Play the way you feel it

I’m still feeling very meh, but the weather has improved slightly and my exam went quite alright. It was multiple choice, and the first page was the hardest so when I looked at the questions I totally lost my confidence and almost started panicking, but I kept breathing and got through it. Multiple choice is always hard though, I feel like I have more control when you can give a written answer instead of just ticking a box.
There is a mega annoying fly buzzing around here and I WANT IT TO DIE
I tried on a gazillion dresses at Zara because I love the romantic feel they have going on right now, especially in their youth-section, but every single fit was off. Now that is depressing. Somehow, Zara dresses all seem to have been made for girls with no boobs and a very narrow upperbody. I have quite a broad ribcage so that kite doesn’t fly. And wayyyyy too many dresses with awkward straps. Also tried on a few adorable bustier tops because I’m totally into them for this spring/summer, but apparently it is very hard for highstreet shops to get the proportions right. Every single bustier top looked absolutely awful, and I am not exagerating. Problem is that I always alter clothes I buy a bit because highstreet stuff never really fits right, but a bustier top is waaaay too hard for me to alter. I wouldn’t know how to start, let alone finish! In the end I found a cute one at Zara but I’m not completely crazy about the fit so in contrast to what I just said, I am going to try and alter it a bit :D I loved how they had styled those romantic, almost summer-on-the-farm type dresses with denim blouses. I’m going to look for some kind of soft, thin denim shirt to try that look with. H&m should deliver as usual, maybe I should check out the menswear section.
Today’s outfit is not at all inspired, just a dress+belt+shoes combination, but I’ve got exams people! Bare with me!
 dress, shoes: h&m
belt: coton

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