic.

You might have noticed I look rather sullen (aka in a pissy mood) in these pictures. Let me explain: I was. I've had two kind of crappy days so any picture I took of me smiling looked fake. The kind of smile that doesn't go up to the eyes, you know? Just a combination of work-related stress (a thousand things on my plate + insecurity), exhaustion (SO over the cold weather and short days already, and it's NOVEMBER) and my dad's birthday being today. Yeay. Believe you me, birthdays are a lot more fun when the person whose birthday it is actually still alive.

Don't mind my morbid sense of humour. It helps me cope.

Anyway, let's focus on some positives: the outfit! 

I love it because:

- it makes my legs look a mile long
- it's totally sporty but also totally chic
- the velvet leggings, glitter boots and fluffy sequined sweater make me feel all Christmassy

So, what makes you happy on dark, dreary days? Haul

Oi! A while ago I got a very cool message in my mailbox from the sweet people behind, a UK based webshop that is looking to expand its reach throughout Western Europe. They offered me a bunch of items of my own choice, to introduce me to Boohoo. To which I obviously said: "WHAT YES OK I CAN DO THAT ABSOLUTELY". I mean, I'm not into every collaboration that is offered to me (I turn a lot of things down), but Boohoo is definitely something I thought you guys would enjoy.

So! These are the items I ended up picking. I went for a mix of some fanciful garments (the crop top, the tinsel bomber and the sequined evening gown), one silhouette I've been lusting over for ages (the bare shoulder blouse) and some pieces I knew I'd wear to death (the sweaters).

Get them here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

 I don't know about you but I've actually known the webshop for quite some time now, from British bloggers I follow. You could describe them as an online version of Primark: very affordable, trendy pieces in a multitude of different styles. So if you are ever in need of a last minute party dress, a cute present or a low priced item to finish a certain outfit just so: is definitely a great destination. Especially if you live nowhere near a Primark or just can't deal with the ridiculous mess and crowds that are always a big part of the Primark Experience.

The specifics: prices range from about 8€ for a basic dress to about 90€ for a head to toe sequined number, so you're bound to find something that is within your price range. Shipping is free for any order over 25€ (if you pick 10 items max.) or 5€ for a lower priced order, which I love all the way. Regarding the quality, I'd say you get what you pay for. The quality is comparable to what you'd get at H&M, ASOS, New Look or Forever21, with some items ranking slightly lower and some items ranking slightly higher. With regards to the sizing I'd say they size small-ish, so order a size up when in doubt.

Obviously I haven't had the chance to wear and photograph EVERYTHING yet, but here are two of the pieces I got.

Let me just break it down for you: the bomber is definitely one of my favourite pieces. It's fully lined and made of a Christmassy, tinsel-like fabric. And it makes me feel super fancy and professional! The cold shoulder top looks a bit different on me than on the model because I rolled up the sleeves (makes the proportions work better on me). It's kind of see-through but I don't mind that personally as that's always the case with airy white tops.

So! Have you ever ordered from They have some amazing party dresses right now so that's a great tip for the holidays.

Knits and Lace and Bare Shoulders

cardigan, bra, snake earring: H&M - sweater worn as dress: Ebay - tights: Pimkie - boots: Texto

The temperatures be dropping like DAYUM, and it's just at that level where you can wear some big knits and leave your coat, gloves and hat at home. Aka the only part of winter that I can actually deal with for more than about a month, and it's still just autumn! It's supposed to be a really harsh winter this year, and I'm kind of in denial about it. I mean, bring on Christmas, but leave the bone chilling temperatures at home plz :(

Anyway, a change of temperatures usually also brings a renewal of style influences and inspiration along, for me at least. And right now (inspired by the Zara collection once again) I'm totally utterly into hints of lingerie and lace paired with loose knits and casually bared shoulders. Sort of like these images of perfection:

Source: 1, 2, 3

So that was the sort of look I tried to recreate with my own pieces. Sadly, I don't own a lingerie slip type dress, but I used lace tights and a bra strap which is basically the same thing (except not at all).

SO! Bare shoulders and lingerie, what do you reckon?