He's a magic man

Ok, today is the day my luck finally returned! Some of you may remember last week’s shittiness with the anthropology professor not having read my paper, and me breaking my camera, and a lot of other things I can’t remember because I’m a positive person, but today! My luck! Has changed!
I just got an email that the tripod I ordered because I vowed never to make my poor camera balance on uneven grounds ANYMORE would be delivered one of these days, and 30 seconds later that dude was in fact at the door! One might argue that my luck hadn’t changed yet, because when he rang the doorbell I was in my pajama, in the bathroom (no details needed, I’m sure), so I got up, ran down, got my keys and accepted that cute little pink gorillapod and I’m so HAPPY now!

And that wasn’t the only thing: yesterday, when my luck was still bad, I had a laundry accident which caused 3 of my favorite white dresses to have yellow bleach stains all over them. WHY GOD WHY?? I ransacked the internet for tips on removing them and came across the only thing that might work: decoloring the garments. I ran to my local supermarket to check if they had decolorization stuffzz but they didn’t, so in a moment of despair I just grabbed some NUCLEAR WHITE powder thing that promised to make your grey/yellow whites white again, and let my dresses stew in that shiz for a while. Before I went to bed, I rinsed them and hung them to dry, so this morning I got out of bed filled with hope and excitement and then the absolute proof of my luck was there before my eyes: the dresses were perfectly white again, whiter than they had ever been! SO HAPPY
But just in case something happens to them again, I’ll be buying another white dress in a few days at the sales. One can never know when one’s luck will change again.
On yesterday’s cooking: we decided to postpone the chili con carne and just make a pimped version of guacamole. It was delicious, this is what I ended up putting in there:

three ripe avocados
2 big diced tomatoes (removed skin and seeds)
quite some sliced spring onions
two cans of tuna (the expensive kind, the cheaper just tastes like cardboard)
two radishes, cut up into fine bits
some crispy corn
one tablespoon mayo, one teaspoon ketchup
limejuice from one lime
paprika powder
cayenne pepper (the powder)
curry powder

you end up with this delicious summery tuna spread that goes wonderful with some french bread.

On the outfit: I love the color of this dress as it sits somewhere in between red, pink and orange. Coral pink is what I’d call it. Very lightweight cotton again, and the little bow detail is just so cute. You probably know the rest already. Hope your day is as lucky as mine!
dress: pimkie
hat: h&m
shoes: texto
necklace: gift


  1. Love the dress! This is a great color and the shoes really pump up the outfit with the added height. Glad to see your luck has turned for the better:)

  2. Love the dress, so summery and gorgeous! The colour is perfect on you. I'm glad your luck has changed, it always sucks when lots of things go wrong at once.


  3. great dress, the heels ar really hot too, awesome style! love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


  4. So cute! Love the dress with the hat! And bravo on getting your white dresses white again! Will have to remember this if this ever happens to me!

    ps. I cut it all off. Super short it now is!

  5. fantastic kimberellie! I'm going to the hairdresser's today too but I'm not going for drastic short this time. I'm one of those weird people who prefer longer hair for the summer and shorter for the winter :D

    thanks so much everyone!