From Station to Station

My exam went great, apart from the fact that the professor FORGOT to read my PAPER so we couldn’t do the oral part of the exam, and now she is going to PHONE me tonight so I’ll have to explain my paper BY PHONE. This is so not fair, she’d better be a bit forgiving when giving me my grade.
AAAaaaaaaeaAAAEaA last one wednesday. I’ve SO had it with exams. Good thing is that the summer really seems to start this week: starting at 14° celsius this weekend en steadily climbing to 26° celsius next weekend: OHYEAH
btw this is my outfit

 dress: pimkie
blazer, shoes, socks: h&m


  1. LOVING ur nail colour xx

    Looking awesome as always xx

  2. Wat is dat voor een prof!!! =O Maar ik ben er zeker van dat je het goed gaat doen! =D

    Ik ga dit weekend overdreven veel shoppen en eten in Antwerpen! Nah! ;D Alle examen frustraties weg! =D

    Jij staat écht mooi met kniekousjes! =D
    Oh oh oh! Ik zie net dat ik in je blogroll sta! =D Zo lief! ^^ Geen paniek! Ik ben nog bezig met het verzamelen van blogs, en die van jou stond zelfs als eerste in mijn lijstje =D

  3. Oh, I hate when the proffessors do things like that!!! But I'm sure about you!!! And I love how affordless and chic this outfit is! I loved the blazer and dress!!!

  4. joepie! je staat al eeuwen in mn blogroll joh :D veel plezier, shop ze! Ik ga shoppen direct na m'n laatste examen woensdag :D

  5. rainbows and seval: thanks so much sweethearts!

  6. Great Look.
    Good Luck for your phone exam call thing..I never heard of such a method before ;-)

  7. Good luck on your telephone exam! Love your look as always :)

  8. How did the exam go???

    Fab look, all those yummy blacks!, LOVE the socks!! :D