She hides true love en su bolsillo

Again no time to post now, will edit sometime later today! Just wanted to tell you guys again HOW AWESOME IS THE ALEJANDRO VIDEO??? SO much better than Telephone, this one has a much stronger message. For those who didn’t quite get it, THIS analysis makes things quite a bit clearer. Please let me know what you think about it, I’d love to discuss it with you! Gaga seriously is the best thing that has happened to pop music in A LONG TIME
Sorry for all the caps today. I’m just VERY FUCKIN EXCITED

 dress: zara
cardi: pimkie
shoes: sac d'anvers
necklace: h&m


  1. OMG I love the Video. I already love this song at the album. It's one of my favourites for getting into a summer feeling.
    Your whole look is quite cool today. Love the necklace.

  2. thanks honey! It was instantly one of my faves from the album too, along with dance in the dark and bad romance. But I really love the entire cd :D thanks so much!

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  4. Sorry for deleting my post.
    It was rubbish..haha.
    I watched the video twice and in the long version and I really think it's message is quite courageous. Especially because some countrys like the USA have something against homosexuals. I think Gaga has an enormous influence on music and society like someone like Madonna had it.

  5. Yes! watching gaga makes me appreciate madonna more! :D

  6. Cardigans and summer dresses are my favourite! You look so cute!

  7. I sweetie :) remember me from Chictopia?
    You look lovely as always, love the necklace.
    I'm following you *

  8. About the Gaga's video... I don't like any of her videos xp she is too much weird for me. But it's just my opinion ;)

  9. Yes! watching gaga makes me appreciate madonna more! :D