Wohow black Betty, bamalam

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am indeed sitting on a bright pink bucket. Because if you ever were to sit on a bucket, it would be a pink one, right? And this is the last picture my camera took before taking a tumble and getting its lense stuck. Yesterday was seriously progressively getting worse: first that professor didn’t read my paper (btw she still hasn’t called for the oral exam…), then my camera fell and broke, and as if yesterday hadn’t already been as much fun as it could possibly be, my windows broke down again so I can’t practice SPSS while I have an SPSS exam tomorrow.
Yes, my day sucked. So I had to get up extra early today to go to the library to practice SPSS there, but I don’t want to stay in the library for an entire day so I couldn’t possible get as much work done if I would have if my windows hadn’t broken down.
Ofcourse I cheered myself up by buying 10 euro shoes and a new h&m ring. Oh, and a stapler, but that didn’t necessarily cheer me up.
6 down, 1 to go and then it’s SUMMER BREAK OHYEAH

Oh, and about the outfit: I haven’t worn torn stockings in AGES. It always looks a bit poser-y to me, but when these stockings got torn accidentally after just one wear, I couldn’t just chuck em in the bin so I messed them up even more and wore em with my new favorite dress, the one I’m wearing here. I told my boyfriend it was my most favoritest dress of the entire world and he gave it a 9,95/10. I trained him to like what I like.
 dress, boots, tights: h&m
headband: pimkie


  1. gorgeous~~ :)
    the dress fit you sooo well. and oh i love the shoes.
    adorable as always

  2. That dress looks so good on you! I love your boots, too. Bad things are said to happen in threes so maybe your streak of bad luck is over? Also, my nylons always rip so I just wear them anyway! >: It's annoying! But I hope your exam(s) go well!!!

  3. The third photo is priceless!!! :)

    I like that dress loads too.

    Hope all is okay on the exams! x