Currently Craving: Bomber Jackets

My post today is a love song dedicated to a rather unlikely addressee. Especially if you, like me, had the joy of having an older brother who was a gabber (check out the wikipedia page if you're not from Belgium or Holland). Here's a very clear picture of the subculture, if you're interested. And this is what the girls looked like (kinda cool, right). So. Unlikely inspirations aren't really a first for me. After all, I'm into platform shoes, chav-chic, punk, club kids: all the weird subculture stuff, really. Something you might not immediately pick up since most of my outfits are so normal (if you ask me). But I'm a freak at heart!

And today, I'm freaking out over gabber-identifying piece numéro uno: the bomber jacket.

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Fancy versions in brocade, preppy letterman jackets, minimalist renditions freed of all unnecessary details or the original oversized nylon kind: I kind of love em all. 

I mean, JACKETS, am I right? I just love jackets. They are like your style business card: something that tells people what kind of person you are in one quick first take. Since most of us only have a couple of coats/jackets and a bunch of other garments, the purchase of a coat or jacket is usually something we contemplate carefully. After all, the coat or jacket should go with all of your outfits or at least most of them. So in the end, I think outerwear usually represents your style best. If you prefer blazers, your wardrobe is probably quite professional and put together. If you go for motorcycle jackets, you're a bit of a bad ass style-wise. If you usually pick trench coats, you're the timeless elegance type.

So what does my current obsession with bomber jackets say about me? Probably just that I'm a typical style blogger who wants to own ALL THE JACKETS. Be professional one day, a 90s hardcore techno lover the next.

What outerwear would represent your style best? And how do you feel about bombers (the garments)?

Leopard, Tweed and Geometric Prints

dress: Forever21 - coat: Pull&Bear - boots: Sacha - scarf: c/o Selected Femme (similar here) - watch: c/o ISMY

I have been wearing few prints lately, feeling more comfortable in minimalist outfits built on solid pieces. Can you believe I once wore looks like this, this or this? ME NEITHER! I still think the outfits are cute, but SO not me anymore. I look like such a teenager in those pictures. I like how my face and look has gotten more mature lately. Softer, more serene. Feels good! But apparently I can still enjoy some heavy print mixing from time to time. Today's outfit for example feels all kinds of cool and rich thanks to the mix of saucy leopard, classy tweed and hipster geometric print. Very autumnal as well.
How do you feel about print mixing? Do you feel better in a loud outfit or in something more understated? Don't look at me, I'm fickle as fuck. Who knows, maybe I'll be wearing nothing but prints on prints on prints a year from now.

PS: I'm mega excited about my upcoming Halloween party. Seeing some girlfriends I've had to miss for ages, eating delicious food, dressing up like I'm a student at Miss Robichaux's... YES


Sick Day in Joggings and Converse Rock Craftsmanship

top: Zara - jogging trousers: Selected Femme - motor vest: Forever21 - sneakers: c/o Converse Rock Craftsmanship - beanie: ASOS

Typical sick day outfit from last week. I'm basically wearing my pyjamas here. In fact, I usually only wear this top to bed. Even though it's pretty cool. I've had it for about 5 years now and I don't know why but it has just turned into a sleep-top over the years. I don't know about you, but I only have a few "real" pyjamas as in, pieces that were actually marketed to me as sleepwear. The rest is just leggings and sweaters and t-shirts that are exceptionally comfortable. The motor vest and Converse make this acceptable for outside though, right? I think they do.

Have you ever worn your pyjamas outside? NO SHAME.

Kai-Aakmann Sweater and a Whole Lotta Leg

sweater: Kai-Aakmann c/o Sojeans - skirt: Ebay - pumps: old, don't remember - knuckle rings: Lookbookstore and H&M

This skirt is right on the edge of indecency - and I love it. The skirt is actually ankle length but easily rolled up at the waist to create a different, more sexy kind of look. I do think it's the slightly oversized top that makes it wearable, as I might have felt a bit too bare if I had pared the skirt with something more formfitting. Isn't the sweater awesome? It's a thin, breezy viscose at the back and a heavier, warm wool-acrylic mix at the front and in the sleeves. The longer layer peeking out at the front is unexpected and very cool if you ask me. 

The top is by a Korean brand, Kai-Aakmann, and I got it via Sojeans. The webshop contacted me for a collaboration and since they have a pretty awesome selection of stylish pieces (lots of denim, but also shoes, tops, coats etcetera) that I thought would be of interest to you guys, I said yes. Sojeans has some perks that made it stand out for me: 

- its own aesthetic which clearly translated into its selection of featured brands (Cheap Monday, Kai-Aakmann, Nudie, 7 For All Mankind, ...)
- an easy-on-the-eyes and easy-to-use layout
- express delivery for pennies (really, very cheap)
- free returns
- and a fit-specialist ( that is on the job around the clock to answer all of your questions concerning the fit of the denim or other items you're thinking of ordering. 

Yeah, I got this item for free, but trust me if I tell you I'm 100% honest about what I think makes this webshop one to bookmark! If you're from Belgium, you should order from the .be domain, otherwise you should check out the one.

