I make my music in the sun

Laptop probs still not sorted, right now I’m typing my post on a qwerty board instead of the azerty I’m used to and it is A PAIN IN THE BUTT

So I’m going to leave you with this short message for now because I can’t find most of my interpunction marks.

It was hot without a cloud in sight, I ate a popsicle and wore nothing but my maxidress and loved it, danced around in the sun, ate french fries with a mozzarella salad (I know, weird, my boyfriend “invented” the combination) and that’s it for now!

 dress: h&m

Edit: ok I’m typing this on the PC, thank god for azerty. Some more info: I bought this dress at h&m last year in both colors: orange and blue, for 12 euros each. It used to have normal spaghetti straps but it was actually a bit short, grazing the top of my feet instead of the ground. So I hacked off the spaghettistraps in the back, tied them in my neck and pulled my dress down a bit et voila! A lower back, a longer dress and just an overal prettier garment if you ask me. I love its eclectic print and vibrant colors. It’s in a very light cotton, so absolutely perfect for hot weather.
I think it took me until this summer to feel perfectly fine in maxi dresses: I wore them too last year, but it always felt a bit weird and overdressed for me. This year, I feel completely normal and a bit glamorous wearing them! Did you have similar qualms about wearing maxi dresses (or another garment)? Did you get over it, or is that too big an effort to put into fashion? To go out and do my groceryshopping, I just put on my simplest flat sandals that tie around the leg and I felt like a greek goddess. Have a gorgeous saturday, lovelies!


  1. Very cute dress. I will wear my maxi dress more often this year! It's a perfect way to dress up for hot summer days I think.
    Love the yellow nail polish! Will go for someone too next week!
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    Have a nice day!

  2. I have a couple maxi dresses but I hardly ever wear them. I really want to but when I think about it as I"m getting dressed for the day I always dismiss them because

    1. I don't know what shoes I want to wear with it

    and 2. the bottoms always get tangled up around my feet.

    Sometimes I think about hacking a bunch off and making shorter dresses out of them, but I really do want to figure out how to wear them as maxi dresses.

    I think I'll wear one today - You've inspired me! Thanks! :)

  3. having a lighter fabric as opposed to a heavier fabric helps with the tanglement around your feet, and sometimes when I walk around I just grab the skirt a bit with my hand on the side, not really holding it up but just keeping it in line if you know what I mean :D Just wearing them with simple wedges or flat sandals seems to be the best option for me and I definitely prefer it with really simple flat sandals because the dress already is "a lot of look" to feel comfortable with. Add some bangles or a nice pair of earrings and you really are good to go. I hope you do wear one today and I'd love to see a picture! If you're not sure about something, don't be afraid to ask, I'd love to help you out!

    saskia: I'll definitely try and check it out! thanks for the reply!

  4. I really love that dress on you! That's great that you can see how to improve a garment and then you just do it. I would never know where to begin with alterations!
    Lucky you with your sunshine! I don't remember the last day here that was free of rain and clouds :( boo.

  5. I'm so sorry your weather sucks, nothing gets me down like dreary weather! it helps that I always buy very cheap garments, makes the threshold to actually cut and paste a lot lower :D scissors, some colors of thread and a needle is all you need! no major skills required for the small alterations I make, doesn't have to look perfect for me :D

  6. Cute dress! and it looks great on you! Your dress mods are always very cool :)

    Did you find your windows disk? I will ask someone I work with if they have any ideas too.

    Have a great Sunday Annebeth. We have warm weather too :D