It's hard to leave when you can't find the door

 shorts: old diesel jeans I cut up
boots, tights: pimkie
shirt: The Who
cardi: h&m

Shorts and a band T for a casual sunday of studying, I feel like I’m in my teens again when this used to be like my uniform. Tight and short on bottom, wide on top is somewhat of a uniform for me still. Comfy and sexy at the same time! I had a great weekend, my boyfriend was being the best ever and cleaned almost the enitre house while I was studying! We also had elections yesterday which was interesting to watch. Some historic days are coming up with the formation of our government. Belgium: to split or not to split?


  1. OMG, I love that T... the neckline is great! :D

    Fab boots... the look rocks!!

    We ignored the cleaning and had a BBQ and lots of wine!! Always a good plan, well until this morning it was... :( :D :D

  2. and it's a beautiful blue!

  3. Love the diy shorts and tights, great band t-shirt as well, definitely a great casual look! I helped my mother clean our house yesterday, it was fun actually!

    Sarah Jane

  4. Thanks so much girls, I cut the tshirt myself too actually! tshirts are so easy to alter and I don't mind things looking a bit imperfect :D

    I want BBQ too :(

  5. I love this look and your blog :D.....any tips on how to alter a tshirt like that?


  6. Hey Silvanafv! thanks for the sweet comment, I'm glad you like my blog! Tips on altering a tshirt... Usually the neckline of bandshirts is not really flattering on women. I usually go for a boat-neck on band tees because they often have a print that goes up quite high so a V-neck would ruin the print. You can just cut out the neck you want, tshirt fabric doesn't fray. Only advise: start by cutting a less broad neck than you were planning on, the fabric is stretchy and will be wider than you thought it would be once you put it on.
    also a good idea: shortening the sleeves by just cutting a part off!
    Be creative and don't be afraid to take a risk, it's very hard to ruin a simple tshirt :)

  7. Thanks for the tip! I didn't realize that t-shirt material didn't fray.
    I also had no idea that Belgium might split! I have to get back into my habit of reading the world news more often, I feel so out of the loop!
    Lucky you not having to do the clean up :) I get to have bbq tomorrow, apperently my boyfriend has some kind of surprise for the meal, yum!

  8. Glad I helped you out with the tip! :D Yeah, Belgium won't be splitting anytime soon but we are on the way to a split in the future.

    Have fun with your BBQ! and enjoy the surprise! :D

  9. Thank you I'm getting ready to go Through my boyfriend's closet to experiment ;)