How was your weekend? Would you ever wear a skirt showing THIS MUCH LEG? :-D

PS: completely crazy for Lady Gaga's new release, Venus. It's delightfully kitschy, extremely catchy and its psychedelic sci fi disco production makes it a total eargasm. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Faux Fur Jacket, Burgundy Trousers

faux fur jacket, sweater: H&M - trousers: River Island - (zwarte enkellaarzen)/boots: Spartoo - watch: c/o Swatch

I've been gone for a while, haven't I? Forgive me, I've been sick and trying to force my sickness down to keep focusing on my work and failing and just wanting to sleep for 24h at once. I'm still sick! But it's weekend now so I have some room to breath. Except for the fact that me and my guy will be CRACKING down to prepare our Halloween party. Yeah. I should really just go to bed and sleep it off, right?

Stupid thing is, if I type out everything I do or still have to do, I totally see that I'm busy as hell, but during the day I never seem to get rid of that nagging feeling that I could be doing more, or that I'm really just wasting time, you know? Ah, feelings of inadequacy, the overachiever's best friend, AMIRITE?

Anyway, outfit! I've worn this particular combination a few times already now as I think the trousers, sweater and coat make an excellent combination. Comfortable, elegant and fun: perfect. These pictures were obviously snapped before I got sick. I do not look this fresh right now. For real, one of the ladies who always delivers the mail at our office (who I'm on friendly terms with) asked me how I was feeling better because she thought I looked ill. If people immediately see you're hanging on by a thread, you probably need to take a break.

SO, have you been overachieving lately? Or are you better at letting yourself take a breather?

Boots, Boots All Kinds of Boots

BOOTS, am I right? I mean, they keep your lower legs toasty, your toes dry and your outfit anywhere from casual to chic. Also, they are kind of a necessity in wintertime when the weather gets cold and wet. Lord knows I love to wear boots. Over knee boots, motorcycle boots, tall heeled vintage boots or ankle boots, I love em all shapes and sizes. And if you're the tiniest bit like me, you love to keep tabs on every possible web shop in case you find the PERFECT pair of boots for your style and leg. You all probably know Zalando from their omnipresent advertisements. I don't often check the website myself, but during a recent online browsing stint I ended up there by falling down the hyperlink rabbit hole. Turns out, they have a freaking stellar selection of boots. See for yourself!

Original outfits: 1, 2. All of the boots above can be found on Zalando.

I'm especially crushing on the first and third pairs of tall boots, and the last pair of ankle boots. If you like things slightly funkier and if you're more of a bad ass than I am when it comes to heel height (I can't deal with anything over 8cm), Zalando also offers brands like Jeffrey Campbell. No need to pay crazy import taxes anymore if you want to get some Jeffrey (lulz)!

So, let's talk boots! What kind of boot is your perfect match? I for one could live out the rest of my life with just some flat or medium heel height black ankle boots, minimalist sandals and comfortable, classic sneakers. Guess that doesn't explain why I keep buying shoes, though, does it?

Motor Vest and Leopard Skirt

skirt: H&M - sweater, vest: Forever21 - boots: Texto - knuckle ring: c/o Lookbookstore

I love this outfit. In fact, I loved it so much I basically moved HEAVEN AND EARTH to find a blogger to take some pictures of it during my work break. Ok I just tweeted Paulien and she was a lifesaver. She's awesome like that. Doesn't this vest make everything better? Great with a super casual sporty outfit, equally great with a more elegant, classic outfit like the one I'm wearing today. So glad I bought it.

The knuckle ring is another cool piece. You can find loads of them all over the place, but not all of them are so affordable, sleek (or available in different sizes) as this baby (which also comes in gunmetal and gold). I usually give my cheap jewelry a brushing with transparent nail polish (the kind you use for a top coat) to keep the metallic coating from rubbing off, works like a charm and makes it unnecessary to spend more money on trend pieces like knuckle rings.

SO! Do you like my motor vest best styled elegant, or more sporty?

Black Shaggy Faux Fur Coat, Elegant Outfit

coat: c/o Lookbookstore - blouse, slingback kitten pumps: H&M - trousers: Selected Femme - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

Outfit! It's been a while since I've been this in love with an outfit. I could wear these trousers and this blouse for the rest of my life and look stylish in basically any type of setting while still being comfortable and my own casual, relaxed self, you know? I could not make these trousers any more perfect. Except maybe my magically cloning them in another colour so I can wear one or the other ALWAYS. My boyfriend is a bit in love with the blouse. He says he likes me in a white blouse. And that it makes me look like an heiress with a boat. I asked him if he prefers this to my usual, less elegant looks but he told me he loves that I change it up. Such a sweetheart!

The coat is some next level shit. I got it from and I'm over the moon with how fluffy, soft and perfectly oversized it is. A mega recommendation if you like this kind of coat. Find it here! I ordered mine in a size AU10 as I like my coats to be a bit oversized. I love it 100% as much as my white shaggy faux fur I wore to death last winter. I might even love it a tiny bit more because it's slightly fuller than the white one.

If you could sketch your perfect outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?