Carried Away

This is the little bustiertop I bought at Zara. I wanted to wear it with a high waisted skirt and since the temperatures had dropped since I’d gotten home from my exam, a mini skirt seemed a bit too chilly. I don’t have a kneelength high waisted skirt that would go with the bustier, so I used this dress with the triangle top and the straps tucked in, and belted it with a ribbon pinned together with this flower pin. The combination immediately screamed Carrie to me. Print mix, huge flower pin, bustier top, a somewhat awkward skirt length: so Carrie :D I immediately thought of these shoes to wear with the outfit. And I saw this white blazer and just threw it on because I’ve been adoring all the girls in the style gallery with their nude/blush pink blazers so white was close enough!
I want to thank all you guys once again for your supersweet comments. I’m so glad you guys think I have something that is worth coming back for, day after day. Have a great weekend!

 bustier, blazer: zara
dress worn as skirt, shoes: h&m
flower pin: pimkie


  1. to me it screamed carrie too the moment i saw it. haha. wednesday evening i'm going to the second satc movie with my friends from highschool. you know, the ones you thought weren't as pretty as me? haha. i'm driving from my hometown (waregem), if ya wanna, you can always join us! i understand this isn't really the best time and the most practical arangement, i just wanted to give you the chance to join :p

  2. Thanks for asking me but I really think the movie is going to be incredibly horrible and I don't want to spend money on it :D

  3. Yo Girl... :D

    I go to Moscow for a few days and you have all these gorgeous posts on here!!

    I am loving the whole bustier look on you, and I know I said it last week but I am going to say it again... I am loving your hair too!

    Have a fab weekend Annebeth... X

    ps - great flower pin thingo too!

  4. Oh yeah, and ALEJANDRO.... yep I agree too!

    I have not gotten past "So Happy I Could Die", I am surprised I have not be told "NO MORE" yet!! :D

    I love the the the entire chorus... "Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine...." :D

  5. Yeay I'm so glad you're back! :D thanks honey, I'm quite liking my hair too but I'm still not sure whether I should go back to bangs and a sharper bob or just keep this messy layered grown out look because I quite like it! :D

    You must have the most awesome job ever with all the travelling btw! :D

    And I sooo want Gaga's next single to be Dance in the dark. Those lyrics were the first of Gaga's that really spoke to me, while I usually just like the kitschy, absurd, tongue in cheek catchiness of her phrasing. Dance in the dark is kind of cheesy but so beautiful!

  6. Its nice to be back!! :D

    Messy & layered gets my vote for sure!!

    Oh and clearly you are doing okay on the sun too, nice tan coming on there (bitch!!!) :D

    I am with you on Dance in the dark too, it's a great track, and I think that so many people have been there..."lights off" at some stage too...

    Paws up!! :D

  7. the tan is half real, half self tanning body lotion: perfect for shitty weather days when you still want to feel like it's summer :D I think I'm going to go for messy and layered too, growing out my hair is fun! :D