You shall own a cambric shirt

Yes, my camera is still kaput. I’m taking these with my infinitely more crappy camera which also takes about 80/100 pictures in this blurred out purple stalactite mode. I have no idea what is wrong with it, but it is SO annoying as I have to try for twenty minutes to get like 5 semi decent shots. It gets me SO pissed OFF

 shirt: zara
skirt, hat: h&m
shoes: texto

Oh well, at least I have this glorious denim shirt from Zara to keep my spirits up. The fabric is soooo supple and soft and pretty blue. Seriously girls and boys, if there is one thing you should buy this summer, it is the denim/chambray shirt. Go for the lightest fabrics and for a slightly oversized fit, as it is absolutely perfect for layering when a real denim jacket is too hot/too rigid. Oversized and flowy = perfect. Also, the blue of denim looks absolutely stunning over all your romantic floral/white/lace dresses, SO versatile. And it gives any girly look a slightly menswear feel. You all know I love that. I played up the menswear feel of denim shirts by wearing mine with my flat lace up shoes (I still adore them so). Yet another summer look that reminds me of my alltime favorite fashion icon Diane Kruger.

As for the boys: wear a denim shirt (not too tight but not oversized either, and if your chest isn’t too hairy: don’t button it all the way up! rrrr) with some cuffed pants in any light color and fabric, and combine this with some stylish sandals or any chic shoe without socks, and a fedora hat.

I think I’m going to the library this afternoon: I LOVE reading books in the summertime as I don’t have time during the year with all my courses and assignments and studying. I used to read two books every week when I was younger. When I was about 13, I had read all the books in the youth section of our small village library, and some of the adult books too! Any recommendations? To give you an idea: my favorite books include Lolita and Catcher in the rye. Writing style is the ultimate priority when choosing a book.


  1. I love how you wore your shirt... finally an outfit that makes me want to buy a denim shirt!

  2. You look so lovely once again! Cute, chic and a bit country-chic with the hat :)

  3. Check out my post from the end of May. I went on a shopping trip to the USA and bought about 15 books. I put up a photo of them, with a listing underneath. Hopefully something there will catch your eye! I also love Catcher in the Rye :) I've never read Lolita though.
    Loving the idea of the denim shirt too! I'll have to keep my eye out for one! I really like the first photo with the girl with the light denim shirt and shorts :) Gotta love her sandals too!

  4. Thanks Diya and BadTasteToast!

    summertime dreams: I'll definitely check it out, thanks!