Currently Craving: Bomber Jackets

My post today is a love song dedicated to a rather unlikely addressee. Especially if you, like me, had the joy of having an older brother who was a gabber (check out the wikipedia page if you're not from Belgium or Holland). Here's a very clear picture of the subculture, if you're interested. And this is what the girls looked like (kinda cool, right). So. Unlikely inspirations aren't really a first for me. After all, I'm into platform shoes, chav-chic, punk, club kids: all the weird subculture stuff, really. Something you might not immediately pick up since most of my outfits are so normal (if you ask me). But I'm a freak at heart!

And today, I'm freaking out over gabber-identifying piece numéro uno: the bomber jacket.

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Fancy versions in brocade, preppy letterman jackets, minimalist renditions freed of all unnecessary details or the original oversized nylon kind: I kind of love em all. 

I mean, JACKETS, am I right? I just love jackets. They are like your style business card: something that tells people what kind of person you are in one quick first take. Since most of us only have a couple of coats/jackets and a bunch of other garments, the purchase of a coat or jacket is usually something we contemplate carefully. After all, the coat or jacket should go with all of your outfits or at least most of them. So in the end, I think outerwear usually represents your style best. If you prefer blazers, your wardrobe is probably quite professional and put together. If you go for motorcycle jackets, you're a bit of a bad ass style-wise. If you usually pick trench coats, you're the timeless elegance type.

So what does my current obsession with bomber jackets say about me? Probably just that I'm a typical style blogger who wants to own ALL THE JACKETS. Be professional one day, a 90s hardcore techno lover the next.

What outerwear would represent your style best? And how do you feel about bombers (the garments)?


  1. Still looking for the perfect bomber jacket myself.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  2. I love bombers! maar blazers ook en trenchcoats.. I just love it all!

  3. I have two bomber jackets and still find it difficult to style them..
    Thanks for the inspiration :)


    Natbee's Fashion

  4. Ja, ik wil ook een bomberjasje! Staat zo stoer boven een skinny jeans maar is toch iets sportiever dan een leren vestje :) Die van H&M Trend heb ik ooit gepast maar was helaas te groot, boe-hoe.