Baby baby baby oh

Did you guys see that youtube video of the young lesbian with the Bieber haircut singing “baby baby baby oh, I’m not bieber bieber bieber nooo, baby baby baby oh, loving me won’t be a crime”
I love it, it’s hilarious. From the first time I saw that boy on TV, he reminded me of the typical lesbian girls in my highschool as they ALL had that haircut and the Biebs actually has a super feminin face with his full pout and round jaw. I never get it when girls are into boys that look like girls. Yes, they can be pretty, but I want a real man in my bed. One that has some hair on his chest and needs to shave more often than once every two weeks. But to each their own!
I just heard from a friend who had the exam I’m taking tomorrow yesterday, and she told me you can write 4 pages for every question. Like wtf? Does the professor want my HAND to fall off???

btw here's my outfit
dress: new look
shoes: h&m


  1. Oh I love this dress!! Is it this season Annebeth?

    Cute poses!! :D

    I feel the same way about the boys that look like girls, I think that for me has always driven the older guy thing I have like you do!! :D

    Enjoy your Sunday, shopping today!!! :D :D

  2. Die rok is fantastisch! =D En dat is mijn lievelingstint blauw =D
    De schoentjes zien er elfjesachtig uit haha^^

    Oh! Ik haat examens waarbij je bijna heel u cursus woord voor woord moet kunnen neerpennen!
    Ik heb net zo'n examen gehad en dinsdag heb ik er twee van dat soort! Ö
    Ik zie het niet meer zitten! xD

  3. kim: no, sorry last season, but it's one of those shapes they seem to have every season and zara has a similar dress too! thanks :D

    anastasia: ik heb woensdag m'n laatste en ik ben er ECHT HELEMAAL KLAAR MEE
    examens zijn mentaal zo vermoeiend :(

  4. Aaah ik een dagje later! =D Pff maar dan nog ingangsexamen de 6de juli ook =(

    Ik heb echt zin om iets compleet nutteloos te doen zoals hoelahoopen, gewoon iets dat niet met proteïnen en cellen te maken heeft! Ik denk dat ik gek word =O

  5. Maar dan zal je tijdens het hoelahoepen denken aan middelpuntvliedende kracht enzo :D

  6. Hmmm... ja sowieso =D Je zou ons eens moeten bezig horen op de bus na 9 uur fysica examen! Nooit geweten dat er zoveel fysische verschijnselen in de bus konden voorkomen! =D

  7. I am in love with those shoes! My H&M sucks and doesn't carry cute shoes like that. I guess they save all the cute shoes for H&Ms in Europe.

  8. paulien: ze kostten maar 12 euro!

  9. Shopping was a nightmare... :( That time of the month where you feel so fat and yuk its never going to work!!!

    Hope your weekend was good Annebeth, good luck with the exam!! x

  10. i love that outfit! really simple and chic, and those shoes give a super nice little extra touch, really like it!
    xx, zaia

  11. awww poor kim! I hate it when that happens. But I just buy something small to turn my luck! Nailpolish always looks good, even when you feel bloated :D

  12. Good luck on your exam!
    I am so not one for the girly men either :) But to each their own I guess!
    Gimme Gerard Butler or David Draiman from Disturbed (my fave) any day!

  13. I wouldn't kick those out of the bed either! :D